Sunday, July 11, 2010


It turns out that I posted the original version of Into the Crossfire but this is the final one and man, is it smoking hot!!

Once again I'd like to thank Lisa for hanging out with us the past couple days and of course all the wonderful bloggers who stopped by!

Using I drew names for the past three days and the winners are as follows:

1. Dangerous Lover - Armenia
2. Dangerous Passion - Kaylea Cross
3. Dangerous Secrets = jeanette8042

Please contact me at katiereus [at] yahoo .com. No spaces and use the at symbol. :) Once you do, I'll let you know how to contact Lisa!

Congrats to the winners!!


Lisa sent me this next bit and I put it in the comments section instead of the blog. Sorry about that :) Here's a little more info on The Protectors Series for those that missed it!

FROM LISA: Since I'm in France, I Googled my books (one coming out in August) and found a French romance book fan forum (Lesromantiques) and saw my name and in the few intervals in which I was connected, said hello to them. It's a really fun bunch of readers, very enthusiastic -- it's wonderful to know our passions transcend boundaries.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the Protectors Trilogy. Into the Crossfire is the first, and just finished the edits on the second, Hotter Than Wildfire. The trilogy features three men who grew up together in a brutal foster home and are closer than brothers. Each went into the military as quickly as possible. Sam into the Navy and then SEALs, Harry into the Army and then Delta, and Mike into the Marines. They now run a security company, but they also run an underground railroad for abused women and children. they saw a lot of abuse growing up and vowed to do something about it. So they charge more than top dollar to their corporate clients and then quietly use part of that money to give women on the run a new life.

I hope you enjoy the series!!


Armenia said...

Thank you. Congrats to the other winners!

Blanche said...

Congrats to the winners! :)

Kaylea Cross said...

Yay! I actually won...I can't believe it. Thanks very much.

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