Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome Our New DIK Team Member: Mandi

For the next few days I'll be introducing you to the new DIK Team Members. I know you're all dying to see how they answered their DIK applications so here they are!

Please give a nice warm Island welcome to Mandi!

1. What is the screen name that you want to go by? 
Mandi (or Smexy) either one

2. What is your date of birth? (day and month only!) 

3. What are your 5 favorite books? (these won't necessarily be the books you'll bring to the island with you) 
*Dark Lover by JR Ward
*Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon
*Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh
*Mind Games Carolyn Crane
*Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

4. Which heroes would you bring to the island and why? (these won't necessarily be the heroes you'll bring to the island with you) 
*Barrons from KMM Fever series because he is a "lefty" HA, and is my number one book boyfriend at the moment. 
*Bones from Night Huntress series because of what he does in chapter 32 of One Foot in the Grave. 
*Vishous from BDB - he is dirty and bisexual. rawr. 
*Adam from Mercy Thompson - he growls like a sexy beast. 
*Marcus from Revealed by Kate Noble. He is my beta. My sweet lover. 
*Raphael from Nalini Singh. The most intense hero I have ever read about. 
*Terrible from Stacia Kane's Downside series. 
I have more...lots more....

5. What is your favorite movie that is based on book? 
I guess a Harry Potter movie? Maybe Bridget Jones. I fail at watching movies. If they cast Outlander right, then that one has a chance.

6. Name one fun thing you would bring to the island? 
The love for a 'stache. I also have uninhibited lust for fictional and hairy men. (is this a shallow answer or what? :))

7. Why are you interested in coming to the island? 
I visit all the time! I would love a chance to stick around ;) You girls are fun!

You can visit Mandi at her blog: Smexy Books


Lea said...

Welcome to the Island Mandi!

Great to have you here.. :))

Tracy said...

Welcome once again you Smexy girl, you. :0)

Penny Watson said...

The love for a stache is sooooo not shallow. I object! hee hee......

Blodeuedd said...

Welcome Mandi :D

KT Grant said...

Hut of the 'Stache? lol

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Barron, Bones and Vishous all together? That would be trouble but a lot of fun too!


Karielle Stephanie said...

Welcome, Mandi! :)

Chris said...

Welcome, Mandi!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the island Mandi, its wonderful to have you join us!

I like a man with some hair too!



Kris said...

Boo! :P

Mandi said...

Thanks everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Mandi made it to the Island!!! Hooray!! :P

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