Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Enter the Demon

So, we've castrated the vampire and domesticated the werewolf, where do we look for a suitably scary antagonist for our urban fantasy heroine.

Enter the Demon.

I think in recent years there's been an increase in the number of books which have demons as protagonists - Stacia Kane's Megan Chase series and Jenna Black's Morgan Kingsley series immediately spring to mind.

You have to admit it's pretty hard to make a demon fluffy, though I'm sure that won't stop some from trying.

Do we even have to try the alley test? Really if there are demons on the loose why are you even outside your house at night? Surely you're inside with all the entrances salted.

And where there are demons you find Angels. Now I think Angels have been around for a lot longer - Sharon Shinn, Faith Hunter, Nalini Singh - all have series which feature arch/angels. And you wouldn't be in the alley if angels were abroad either. It's often made clear that to look at an angel for too long comes with fatal results.

So what's the attraction.

Demons are unrestrained desire - want, take, have. They have a social structure, always trying to increase the status of their own position.

Angels on the other hand are generally more cold, logical. The attraction lies in seeing what's beneath the facade.

Hang on.

Doesn't this sound familiar?

Demon = werewolf.
Angel = vampire.

Is it only the attraction of the new which beats out the comfort of the familiar? If werewolves and vampires are treated with the respect for what they are, is there a need to raise the stakes? Or does exploring the angel and demon mythos allow us an insight into something new?

Do you like seeing angels and demons as protagonists? Or would you rather see more traditional and well written werewolf and vampire characters? I must admit after writing this post I'm desperate to get my hands on the second in the Nalini Singh Guild Hunter series currently in my TBR pile.


Chris said...

Have you read Larissa Ione's demon series? *fans self* Those Seminus (hee hee) demons are hawt.

LesleyW said...

Chris - I've read the first and loved it! Pretty sure the second is on my TBR pile somewhere, that is one series I've got to get back to and catch up with.

Chris said...

I think you need some devilish/demonic eye candy to lure people in for your post her. ;)

Chris said...

herE not her... *sigh*

LesleyW said...

Yeah - vampires are easy to find pics of. Demons not so much.

Jenre said...

I've never really taken to the whole Demon/Angel thing in the way I have were/vamps. I think it's because of the way it links in with the Christian faith which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. I don't get that with other mythological creatures so I think I'll stick to my vamp/were books :).

LesleyW said...

Jenre - I appreciate what you mean. And goodness knows there are enough other mythological creatures out there to read about. I think my next series of posts will be about creatures I've never understood the appeal of. :)

Tracy said...

I was thinking of Ione's demons as well when I read this post. They are hot, baby, hot.

I think I'm more a fan of demons than angels but I do like Singh's angels.

LesleyW said...

Tracy - I am moving Ione's demons and Singh's angels up my TBR pile. :)

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