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Witch Woman Giveaway

Jeanette Baker

Unlike my other paranormals, LEGACY, CATRIONA, IRISH LADY and NELL, published by Simon & Schuster, WITCH WOMAN is the result of deeply personal, sometimes painful, events. Because I wanted my main character, Maggie McBride, to remain true to my own memories, undiluted by editorial content changes, I decided to take on the task of self-publishing, and the more daunting one of self-promotion. Without the clout of a publishing house, readers’ comments, YOUR comments, are of the utmost importance to the success of my book.

I grew up in Catholic Ireland during a time when the unusual was not appreciated. The nuns’ sole purpose was to stamp out characteristics that did not fit the mold of young Catholic womanhood. The term, sitting at the right hand of the Father, was taken very seriously, the implication being that the left hand was reserved for Lucifer, definitely not a good place to be.

My two genetic mutations didn’t help my situation: I am a southpaw, a lefty, a Ciotogach, as the Irish call them, a trait benign enough to show up in 10% of the population and easily eradicated by ear-pulling, cuffing and public humiliation. To this day I use my non-dominant hand to write.

The other mutation, heterochromidia iridium, is far more unusual, occurring in only one out of a million births, impossible to correct and, therefore, far more disturbing to my mentors. This mutation results in a deviation of pigment in the iris. In my case, I have one blue eye and one green, a sure sign, I was assured by my educators, of demonic possession. Until I grew to appreciate this deviation, contact lenses became my salvation.

Maggie McBride, the main character in WITCH WOMAN, has a much more startling case than I have and her story is much more intriguing than mine could ever be.

Please check out my website,, my Facebook pages, Witch Woman and Jeanette Baker-author, and my Goodreads page, post a comment on the book and enter the GIVE-AWAY for two e-books.

In two different centuries, four hundred years apart, the lives of Abigail March and her daughter, Maggie, play out along parallel lines, both women blessed and cursed by a selective birthright and marked with a startling mutation, heterochromia iridium, one brown eye, the other blue. 

In 1692 Abigail and three-year-old Maggie, are accused of witchcraft. Most women who found themselves facing the hangman’s noose during this shameful time are innocent. Abigail is not. Summoning her powers, she sends her child through a time portal into twentieth century Salem.

Maggie grows to maturity knowing nothing of her birthright until her foster mother’s death bed confession. Using her clairvoyant abilities and the medium of an ancient spinning wheel, she resurrects her past through a series of troubling dreams. Meanwhile Abigail locates the time portal and slips through, changing her identity, hoping to find her child and bring her home through the narrowing portal.

Unknown to both women are the dangers of the old world’s dark forces, a swiftly narrowing time portal, and a missing child who desperately needs Maggie’s “sight” a sight that continues to blur as her ties to old Salem strengthen.

Slan Abwale and thank you.


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