Friday, November 19, 2010

Lesson in cuteness from the masters

Dear sweet pathetic Sadie and Kiko. Apparently you need some cuteness lessons, and who better to school you than us, the masters of cuteness? AKA the cutest ever kitties?   

Lesson #1: It's not enough to BE cute. You have to earn it. How do you do that? By acting cute. Doing cute unexpected things. This takes practice. Do you see this move? See how cute I look? Good luck trying to duplicate this one. Note my crazy feet postion. Don't try this at home, cuteness hacks. 

A variation on the cute stretch, pioneered by me and expertly modified by Tiberius. Don't you just want to pet her belly? Of course you do.   

Lesson #2, to be cute, you have to turn up in unexpected places acting cute. Look at me pop out from under my fave blanket. Oh-so-sleepy kitty!  You see my friends, cuteness is more than laying around in bed. Any cat can do that. 

Check this out. Look at how I have destroyed Carolyn Crane and her husband's recycling corner. But look at my cute face. Can you even be angry at this face? Carolyn couldn't. Right after this photo was taken, she picked me up and snuggled me. Chew on that, biotches!!

Tiberius and Oblio: 36.5
Kiko and Sadie: -7 


Kati said...

OK, I'm sorry, the photo that goes along with Lesson #1. WIN.

That being said, Stella could kick ALL Y'ALL's KITTY ASSES.

Ehem... or something.

KT Grant said...

*shakes fist over cute kitty hiding in blanket*

This is not over!

Chris said...

Oh, Mayhem could duplicate that special cuteness pose. So it's probably a good thing she's not part of this. ;)

Tracy said...

Oh that first pose is the best! I'm thinking that Tiberius and Oblio are slightly in the lead on this one.

Sarai said...

LOL nice I am loving this! My kitties just got shaved and are now wearing sweaters so the cuteness factor has sky rocketed at my house.

Right now I am voting for Tiberius and Oblio just for the first 2 pictures

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