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Maureen O' Betita On The Pirate Ship Resolution (not) And Why 2nd Chance

Nice island, ladies. Hmmmm, might make a nice rendezvous site for the fleet after a good raid… We could put a tavern over there, and the hottie quarters. (((stamps feet))) Nice solid sand base, we can bury our booty…

OH, oops. Sorry, that is my writing pirate persona, 2nd Chance speaking. The Romance Writers Revenge actually does good with using Tortuga as our base. So, now worries, we won’t invade. (We might visit…) And Captain Hellion has another little place she likes to picnic on Sundays, when we welcome guest hotties on board.

But an island like this, well it just brings out the pirate in me. So, it’s January and I’m sure the thought of resolutions are spinning in all of our minds. Well, I actually don’t make resolutions. But I do believe in 2nd chances.

When I first boarded the Revenge, I wanted to comment with a good pirate name. So, I thought. And thought. And thought. What was a good pirate name? What told something about me and would lend itself to a good nickname and persona? And it came to me. I have good reason for finding the idea of second chances alluring.

Firstly? I was given a second chance when, in April of 2007, I nearly died. I suffered sudden cardiac death (SCD). My heart began to beat too fast, then it fell out of rhythm, then it stopped. I was asleep, totally unaware of what was happening. But I was fortunate since my husband was aware. He tried to wake me up, than he began CPR and called 911. I went to sleep and work up three days later, in the hospital. I spent another seven days having a battery of tests run.

Eventually, I was released with no clear diagnosis of why this happened to me. And no guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again. Six weeks later, I had an interior cardio defibrillator (ICD) installed. This is a small device that sits above my left breast, with leads that wind through major arteries to my heart. If it acts up again, my ICD will shock it back into rhythm.

I suffered no physical damage, but I was a mess emotionally. Diagnosed with PTSD, I began therapy. And at some point in therapy, Dr. Faye asked about what I did before the SCD. “I write stories.”

“Are you seeking a publisher?”

“No way. I’ve always felt I was too fragile, too sensitive for rejection, it scares me. And I know there will be rejection.”

She looked at me and shrugged a slight smile on her face. “Maureen, you almost died and came back. What is there to be scared of?”

I stared at her and suddenly, I wasn’t scared of rejection anymore.

I’d been given a second chance. And it was mine to treasure, to use, as wind in my sails…

And so I pushed forward and voila! I have a book coming up from Decadent Publishing! You really do never know where life will take you if you just let it.

Here’s the blurb from The Kraken’s Mirror.

Treated by our youth oriented society as invisible and sexless Emily Pawes attends a pirate festival to recapture the make believe magic she knew as a younger woman. She wins an interesting bit of booty at an old woman's bric-a-brac stand. The Kraken's mirror is a magical portal and transports her to a land of Hollywood piratitude, where swashbuckling heroes own iPods. With little choice, she embraces the madness, deciding she’ll play pirate until she figures out how to get home. Or wakes up in a padded cell.

Instead of men in little white coats, she encounters the handsome Captain Alan Silvestri. He is a man haunted by a strange curse. Good luck is his to command, but it comes at the cost of any place to call home or people to call family. Resigned to die shunned by all, forced to sail every three days, he begins to dream of a special woman.

When they meet, sparks fly, passion flares. He needs her to be free, but more than that, he needs her to be whole. They set sail, uncertain of who has control of the wheel, seeking to defeat his curse of good luck and discover all the Kraken’s mirror plans for them.

What is your second chance? Or third? Or more? (every other Tuesday) (every Friday as 2nd Chance)


Cheeky Girl said...

I always feel so inspired when I hear your story! Thanks for sharing it again for others and I can't wait until your book releases. :)

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Congratulations, Maureen, on your soon-to-be published book. Long may you sail.

Maureen said...

Thanks for all your enthusiasm, Cheeky! I can't wait either!

Leanne - Yeah, the waiting is killing me!

Samantha Gail said...

Ahoy Maureen!

Just stopped by to wish you all the best with your "almost released" book. Can't wait to read it!

Donna Cummings said...

I love all the chances we're given on a daily basis, and I especially love how you appreciate every single one of them. :)

Looking forward to laying back in my hammock, reading your book to a crowd of Hotties!

Maureen said...

Thank you, Samantha! Can't wait to see it released!

Donna - The chances are there, no one knows that better than me! Or is that I?


Anonymous said...

Maureen, we are happy to have you on board at Decadent Publishing!

Love your story. It's amazing what events in life can give us courage!


Hellie Sinclair said...

Just like a cheeky pirate, always on the lookout for new booty...or a place to hide booty. :)

I'm so glad you stopped lurking and started mixing up drinks on the ship. Our crew wouldn't be the same without you. You're an inspiration!!!

Maureen said...

gee, my publisher stopped by. I hope I didn't whine too much about a release date... ;-)

Captain Hellion! Isn't this a fine looking place? I could set up a bar and we could invite the hotties and work on our tans...

Day I were welcome aboard the Revenge be a day of very sweet chance!

Kathleen said...

Maureen, your second chance story is remarkable and inspirational. I find the premise of The Kraken's Mirror intriguing and can't wait for it's release.

My second chance was when I met my husband. Now, he owes me. lol

Tracy said...

Wow that's an amazing story, Maureen. I"m so glad that you are healthy now.

Congrats on fulfilling your dream to be a published author! The Kraken's Mirror sounds great.

Thanks for being with us on DIK!

Maureen said...

Kathleen - Thanks! I like to share the story because I hope people will be inspired. Don't be scared to take chances! Or let fear hold you back!

And Tracy! Glad to be here! It's a lovely place...

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