Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cops versus Firemen

Happy Monday!

The craziest thing happened this weekend on my blog. For those who don’t know, I write a purely naughty series with heroes who are narcotics detectives in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. My new release, Star Spangled Kiss (out today) takes place on the Fourth of July. During the story, the characters play a pool-volleyball game. I decided to use pictures to bring the scene to life. I asked the blog-tour visitors to choose a team to support during the match. The most unexpected thing happened.

Almost all my visitors chose THE FIREFIGHTER over the cops.

How is that possible? Cops are just delicious, intense, and sexy. Plus, they have hand-cuffs. Okay, I admit, I am not the least unprejudiced. We are a cop family.

So, I’m bringing this debate here to you. I want to know who you prefer. I hope you don’t mind helping me. Depending on the results, I just might end up writing a companion story to the Kissin’ Cops. Something hot, dangerous and all about Gabe the fireman!

First, for your viewing pleasure and contemplation are the narcotics detectives. They are on Tyler’s team and ready to serve up a heated game. Determined to win, they hold nothing back.
Now for the fireman, he is on Gavin’s team. Those commenting on my blog have chosen to call him Team Gabe. I can’t believe he has his own team now!

Do you have a preference? Who would you want to play in the pool with? The cops or the fireman? Leave me a comment with your choice. One lucky commenter will be selected to win a digital copy of Star Spangled Kiss.

Before I go, I thought I would share with you a little bit of fun. I have witnessed, first-hand, the rivalry between the hose-hoppers and the fuzz. Bryan Erwin has a comedy series called Policeman Versus Fireman and he captures the hilarity with his puppets. When the boys get together and watch Erwin's clips, everyone laughs in harmony despite what badge they happen to wear.
Here is the cleanest vid I could find. I think it sums up the jovial contention perfectly! (The swearing is bleeped out on purpose!) For more of the videos check out Fireman Jake and Policeman Perry (Warnings for mature content!)

If you would like to see which team won the volleyball match or ride along with Tyler and Sophie in their romantic journey, Star Spangled Kiss releases today at Liquid Silver Books.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.
Thanks for blogging with me today.

P.S. to check out my other series, The Blood-Vine: paranormal romance, or to see excerpts of all my stories visit


D Carney said...

I have a *thing* for firemen. Always have, always will. Looking at these photos, however, I'm going to have to say that um, I want them all. :D

Sara Brookes said...

Erm...I'm with Dee. All of them.

Tracy said...

I'm with the other ladies - definitely one of each, please! lol

Ok - if I had to choose I'd say firemen *ducks and runs for cover* I know you're a cop family but there you have it. Forgive me. lol

Thanks again for visiting the blog, Christa!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to need one of each to make a qualified choice.

And at least 12 hours.

LesleyW said...

Firemen. :)

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