Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A TBR pile of GARGANTUAN proportions and book give away

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Island.

How are you all? This is a well needed trip to the Island for me the weather here in Ireland is appalling at the minute and there are is so much rain. But as you can see below that has not stopped our rugby boys training in preparation for the World Cup!

So the topic I would like to bring to the Island today is the size of my TBR pile. It has taken on proportions of the peach in James and the Giant Peach!!

As a young girl I grew up with the image of the library in Beast's Castle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast and like any bibliophile of my generation, I wanted it.

Now I am all grown up (which is debatable hehehe) and I realise that there are not enough hours in the day to read all the books I want to read, let alone have a library of the proportions of Belle. Although my new kindle is certainly helping me expand my book collection.

My TBR pile I am starting to think is multiplying while I sleep!! There seems to be a new book every week that I want and have to have on release day but I never get to read them when I want to read.

So for that reason I have brought some of my books to the island with me to send them to a better home where they can be loved and bring someone else happiness. Plus my boys are happy that some of their potential 'competition' are being sent to new homes just in case my affections would have been transferred even momentarily.

The books I have on offer are the following, these books are all by some of my all time favourite authors and I hope that you will have as much fun with them as I have had and fall in love with the author's writing and will discover something new to you -

Karen Marie Moning's - Kiss of the Highlander

Karen Marie Moning's - Dreamfever

George R R Martin's - Game of Thrones ( I have two copies of this as the book cover for tie in with Sean Bean got me!!)

Janet Chapman's - Seductive Imposter

Nora Robert's - The Search

All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me which book you would like and tell me what your TBR pile is like and I will pick a winner on Sunday for each of the books using a Random Generator!

So while you are tying to choose the book you would like to give a new home to, I can hear my boys arguing over whose turn it is to give me a massage..... don't they realise they can all do it together?!

I am off to enjoy some Mojitos and soak up some sun before I go back to the real world.


buddyt said...

My TBR pile is not very impressive at its best and tends to fluctuate wildly.

I don't think it has ever gone over 20 books and often consists of just 5 or 6.

Now my wishlist reaches proportions that equal the Complete Oxford dictionary !

I would like to enter for Karen Marie Moning's - Dreamfever if it is open worldwide.


Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Na said...

My TBR pile is constantly growing. It seems everytime I read a boo k I add about 2 or 3 more books to it. I don't mind and I like to see a healthy pile because these are all books that have interested me in some way :-)

I am a big Karen Mare Moning fan and would love to win "Dreamfever".


DeborahR said...

My TBR pile is about 15 books deep, my kindle and nook help me keep it from taking over the room! lol
I think Janet Chapman's Seductive Imposter sounds like a really good read!

debr97 at yahoo dot com

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

Not entering, just enjoying the topic. I've been thinking that I need to trim my TBR pile a bit but am having a hard time deciding what not to keep :)

elaing8 said...
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elaing8 said...

Thaks for the giveaway.
I'm afraid to check but some days I think my TBR pile is bigger than the read books.But I can't stop buying books.
The book I'd like to entered for is Karen Marie Moning-Dreamfever

Sullivan McPig said...

if this is international please enter me for Karen Marie Moning's - Kiss of the Highlander .

As for my tbr-pile:
It's small and contained to one bookshelf, but that's only because I do not have the money to by all the books I want to buy.

Musk said...

I have over 100 on my TBR pile over @ Goodreads.

Musk said...

Duh..forgot but I'd like Dreamfever, tnxs=)

Aurian said...

My TBR is impossible to read, but I still add to it almost weekly. I love the picture of that library. Could use it for my own books! At best guess, my TBR of paper books is 1800. And as I read 4 or 5 books a week, that will not change. But I still keep buying old and new books.

If your contest is international, I would really love to win Karen Marie Moning = Dreamfever. Just like most other people here ;)

Amanda said...

Ladies the contest is open internationally the books will be coming from Ireland.

For the ones who want Dreamfever I promise not to send any shades!

Aurian said...

That is good news, and if no one else is interested, I would also really love Nora Roberts - The Search.

Dr J said...

My TBR pile is unbelievable--stumbling over piles of books all the time and trying to find shelf space whenever I have a chance. Hubby just looks at me when he stubs his toe on another book . . . that being said, I just light up whenever I have a chance to get another book. You can never have too much money or too many books!! I would love the Monig "Highlander" book--love those kilted he-men.

Musk said...

I would love to read 'Kiss of a Highlander' tnxs & my TBR list has over 100 bks.

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