Monday, November 15, 2010

The Ultimate Cute Cat Smackdown Day 1

Hello all pretty human peeps. For those who don't know, my name is Kiko. I'm KB (Katiebabs) aka author KT Grant aka the woman with more names and personalities to keep track of superior looking cat.

Don't I look gorgeous? Touch me, you know you want to...

As you can see, I become even cuter while hiding in the bathroom sink. Why no cat can compete with me in looks. And because of that, I have been called to action, to defend my amazingness from two other cats named Oblio and Tibeerius. These two kitties belong to Carolyn Crane, who even after I gave so much love and kitty kisses to her book, Double Cross, she dare allowed her two felines (who have, as my owner KB would say, WTF names) to bring forth a ultimate kitty cuteness challenge!

I issue forth a challenge, right here on the DIK blog, for the public at large, cat lovers, or not, to pick the cutest cat in all of cute catdom! I throw down my paw at O and T (saying their full names makes yawn).

All the proof is in this picture why I win this round:

Even more proof that I'm full of awesome cuteness. I like to read, and look adorable sitting on a window sill with a stuffed demon sheep on my back.

Team Kiko: 1
Team O and T: 0
Bring it on... like Donkey Kong!


Chris said...

*backs slowly away*

Blodeuedd said...

Awww though my cat is the cutest ;)

Heather D said...

I have to beg to differ... my kitty is the cutest! LOL of course still has the adorably cantankerous kitten stage going on.

Are we having a vote at then end? Although your Kiko is adorable, I would love to see the other two.

Tracy said...

Cute kitty but I definitely have to see CJ's in order to decide and make a fully informed decision. :)

Tez Miller said...

Kiko is so sleek, with eyes that see ALL! ;-) Well-mannered, too, playing nice with Carolyn's book. And tolerant to let Demon Sheep so close to Kiko's brain ;-)

KT Grant said...

Yes, not only is Kiko soooo cute but she has the power of a demon sheep on her side.

Take that Carolyn Crane!

Carolyn Crane said...

Yes, we'll see, won't we!!!

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