Friday, November 26, 2010

My favorite heroes of far

I know that it's a little early for "best of the year" lists, but 2010 has been such a great year for heroes, and, DIK is all about the heroes, isn't it?

I compiled a pretty healthy list for the year. Initially, the list was pretty long, but I've been able to whittle it down to my top 5. *wipes brow*

Here goes:
  1. William from Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews

  2. I could go on and on about the awesomeness that is William, but at the risk of repeating myself in my review of the book, William is the total package:

    Alpha shifter who can kick ass and take names? Check.
    Tragic past that he’s dealing with? Check.
    An admiration for strong heroines who can kick ass and take names? Check.

    Truly, it's the combination of vulnerability and alpha male that gets me every time.

  3. Terrible from the Chess Putnam series by Stacia Kane

  4. Terrible's love for Chess is totally compelling. He is tough, and feared by all. Yet, Chess, brings him to his knees.

    Over the course of the series, the reader (through Chess' eyes) sees beyond Terrible's 'ugliness' and into the man beneath the surface. His relationship with her isn't easy, or even comfortable reading, but the payoff is soooo worth it.

    I can not wait until the next book to read more about Terrible!

  5. Nick from The Demon's Lexicon series by Sarah Rees Brennan

  6. Nick is one of those characters that, whenever he enters the scene, it completely belongs to him.

    He's a really uncomfortable guy to read about. He's angry, he's violent, and he's more than a little sociopathic. But, his relationship with his brother, Alan, reveals that there's more to him than meets the eye.

    I've got a confession to make about Nick: while I know that it's a hopeless wish, whenever he's in a scene with Mae's brother, Jamie, I totally root for them to wind up together. They have the best chemistry together, and their dialog/banter is great reading.

  7. Javier from Lord of the White Hell, books 1 & 2 by Ginn Hale

  8. Javier, on first glance is a rakehell, who leads the aptly named Hellions with arrogance and wit. Yet, his outrageous behavior hides a young man who is damned. Literally.

    As the vessel for the White Hell, even Javier's friends are afraid to enter his rooms or get too close to him. That is, until Kiram, also an outsider, shares his room, his life, and wins his heart.

    Javier has a lot to overcome in The Lord of the White Hell. Not only does he live under a curse, but he must hide his love for Kiram while trying to find a way to protect him from a mysterious supernatural threat.

  9. Curran from the Kate Daniels series, by Ilona Andrews

  10. While Curran has been around for a while (and one of my favorite heroes for the last couple of years), he really comes into his own in 2010's Magic Bleeds.

    Ilona Andrews has taken her time developing the relationship between Kate and Curran, and with Magic Bleeds, their courtship --if that's what you can call the mayhem that takes place --is nothing if not unique.

    Curran truly is the King of Beasts, and Kate is a perfect match for his over the top personality. His need to take care of his people and his love for Kate make him truly a favorite hero of mine.

Of course, I've still got 5 weeks left in 2010, so there's every possibility I may add a couple more to my list. At least, I hope so. ;-)

What are your heroes in 2010?
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Tracy said...

Javier is one of mine, definitely. Just loved that boy! Other than that I don't have any particular ones sticking out in my head. Dang - now I have to go back and look at my favorite books and favorite heroes! :)

And William was fabulous as well btw.

LesleyW said...

Okay for Christmas I have GOT to get the next two books in the Unholy Ghosts series.

Renee said...

Tracy: That's what I did! lol Thank heaven for goodreads. ;-)

Lesley: Yes! Yes, you do! Terrible's awesome, and so is the series.

Chris said...

Erm. I haven't read any of those books!

My mind ALWAYS goes blank when asked things like this. *sigh*

Renee said...

Chris: A couple were no-brainers, but thank goodness for goodreads for helping to refresh the memory! XD

Kris said...

Good lord. It's like you can see into my head, Renee. LOL.

LOVED William this year. Curran is my constant true love and I feel for Nick last year.

In 2010?? Let me see. I really, really liked LB's Holden Worthington. Probably the one hero that I fell for despite myself was Manna Francis' Val Toreth. One of the most intriguing character's I've ever read. He fascinates me.

Renee said...

Kris: Great minds and all that hoo-haa…

I loved Nick in TDL, and with The Demon's Covenant, he just got better, knowing all his "identity" issues.

I have SO got to get back to the Manna Francis books. I loved Mind Fuck! Val IS a twisty kind of guy, isn't he?

Jenre said...

So I'm sitting here trying to decide which are my favourite heroes, but coming up completely blank! They all tend to blend into one after a while.

I can, however, think of plenty of heroes I didn't like :).

Renee said...

Jenre: lol. That's a list that would be interesting…

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