Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sadie the Most Cutest Kitten Ever Tells It Like It Is!

And the cute car wars between KT/KB and CC continues...

Hello everybody! Look at yourself and now back at me. Now back at yourself, and now back to me! Sadly, you are not a cute wittle ittle itty kitty like I am. My name is Sadie and I'm 6 weeks old. I've been adopted by KT/KB and toooo cute and adorable for words!

My big sister Kiko looks out for me and lets me sleep up on her butt. We've become great friends! See how Kiko looks over me, making sure I'm snuggly warm...

You can't go wrong with two black kitties, one who is a precocious itty bitty kitten.

 So... neener neener poo poo on Obio and Tiberius.*sticks out kitty tongue*

Team Kiko and Sadie: 2
Team Oblio and Tiberius: BIG OLD ZERO!


Chris said...

Oh oh... How will CJ top the kitten cuteness factor?!

Carolyn Crane said...

Uh oh

KT Grant said...

No one can top cute black kitty!


Jessica said...

I have a itty bitty little black kittie too! His name is Zero, blame my son it was his cat. I can alway recognize my baby, he has a kink in his tail.

Tracy said...

What a nice sister to let Sadie sleep on her butt.

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