Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Call Me Helpful!

Hey all! It's day two for me on the island and today I am going to attempt to be helpful. Kris, did you just roll your eyes?!

No really. It's the holiday season, end of year and life gets really chaotic. Sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas for your blog. So today, I've got a few blog post ideas to share.

Blog Post Idea #1: Name your boobs & tell everyone about it!

Do your knockers have a name? (That's a rhetorical question, I really don't want to know your ta-ta's name/s). But...if you're in a pinch for a blog topic, how about taking a test to see what name your knockers should be called? Go HERE.

OK, so I was bored... my knocker's name (according to the quiz) are "Fire & Brimstone". *snort*

Blog post Idea #2: Name your girl bits

Well if your ta-ta's have a name, it would be neglectful not to name your va-jay-jay too! If you are having trouble coming up with a name let this quiz do it for you. GO HERE.

Yes, I tried this one too, and NO! I am not going to discuss "The Velvet Love Pocket".

Blog post Idea #3: Get your blog rated!

Is your blog "naughty" or "nice"? Do you know? Plug in your blogs web addy and find out if you've got a naughty or nice blog. GO HERE.

Apparently I need to seriously reinforce all the 'adults only' warnings on my blog - I'm a very naughty blogger.

That's it for blog post ideas. Haven't I been helpful? Now you have all sorts of perverted things to share on your blog. *grin*

I'll leave you with a charming Christmas poem...

The Christmas Fairy
I sit atop your Christmas tree,
All clad in pink, a real fairy.
The reason I appear so glum,
The sprig of spruce stuck up my bum.


The Romance Girl said...

So my boobs are Penn and Teller, my girl parts are the Bearded Taco, and my blog has been rated PG-13! I don't think I will be posting any of that on my blog, but it was a fun waste of a few minutes.

Kris said...

So is it your right or left boob that's called Brimstone? :P

Lea said...

ROFL! "Velvet Love Pocket"?


OMG Ms. M. you are too much, this is hilarious, no I haven't named my boobs.. lol Well, maybe saggy...

Merry Christmas!

Karielle Stephanie said...

ahahah apparently they go by "Guns & Roses" (which ironically, was a band that I liked before I realized they were the namesake of my boobs).

And um..twat waffle...yeah let's not go into detail with that.

Also, my blog is rated PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED because of the occurrence of the word "crack" which is probably a word I used sometime or another in my blog just to say "Yesterday, I cracked my head against the table" or you know, something like that.

Thank you for the entertainment:)

Tracy said...

Ok - I played along.

I've got salt and vinegar on top. I'm offended - I think they must be much sweeter than that. I'll check with hubby. *snort*

Down below - yeah, um, Box Lunch at the Y. Nice, Ms. M. I don't know that I'll ever forgive you, I mean, forget you for that one. :)

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