Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Maureen O' Betita On Releasing the Kraken!

Now, on the Revenge, we have a kraken. I didn’t really mean to ‘tame’ this wild thing and turn it into a pet. But sometimes these things happen. Krakey and I, we’re buds. As with most feral things, he found our ship an interesting thing to follow. Sometimes tasty things fell off!

Especially when I held a ‘toss your inner critic to the kraken’ day. We all know that inner critics are despicable things, and they never really die. Hence, we toss the same critics to the kraken over and over again. Sliding down the gullet of the kraken does tend to see them rein in the worst of their unhelpful ways. They come back, but they tend to speak a bit quieter and with a touch more respect.

I’m a big fan of feeding inner critics to the kraken. You know, inner critics don’t believe in second chances. Hell, they don’t believe in any chances. They are all about missing chances. Constantly prodding us about missed opportunities, etc. Heaven forbid they ever actually assist a writer in taking advantage of a chance.

So, at this point, the kraken lingers around the Revenge. I do need to be on a watch for his tentacles, sneaking up to the bar and trying to empty the blender. Krakey seems to have a thing for blender drinks. But it is well worth it to have a ready place to toss those inner critics.

I invite you to take advantage of Krakey’s appetite. He loves them all. The Doubting Debbies, the Grammarian Gracie, the Snotty Sally, Fearful Frank, Rulebound Rita… Who is your non-favorite inner critic? Would you like to see some IC re-education? Let Krakey take care of it!

My book features a wise kraken. The Great Albino Kraken plays cupid in The Kraken’s Mirror. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about his machinations when my book is released. Thank you for the opportunity to linger on this delightful desert island!

I’ll talk to Captain Hellion about bringing the ship by!


Kathleen said...

Hi Maureen, My least favorite inner critic is Kill Joy Kathie. She's always doubting her words. Maybe the Kraken can straighten her out.

Hellie Sinclair said...

Hi, Mo, I think and Kathleen have named all the best inner critics. *LOL*

The Debbie Downers and Simon Cowell critics are the ones who bother me most. They like to alternate so I don't get bored listening to just one voice. *LOL*

Maureen said...

You got it! Oh, Krakey! Got a nice juicy one for you!


I love how they scream and all...just warms the heart up!

With luck she'll return with a bit less propensity to just spout out the killjoy stuff!

Thanks for stopping by!

Maureen said...

Cap'n, you know Krakey be there to slide them down his slippery gullet. I'd love to see Simon play slip and slide!

I can hear him now, complaining about the lack of feeling and emotion...

OH! There he goes!


And we'll send Debbie downer after him!

He's such a good kraken!

Riley said...

Kraken, take me away! :)

Great blog Mau!

Maureen said...

Riley, the kraken don't want you! He wants yer inner critics. For they are crunchy and taste good with salt!

Thanks for stopping by!

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