Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who named these places?

Hello! It's great to be back at the island again and it's especially wonderful to see so many new faces! Welcome!

I racked my brain to think of a specific topic I wanted to write about, but as usual my brain was a jumble of random thoughts. Then I remembered a website I'd found months ago, full of funny town names and I loved it. I wrote down all my favorite names from that website and now I can't recall the website. Anyway, I saved the list and I've been wanting to share them for a long time now and today seems like a good time to do that.

So here are some funny (to me anyway) town names from around the world, I'd love to know if any of you have been to any of these places.

-Assloss (Scotland)
-Backside (Scotland)
-Cockplay (Scotland)
-Boysack (Scotland)
-Peterhead (Scotland)

I am convinced Scotland is the land of perverts- (I can't wait to visit!).

Oh no...wait a minute. I think it might be Australia!

-Black Charlie's Opening (Australia)
-Mt. Buggery (Australia)
-Cockburn (Australia)
-Blowhard (Australia)
-Mount Mee (Australia)
-Bobbinhead (Australia)
-Bone's Knob (Australia)
-Ironknob (Australia)

Just who the hell named these places?!

-Peter's Point (Canada)
-Ta Ta Creek (Canada)
-Sackville (Canada)
-Pecker's Point (Canada)
-Dikshit (India)
-Petting (Germany)
-Cockintake (UK)
-Anus (France)
-Ballyplay (Tenn.,USA)
-Bigadick (Turkey)
-Pennis Wood (UK)
-Gofuku (Japan)
-Climax Springs (Missouri, USA)
-Weener (Germany)
-Glasscock (TX, USA)
-Longdong (China)
-Butztown (PA, USA)
-Mount Titlis (Switzerland)
-Titty Ho (England)
-Cocktown (Ireland)
-Cockland (Ohio, USA)
-Maggie's Nipples (WY, USA)
-Titz (Germany)
-Muff (Ireland)
-Fingringhoe (UK)

And of course, the town that can't seem to keep it's sign because visitors keep stealing it...
-Fucking (Austria)

Do you have any funny town names to add? Which one is your favorite?


The Romance Girl said...

I know Pennsylvania has quite a few funny town names, including Climax and Intercourse. They probably have a hard time keeping their signs too!

Tracy said...

lol OMG those are just hilarious! I want to go all of those places in Australia and Scotland! lol

Way back when I had a boyfriend who was backpacking around Europe. He sent me a postcard from Hell but I can't remember what country it was in! Norway, maybe?

Fun post, Ms. M!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, PA has some good town names!

I believe there is a "Hell" in Michigan USA- or somewhere around there! lol



Blodeuedd said...

Lol, those are too funny. The one I can think of from here is hornycape or should that be cape horny ;)

Tracy said...

Yep, there is a Hell is Michigan but he was in Europe when he sent it. Hold on...Yep, it's in Norway. During that mini search just now I also found out there's a town in Newfoundland called Dildo. Who knew? lol

Lea said...

LOL Ms. M.

I always did want to visit Austria, now I know why!

We are a pretty staid and boring bunch in Canada, I'm surprised any spots even made your list..

Great post!

You are too funny..

Kris said...

Hey! I have friends who live in Cockburn. Hmpf!

Dr J said...

Love this post!! Such fun--I know we always joked about Hell, Michigan, but when you realize the fun one can have with towns and villages all over the world it just keeps on getting better and better. On the other hand, can't believe that the citizenry of some places really want that name for their town. Goes to show how strange p eople can really be. Thanks for all the fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh Blodeuedd I think I like cape horny the best! lol

Tracy I did see a sign for "Dildo" in my search for town signs- there was just too many good ones to pick from!

Hey Lea, I think Canada had some pretty good ones!

I'm sorry Kris, did you say you had a friend who HAS "cockburn" or who lives in Cockburn? hehehe...

Hi there DrJ, I too would really love to know just WHO picked these names. Was there a town vote?



Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Mary G said...

Yes, imagine being a customer service rep & you get a call from a customer in Dildo, Newfoundland for the first time. You quickly google it, in case you hang up on a real customer thinking it's a prank call. I just thank God we don't have picture phones yet. I'd be on hold a lot.LOL

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