Monday, December 6, 2010

*Ahem* Hi!

I'm more than a little stunned, okay, and flattered, when I was asked to guest blog here on Desert Island Keepers for the next three days. I mean, you wanna hear from me? Me? You're sure? Do you know what I write?

They assure me they do and that you are cosmopolitan enough to handle my brand of humor (which is my oh-so-polite way of saying) the smutty tender romances I write, usually involving two men. I do happen to write other stuff too.

For realz.

I write male/female romances, and menage. Not as much as the male/male to be honest. In fact, most of my readers get a little annoyed when I write anything but male/male.

Tell you what, to avoid the discomfort levels on this particular guest appearance, what say I stick to random musings? Hmm? Would that work? Cool! Because this morning I woke up single late, staring at my ceiling and thinking about my niece's assertion that I must start dating again. She offered up her principal.

In all fairness, he's hot. REALLY hot. My guess is, he gets hit on by hall-wandering women all the time, especially because I noticed that when one of the many hall-wandering-lust-monkeys stops him to chat, he gets that doe in the headlights look.

Which makes me giggle. Which makes him get all oogle-eyed and whuh? at me. Which makes me giggle more, because he's so freakin' readable.

Anyway, I digressed. Whoopsie. That happens. Call it sidetracked, hell, call it one-tracked, but romance is my life. It's what I do for a living and it's what I hope to inspire in my readers by writing it.

I was talking about my wake-up and my niece and wondering why it was that I'm so drawn to tall men (the principal is tall, which is why I went down that trail). I mean, a man can be relatively unappealing, but if he's nice and if he's tall, I'll probably get a belly flutter. So this morning, I did the wondering thing about why I like tall men.

And I think I figured it out!

*Note: My blog crowd is used to this. I like comics, go with me here. Try something new. It'll be fun, I promise... baby steps, folks. Baby steps*.

Okay, so when a short guy comes in for a kiss, there's no commitment.

You see? He could just be walking along and think, "Huh. I feel like kissing. Do I? Yep, I do. I wanna kiss something. Look, there's Mia."

Next thing you know, he steps right into your personal space, as though you aren't standing there, and is all like lips and sound effects and breathing and stuff.


A tall guy is way up there and walking along and you're way down here, minding your own business. And you look up and see him and think, "Wow, he's super tall. I wonder if he can see the small people down here or if he's in his own orbit."

You get to surreptitiously admire his lengthy movements, pretending, just for the moment, that you can't be observed while observing him in all his tall goodness.

UNTIL HE NOTICES YOU. And then He's all like, "Hey, there's Mia. Wonder if she remembers me. She's kinda cute in all her stick-drawing aura. I wonder if she'd let me kiss her."

~Hey, it's my fantasy, remember?~

Then, he has to commit! Yes, he does. He doesn't merely have to walk into your space like you're some kind of invisible chick that he ran into with his lips. NOOOOO. HE has to bend down. He's putting himself out there, for at any moment, you might declare a psych-out and leave him half-bent, lips puckered, and flailing for a way to explain his misunderstanding.

Ladies, he's committed do you get it? You get to stand there being all ethereal and he has to put himself into your personal space deliberately. He's like a gorgeous hunky god-man from on high, noticing your little self, finding you worthy, and making the physical and emotional effort to hope you find him worthy!!! Yes! He is seeking your approval! He wants you to accept him!!!

You have the ability to accept the kiss, or deny him. It's power...

...and it's delicious.

Which is a long way of telling you that I'm looking for my personal hero in my personal romance story. He doesn't have to be perfect, he just has to be right, for me. What about you? When you read a romance, what kind of hero do you look for? Does your real life hero have to match the heroes you want to read about? And what, of all those characteristics, are a must-have in a man?

Tell me. I wanna know!

*You can find Mia at her blog: MiaWatts, and posting on Tuesdays at WritersEvolution*


The Romance Girl said...

Haha I really love the comics! I'll definitely kiss a guy my height, but it's much easier to swoon with taller guys. The effect is just lost otherwise.

Mia Watts said...

Seee??? I told ya! I've dated both, but the tall dudes have it hands down. ;)

And thanks! I'm glad you liked the comics. There will be more tomorrow. LOL. Apparently, the things that happen to me while trying to find dating material, is too odd not to comic-ize, according to my dear friend Bronwyn Green.

KC Burn said...

