Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're all stalkers on the road to love

Good morning! Thanks Tracy for inviting me over to guest blog! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Sabrina Darby, a romance author, mostly historical and erotic historical. (You can find me online at SabrinaDarby.com or Twitter.com/SabrinaDarby)

My first book has been out for almost a year but my husband hasn’t read it yet (At least its published form). The other day, he picked up a copy, read four pages and then said it reminded him of the movie Sabrina. It took me a few seconds to figure out what he meant, because I would never have linked my erotic regency novellas with Audrey Hepburn hiding in a tree.

Then I asked, ”because she’s watching him?” Yep.

Now, voyeurism is loosely defined as gaining sexual pleasure from watching someone else do sexual things. I think Sabrina watching David kiss another of his many women might have given her some sexual pleasure even if it isn’t stated outright.

Voyeurism always sounds so illicit, but many a romance starts from observation. For example, check out this snippet featuring Richard Chamberlain in The Slipper and the Rose, an amazing musical retelling of Cinderella.

Watch how Cinderella scopes out the Prince’s manly display of athleticism ;-)

Do you have a favorite moment of voyeurism in a romance novel or movie?


Anonymous said...

From David and Bathsheba to American Pie voyeurism can be erotic, hilarious and can complicate the situation tremendously. Love the You Tube clip.

Jessica said...

I know I have read a book or two where people see/watch others in interesting situation's. But for the life of me I can't remember the title of the book. Getting old isn't fun. Anyway, it does add a bit of spice to the story and a nice twist. Would I want that to happen to me, oh hell no, but reading about it is a whole nother matter. Have a nice day, and remember to lock the doors and draw the shades! lol

aj chase said...

Ohh, I never even thought about how much of what we write really is voyeurism. Even Kitty watching Sam play volleyball in Cat and Mouse is really the same thing in a respect.

I don't think that I could watch someone that I had feelings for with someone else like Sabrina and David, only because I'm a jealous person and any pleasure I'd derive would be overshadowed by jealousy. But someone else I didn't know, lol, bring it on.

Tracy said...

OMG Sabrina I used to watch The Slipper and The Rose all the time! I used to love that movie when I was a kid. Thanks for bringing back great memories! :)

Now -voyeurism - I don't think I care for books where either the h/h is watching the other with someone else but I've read a few books where one is watching the other by themselves and that can be really pretty great. The book that comes to mind is Voyuer by Lacey Alexander. That one was pretty darned hot. :)

Thanks again for visiting the blog, Sabrina!

SabrinaDarby said...

Yeah, it is amazing how insidious voyeurism is in our culture these days.

And Tracy, I think my true goal with this blog might be to make everyone remember/recognize the brilliance of The Slipper and The Rose ;-)

Rachel Jameson said...

Fun blog! I think your husband needs your book swatted upside his head, for not reading it! And I'm appalled that I have never seen The Slipper and the Rose! I'm off to watch all the parts on youtube! I agree with the comments - I'm not up for seeing someone I care about with someone else, but there is a definite appeal in catching someone unaware, seeing a side of them they might keep closed off in public.

Sewicked said...

Um, I'm Twitter and I read blogs. That's another form of voyeurism, isn't it?

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