Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Chocolate

Spring is flirting with me this week giving me lovely flowers and cold sunshine. What I wouldn't give for some warm sand to squish between my toes right now! Freshly pedicured toes, of course.

So here I am with you girls enjoying our lovely desert island weather.

Speaking of dessert, I'm in the mood to talk about food in romance.

I'm pretty sure we are all familiar with Matthias. He's been making the rounds and the blogs seem to eat him up. I know I would!

He's a perfect example of food and sex. Just imagine all the different kinds of naughty that look would lead to.

I know I enjoy reading about it in a book, especially when there are scenarios that have strong potential for at home reenactment!

But I think the most sensuous food scene I have read recently was with one hot hunky man all alone with his fantasies. Let me set this up for you a little: BLANK is eating a specialty dinner and daydreaming about a woman he has never met. But he will soon! Read below, an excerpt from Beauty and the Feast by Julia Rachel Barrett, page 41.

"He picked up the small fork and took a taste of the salmon. The mouth feel was smooth, soft. Gabe savored it. The salmon tartar felt exactly like a woman, like he was tonguing a woman.

The same sweet salt, the same tenderness. It seemed to him as if he was tasting Eva. He found himself growing erect and his swollen cock pressed uncomfortably against his zipper.

Gabe stood up and stretched. He grabbed his glass of wine and stepped out onto the patio. The sun had set an hour before. The night was cool, as nights tended to be in the hills above the valley.

He wanted to finish everything she’d prepared for him, but he didn’t know if he could stand it. One more bite and he might come in his pants."

What book has really whet your appetite recently?!


Tam said...

Hmmm. Not sure about recently, but Ally Blue has a little short Hard Candy which you can get here still I think.

The anthology from Torquere Pour some sugar on it has all kinds of shorts that involve food in some way. The Rob Rosen one in a candy store is very sexy and kinky.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Ah darn, it looks like Hard Candy is not available. It asked me for a password. :(

The Torquere anthology sounds good! They do quite a bit of those.

Now how would a candy story be kinky? With so much to lick how could you get distracted by sex? ;)

Tam said...

You'd be AMAZED what can be done with fudge. Just sayin'. LOL

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

O. M. G. You rock. Just sayin'...

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Hey! Wow! I had no idea I'd be mentioned over here - just following you around! Thanks!
When you think of sensuality, what comes to mind? Food and sex. Maybe a beach, but mostly food and sex.
My husband loves my cooking! I was a personal chef.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Hi Julia!

I always think of the classic whipped cream on nipples... but I have yet to try a champagne massage. That sounds like a sticky fun mess. :D

Chris said...

The Petit Morts shorts from JCP Books. :)

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Chris! You are right. I totally forgot I have a couple of those in my TBR pile. :)

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