Funny, I was just talking yesterday about how I enjoy looking at attractive tall men! Although I refrain from going around and kissing them... out of respect for the hubby, don't you know ;)

Anyway, just finished Reasonable Doubt - loved it!

Mia Watts said...

@KC-Thanks!!! Glad you liked it. Mack and Geo definitely needed an ending that felt more solid than the one in Bad Boys. :)

Jambrea said...

Tall...tall is good! BUT...all the short women seem to get the tall men. I'm 5'9 my pool of tall men is smaller. heehee

My personal hero...just has to be faithful and all about me. heehee

Love you Mia! :)

Chris said...

I'm the same height as Jambrea. :) I've dated one guy who was more than an inch taller than me - he was 6'5". I didn't like it. I guess I'm used to dating people my height...

Tessie Bradford said...

Hey Mia
You're comics are so much fun! I definitely like tall. When the time comes for a standing hug, it is much nicer to gently rest my cheek against his shoulder rather than propping my chin on the top of his head!!
Happy Day Before Release Day!

Mia Watts said...

@Chris-I'm a measly 5'6'' and I STILL can't reel in a tall man. Sigh. An inch taller, even. THAT would be cool. Instead, I get short, drunk men "hey ba-by". Nuh-uh.

@Tessie-Hey honey!!!! Release day is the 17th but thanks!! I had to push back Boiling Point due to the move. But alas, it is still chomping my buttocks. :) More comics tomorrow. Still working on them.

@Jambrea-I've dated way too many short guys to decide that's what I want. Although if he were totally into me and not just passingly attentive, I'd probably reconsider. Good call on the hero!

KT Grant said...

Your cartoons are adorable! Muah Bob. LOL.

Molly Daniels said...

Yup...gotta have a man who's taller than me:) There's just something so sexy about being able to comfortably put my head on his shoulder, instead of getting a crick in the neck. And especially if the scent of his cologne makes me go weak in the knees!

Bronwyn Green said...

I gotta say, I love my tall guy. Granted, he's only about 6' but that's still 8" taller than me.

So glad you're doing more comics - I just love them!!! :D

Anna Mayle said...

I haven't much experience, but in fantasy I like my guys tall and broad shouldered, so not only can you swoon easily, but they can wrap you up in a giant bear hug that you can melt into. I like melting.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Mia!!! I've missed you and your post just made my day! I so love tall dudes. Can't kiss anyone close to my height.
May the force be with you on your journey to find a kissable tall dude.

Mia Watts said...

@KB/KT Grant-thanks!! Seems a lot of us are visual people. ;)

@Molly-definitely. Although aftershave tends to make me sneeze if it's that deliberate, splash-me-on stuff. I like that clean man smell.

@Bronwyn-I've MET your honey. He's the perfect height for you!

@Julia- HEY!!! I called you, woman. You could totally have called me back any time...hint, hint. :)

@Anna-Melting is definitely a bonus. Huminahuminahumina. I love being completely surrounded by a man's arms. It's a lovely thing. So much different than some dude hugging you with T-Rex arms (no offense, Bron.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mia! You are the best! Luv you, babe, and your comics just get better and better.

My man is a tall one. I love to stretch up on tiptoes to reach his luscious lips. Hey, I should be earning extra exercise points for that, dontcha think?

Kris Norris said...

All I have to say is... when you're only about 5'4" (no laughing, just let me dream about that extra half inch or so) just about everyone is tall compared to you... hell half the freaking kids on my son's hockey team tower over me... so yeah, I see the tall attraction.

Great comics. Can't wait until tomorrows adventure.

Mia Watts said...

Tomorrow's comics number in the 20s. LOL. And they feature Kris Norris, Carol Lynne, Brynn Paulin, and Bronwyn Green... my honey-buds.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hey, Mia,

Do you do these drawings yourself? They're cool!

I'm very short and I have to admit, I do find a tall guy a turn-on. It makes me feel all delicate and vulnerable (not that I really am). And I love your notion that bending over is a commitment!

Great blog!


Kris said...

I adore you, Mia. You know that, right. :DDD

Tracy said...

I ADORE tall men! When I was in college I dated a guy who was 6'4" to my 5'5" and it was wonderful. Then my next dating experience was with a guy who was 6'7". That MIGHT have been a bit too tall for me - especially since he liked to slow dance and I came to his sternum! lol

Great post Mia! Thanks again for joining us on the island!

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