Friday, April 8, 2011

Talkin' Tech

Welcome back for Day Two of my DIK Blog Domination!

Today I’m talking tech. Sci-fi technology, that it. One of the awesome things about writing sci-fi romance (or any science fiction, for that matter) is that you get to make up amazing technology. Sometimes the tech is stuff we’d love to have (like the replicators on Star Trek), and sometimes it’s terrifying (like unstoppable cyborg assassins from the Terminator films).

The only thing that limits the technology in sci-fi is imagination. Almost anything you can think of, you can put in your story. In fact, it’s actually difficult to rein in one’s ideas, especially if you want to keep the characters’ thoughts and feelings as the central focus of the story.

Still, I knew that with my own sci-fi romance, COLLISION COURSE, I would need to come up with some cool tech and gadgetry to make the world of the 8th Wing resistance fighters versus the tyrannical mega-corporation PRAXIS both believable and fun. But since I am slightly science-challenged (I am a Literature major for a reason), I had to consult with my own in-house mad scientist—aka, my husband, aka sci-fi romance author Nico Rosso. Between the two of us, we came up with a some very cool technology that adds to the drama of the story.

Within the ranks of the 8th Wing, there is a squadron of elite fighter pilots known as the Black Wraith Squad. Only these pilots can fly Black Wraith ships, including our hero, Commander Kell Frayne.

[Kell] held up his left hand, revealing the square of slightly raised flesh in the center of his palm. “Biotech implants. Without this, the Wraith is an inoperable hunk of metal. But with the implant, the pilot and the ship become one.”

So the pilot’s thoughts command the Black Wraith, making it faster and more responsive than flying a ship using manual controls. Further, Wraiths are adaptive:

He concentrated, and couldn’t help but smile when Mara gave a startled yelp. The ship responded to his mental commands, actually shifting and reconfiguring its interior. A process both liquid and mechanical as components altered, remade themselves. No longer did the ship seat just one person. At his directive, the Black Wraith could now accommodate a pilot and a gunner in a rotating turret, and all within a few seconds’ work, rather than losing days on making modifications.

Pretty cool, if I do say so, myself. ☺ And that’s been one of the most fun aspects of writing sci-fi romance: creating technology that could never exist except in the writer’s imagination.

What’s your favorite piece of sci-fi technology? If you could invent anything, what might it be?

Leave an answer, and I will be a random commenter to win a book from my backlist! (US and Canada only)

See you here tomorrow!


Marnie said...

I once read in a book which escapes me now about the technology of space clothing. This cat suit...took care of the wears every need! Your imagination was the the only limit of what it could do. it also could become a weapon for your enemy if the hacked your suit because they could turn it against you.

Libby KIm said...

I love the holodecks in Star Trek. You can interact with any scenario or person you want. And despite the fact they are relatively small rooms, you can fit and entire town or the whole of Lake George in there. And the opportunities for romantic encounters are limitless.

Chelsea B. said...

I would invent something where I could step under a machine, press a button, and be wearing exactly what I want :-) That would be awesome! Oh, and something that created unlimited chocolate. Then I would be set ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would invent a special portal I could step through and be any place I wanted. It would certainly save a lot of time sitting in traffic.

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