Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So Eye Catching!

What is it about a book that catches your eye?  

Say you're in a bookstore and you're just browsing but really aren't there to purchase one book in particular.  There are a ton of options just in one genre!  What do you do?  Do you pick up books that have an eye catching cover and then read the blurb to see if it's something you're interested in reading? 

Or do you just go to the authors you already know and love and see if there's anything that you haven't already read?  What is it about a book that calls to you?

I guess this would be a good question for ebooks readers as well.  Do you only buy the books that are recommended to you or by authors you know and love, or do you see a pretty cover, read the blurb and buy?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Talk to me people!


Katie Reus said...

A hot cover usually pulls me in but it's ultimately the blurb and/or excerpt that make me purchase it :)

Chris said...

Regarding your question on ebooks: Yes. :)

LesleyW said...

Well I read a lot of UF, and that tends to get shelved with the sci-fi and fantasy. So I'm very drawn to books with black covers as that tends to be the UF hiding amongst the dragons, spaceships and warrior elves.

More recently I've started checking out white covers as sometimes they are UF as well.

Sullivan McPig said...

Cool covers do catch my eye and I surely will check out the cover blurb of a cool looking book, but as at my bookstore most books are shelved in a way so only the spine is showing the major selecting process I use is reading titles. If a title of a book sounds cool i will get the book out and read what it is about.

That being said: online browsing is another thing entirely and there I'll go for books that I read a good/interesting/intriguing/etc review about.

Mary Anne Graham said...

I'll first look for authors that I've enjoyed. However, if I spot an eye-catching cover, I'll pull out the book and read the blurb.

Like Katie, the cover may get me to pull the book off the real or virtual shelf, but the blurb determines whether or not I'll buy.

Having said that, and the more I consider it, I think that for my (indie) books, the covers designed by my talented hubby are apt to draw attention. I'm just not sure that the blurbs I write are always strong enough to close the sale.

What makes a great blurb, I wonder?

Jessica said...

If my fave authors are between books, it's the cover that gets my attention. Then if the blurb reads well, I'll usually try it. I have come across some great new authors, and even a few 'old' ones I've never read before.

With e-books, usually recommendations and authors I know. Once in a while, while window shopping, a cover will get to me and I look into the book, then if I like their blurb, I'll get it.

Tracy said...

Thanks for all the comments! I love seeing/hearing how others find their books. :)

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