Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Second Reason for 2nd Chance from Maureen O' Betita

Theme – so, I also have a blog of my own called ‘Believing in 2nd Chances’. It’s a Typepad blog and only a few months old. I’m big on the entire idea of chances, as I mentioned before, as many as it takes!

I was at the RWA Convention in Orlando last summer and heard Jayne Ann Krentz speaking about the over-riding theme that seems to blow through every book an author writes. We all do it, whether we realize it or not. She suggested finding that theme and really embracing it, not to mention holding to it as something you can take with you, with different genres and different writing names.

It was a good talk. I’d never read the lady. I mean, really…so many books/authors, so little time! As I left that luncheon, strolling with Terri, my pirate buddy from the Revenge, I wondered aloud what my theme was.

In my head, I’m thinking, there’s more to the world than you know…or maybe life is strange, let’s dance…

And Terri? Well, she chuckled, “You’re gonna hit me when I tell you.”

“Me? Hit you? Never!”

She snickers, “There’s always a second chance.”

I hit her.

But softly!

It’s always amazing how blind one can be to what is directly in front of oneself. So much we’re blind to when it comes to what we write. My agent and then my editor found so many things that were obvious in retrospect.

I do write second chances, though I do admit they also come from some strange sources. I’m big on strange.

 For example, in The Kraken’s Mirror, my heroine, Emily, is convinced that her life is over. A widow at 53, she’s figuring life is winding down to nothing. I tossed her a second chance by seeing her find the kraken’s mirror at the pirate festival. And so she falls through to the Kraken’s Caribbean and meets Alan Silvestri.

She’s his second chance…

Excerpt – This takes place after Emily has been blind blasted by waltzing vampires and is ‘rescued’ by Silvestri, quite prepared to take advantage of her condition. ;-)

The enigmatic woman turned away from him, chuckling.

“Oh, relishing the clichés. I’m…Pawes. Call me Pawes.” She held out a hand, moving it side to side as if searching for him.

“Ah, women do like to take their time.” He pressed a quick kiss on her knuckles and slowly released her.

He detected a slight hesitation before she nodded. “Yes. While men generally are in a hurry.” She turned her face toward him. “And you?”

“Call me Alan, Miss Pawes.”

“No, Pawes or Mrs. Pawes if you like, please.” Drawing a deep breath, she tried to focus on him, then winced, closing her eyes tightly. “You were behind me. Why didn’t it hit you?”

“Because I was behind you, but I turned my face away in time. Let me escort you somewhere quiet and buy you a drink.”

“Are your intentions honorable?” Her head tilted.

“Of course not, but not actually dishonorable. I promise to warn you if driven to some despicable bit of deviltry.” He must have impressed her, because a smile danced across her face, that upward turn of her lips to the left exactly as he remembered from his dreams. He wondered if the rest of the details were the same.

Do you think this pirate is going to take advantage of Emily’s condition? You bet your sweetness. He is a pirate. Chances come from anywhere! If you’re open to it. Do you think the world is ready for a romantic couple with silver on the roof and fire down below?

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Terri Osburn said...

A couple with silver on the roof? What an interesting way to ask that. LOL! I think the world is more than ready. Hell, 60 is the new 40 these days. Which means I'm only pushing 20.

I like the sound of that. (NOT that I want a second round in the 20s, but still.)

Maureen said...

Ter, I think of it that way, too! I'm not 50...it's the new 30! I had a pretty fair decade then. Though the 4th decade was a good one...oddly enough considering I almost died... But it was a great decade for learning.

Terri Osburn said...

I'm kind of looking forward to my 40s. Most of the time. If I have my way, the latter half of this decade is going to be pretty damn awesome.

Tracy said...

I like second chances in books. I think my favorite is HS bf/gf who find each other and reconnect after many years separation. It's something about seeing that person in a different way that appeals to me.

I love that you gave Emily a second chance.

Maureen said...

Thanks, Tracy! I know when I got to high school reunions it's always interesting to see who I hang with. Because it usually isn't the people I knew when I graduated, more often the ones I knew the years before!

I've read a few reunion stories, but I'd like to see one that waits for the 25th reunion instead of the 5th to see a couple realize they are meant for each other!

Jane L said...

Chance or fate! for whatever reason, we are all happy you are here to share your wisdom and stories with us now! Can't wait for the new book to come out!!

Maureen said...

Thank ee, Jane! Glad you stopped by!

Estella said...

I enjoy reading books about second chances. Especially when the h/h are older.

Maureen said...

Well, Estella, I hope you'll like my book then!

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