Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Will You Be on December 19th?

What is this Winter Giveaway that I've mentioned? Well, the announcement  about the details about the giveaway will be made on December 19!  So keep you're eyes peeled and your fingers ready to enter!  

Just to wet your's a taste of the great things to come:

Hi there. Nicole Kimberling from Blind Eye Books here. Just writing to announce that Ginn Hale's Lord of the White Hell Book One will be available in digital form on on December 21. And because I am absolutely flush with the X-mas spirit. I will be giving away two free copies of Lord of the White Hell Book One on this very site! The release of Lord of the White Hell Book One will be the early kickoff to the Year of Digital Hale. Every month in 2011 we will release a new digital Ginn Hale title. December/January will be Lord of the White Hell Book One followed by Lord of the White Hell Book Two on February. Then, from March to December we will be serializing her great big epic story, The Rifter.

So keep watching the DIK book giveaway for your chance to win a fresh new book to put in that ereader I just know is waiting for you

Happy Holidays!

And please join us this week when we'll have authors Mia Watts and Tracy Cooper-Posey joining us!


Chris said...

*suspense builds*

Jason said...

wow! great news!

Tracy said...

Isn't it wonderful news? I know there are several people who've been wanting Lord of the White Hell in digital format and here it is!

Renee said...

Ooh, very cool!

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