Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eep Part 2!

Since I got screwed up on the dates, Delilah will have a post tonight. I feel like such a dunce.

Anyhoodles, I thought I would post today about books. Shocker, right? But when you're moving, it's amazing what books you're willing to get rid of and which ones you want to keep. :)

I gave away ALL of my Nora & JD Robb books. I still have a bazillion books, but those ones took up quite a bit of space. I've gotten rid of books I knew I didn't want to keep and wasn't sure why I still had them. lol. I still need to go through all of the ones I still have and decide which ones I can't live without.

What makes something a keeper? For me it's a book that I know I'll read over and over and over again. Years by LaVyrle Spencer is a perfect example. I've read that book at least twenty times (might even be more) and I know I'll read it again.

Nalini Singh, Meljean Brook, Ilona Andrews, Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas? All keepers.

My ultimate goal with this move is to take no more than ten boxes with me. I know, TEN!!!! But when you consider that I have well over 1000 books, that kind of makes my head anyway. :)

Once I get back there and settled in my own place, I want to turn one of the rooms into a dedicated office/library. Books EVERYWHERE! *sigh* My bibliophile heart just skipped a beat.

What is your all-time favorite keeper? What could you not give up if you had to get rid of all of your books except one? Curious minds would like to know. :)

PS. Delilah will be giving away a copy of Once Upon a Scandal. It was a great book!!!!


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I would probably keep... Seduced by Virginia Henley. It is an old favorite of mine. Tattered at this point too.

LesleyW said...

Eeek. If I had to give up all my books except one I don't know what I'd do. I'm not sure I could do it.

It would probably come down to a toss up between Kelley Armstrong's Bitten and The Time Traveller's Wife. I'd end up having to do eeny meeny miny mo to make my choice. And then sticking the loser up my jumper when the book burners were looking in the other direction.

(Do US folks know that jumper is a sweater?)

Bridget Locke said...

SVZ-Oh, Virginia Henley! I remember reading her stuff when I was a kid. There was one in particular...I think it was called the Dragon & the Flower? All I remember is the scene in the stables. *fans self*

Lesley-Ha! Yes, I knew that a jumper is a sweater. Whereas here a jumper is a hideous creation that's a tank dress. Blech!

Estella said...

I don't have any keepers. No room.

lbgregg said...

I just gave away boxes of books--and exactly that: What makes a keeper? A combination of a great story, excellent writing, and getting hit at just the right time with the story you need to read.

Dreaming of You is one of my all time favorite books. Ever. Never giving it away! But I'll buy copies for friends.

JustSteph said...

I can't imagine ever making this choice in real life (and nowadays I don't don't have the room to house books) but years back the book I read to tatters was StormQueen! by Marion Zimmer Bradley - sci-fi&fantasy, it had a powerful female character who could control the weather, this book was such a good read! :)

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