Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oblio and Tiberius tell all

Dear Kiko, cat of KB/Katiebabs, aka author KT Grant: My name is Oblio, and I live with author Carolyn Crane and her husband. And I'm here to say that you are living in a fantasy world if you think you are cuter than me. Look at how snowy white my chest is. It is whiter than the walls - whiter, even, than the snowy snow, or an angel's wings. (Unless we're talking Nalini Singh's angels, which, as we know come in lots of different colors.)  But, traditional angels. Or a white dove. Or, the downiest down. And I am not only cute, but amazing to behold. People are lucky just to look at me. That is how cute I am. 

Oh, look, here I am resting with Tiberius, who is named after James Tiberius Kirk. She is not only awesomely cute, but an amazing fighter. And look how long her body is, earning her the nickname "monkey snake" - and believe me when  I say, Tiberius is ready to defend her cuteness and mine. ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. 

You better hide in a sink, Kiko, because our cuteness rules not only every cat on the 
planet, but also puppies, baby bears, and all woodland animal babies. 

Team Kiko: 1
Team Oblio & Tiberius: 2


SusiSunshine said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Sooooo cute. And I love the name. ;)

Chris said...

Plus, Oblio's the second softest kitteh on our street!

Sullivan McPig said...

You sure look cute! My next door neigbour is totally crushing on you!
Here's a pic of him:

KT Grant said...

Oh, Miss Carolyn, you think you have won this round but I have something up my sleeve!

I have a 6 week old kitten that is so full of cute, that when I post her pictures tomorrow, you will admit defeat!

The kitten is my secret plan. Get ready for Sadie everyone!

Tracy said...

Ok these cats are pretty darned cute. They might be winning in my book so far.

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