Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Kate's Wedding

I was going to talk about book to movies that just didn’t do justice to the book, but I am too wrapped up in watching the wedding of William and Kate!

So a quick change of plans. (*photos from GOOGLE Images)

How about we discuss the royal wedding, the romance of William and Kate and perhaps a romance book containing a royal couple??

My personal thoughts… I love her wedding dress!! Just beautiful. She looks stunning and elegant. While I am not a fan of William in red, he too looked wonderful.

The “double kiss” on the balcony was great and I have to admit I sort of thought they would do that. After the first kiss I said to my television (I frequently talk to my television), I said “Oh come on!! Give her another one!” and I was very pleased when William did! *wink*

So what do you think of the wedding? The dress? The double kiss??

Let’s hear it!!


Tam said...

I haven't seen the kiss yet because I was on my commute but I thought her dress was very classy and sophisticated. I wondered if the lace top came off for later as I can see it for the church but 95% of dresses these days are strapless and it seems for the party with friends later (apparently the Queen plans on leving the party fairly early to let the young 'uns get their freak on without her). Seems it would be more relaxed without the top, but still, very beautiful and I'm glad it wasn't all frou-frou. I didn't love the veil, I like a poofier veil, but it was okay. She still looked great and William and Harry as well.

LindaC said...

I thought the dress was perfect for her. She looked, well, like a princess! As for the kisses, they also seemed perfect. The blushes were adorable.

I watched Charles and Diana's wedding and Will's was just as memorable. So glad I watched it all. Sleep is overrated!!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I didn't watch it but the dress is lovely, and a double kiss - well that is just darn romantic! :D

Tracy said...

It was beautiful and the wedding dress was gorgeous, I loved the clean simple lines. They looked adorable together and yes, the double kiss was great.

Dr J said...

Didn't get at 3:00 pm to watch it live, but did get the video online later. Just a beautiful service--it appeared to be the creation of two very devout and serious people intent on letting the world know that this was a meaningful event in their lives. I think the reported comment Kate made in the coach as they were leaving the Abbey was very telling: "I am so happy." To which William replied: "Good." Sort of says it all. Loved the dress--the tiara dated to 1936 and the dress seemed to resonate with that kind of simplicity as well. I think they enjoyed the second kiss more than the first.

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