Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Bit of a Moan: Part 3

Sadly, it's my final day on the island.  I'll be sorry to leave its white sandy shores, its shady palm trees, and most importantly the half naked men to serve me cocktails.  But never mind, because I'm going straight from here to a holiday with my family.  Yes, it's time to go camping again!

All this brings me onto my third and final gripe:

Why is it that all the characters in romance generally get better holidays than I do?

Every time the heroes in a contemporary romance go on holiday, they go somewhere exotic: to a beach house maybe, or a cruise, or to some rugged cabin in the woods where they can discover a grizzly murderer in the woodshed.  They never go camping though, do they?  There's plenty of outdoorsy fun, but it's from a solid base with running water and showers.  They never just grab a tent, hike out and have a few days under canvas nylon.  Which, to be honest, is a great shame.

OK, maybe there are a couple of stories out there where the heroes go camping.  Dangerous Ground and In a Dark Wood by Josh Lanyon have two men who are camping in it, plus there's this great little freebie short on Clare London's website which you can read here.  But OTHER than those, most stories where the heroes go on holiday are set in places much more expensive and civilised than a tent.

I'd say it was a cultural thing, but I know for a fact that people in the US and Canada go camping.  Perhaps it's just that romance writers think that we readers want something a little less mundane and hum-drum that a story where the heroes go camping for their jollies.  Not me though.  I say MORE camping stories please.

Pretty please?

Now, I pretty much figure I'm going to be in the minority with this moan, but I'm still curious whether you're all up for more men-in-a-tent romance.  We could start a petition or something :).


Chris said...

You forgot Off the Beaten Path by Katrina Strauss, although it's a bit of working vacation. But they're definitely dealing with no running water. :)

Chris said...

Ah, blogger, why won't you let us sign and subscribe to comments at the same time??

Re: not camping - since I dislike camping, I hadn't really noticed the lack of camping stories.

Anyway, have fun on your camping adventure! Better you than me... ;)

Ingrid said...

Camping sure is fun, I just returned from a 2,5 week trip to France.
But I am not sure camping and romance is a match made in heaven. Here we say it is the ultimate relationship tester, 2 people in a small tent.
I only wish they made nylon sound proof.

jessewave said...

There are lots of pple in Canada who go camping but I'm not one of them. :( I hate flies, mosquitoes, camping food, hanging my ass in the bush to do my business, no wi fi (shall I go on?)LOL

Have a wonderful camping holiday Jen.

Tracy said...

No, they don't go camping now do they? I want to see one take a 4 day train trip and see how much in the mood for love he is then! lol

Great post...and I liked the picture too. :)

Sassy Brit @ said...

Hi there!

Just popped by to check out your blog and now I'm a follower :)

Love that picture above!

Jenre said...

Hi Chris
How could I forget Off the Beaten Track? I loved that book!

Hi Ingrid
Wow, that sounds like a great holiday! I think great fun could be had from describing the difficulties of two men getting it on in a tent :).

Jenre said...

Hi Wave
I completely get you :). Camping isn't fun if you're too in love with your creature comforts :).

Hi Tracy
The picture made me laugh which is why I included it. You have to be very brave (or stupid) to get your tackle out and roam the Yorkshire moors :).

Jenre said...

Hi Sassy
Welcome to the island! Do grab a sun lounger and I'm sure one of the heroes will be along soon with a cocktail ;).

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