Friday, June 4, 2010

Pop Culture Boyfriend List

I have an easy question today, if you could date ANY fictional male from television or movies, who would it be and why?

Here's my list:

Jack Foley from Out of Sight. OMG, a thief who has the bad sense to fall in love with a Federal Marshal. I adore Clooney in this movie. He's smart, wily and just can't seem to help himself. His chemistry with Jennifer Lopez is sublime.

Speaking of Clooney, who doesn't love Dr. Doug Ross from ER? A bad boy pediatric surgeon who loves the ladies and the babies. I adored him, and frankly, still do. Clooney is always mesmerizing on screen, but almost never more than when he was playing Doug.

Dr. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy. Continuing with my doctor fetish, who doesn't love McArmy? With his tortured past, his steadfast love for Christina Yang, and frankly his delicious bod, what's not to love? My only regret is that they make him talk with an American accent. Because Kevin McKidd's true Scottish accent just makes me want to hand him my panties.

What's not to love about James Ford? Sawyer spent all of LOST captivating me. He's surly, selfish, and in the end, an incredibly loyal and true friend who found love in the arms of Juliet. Sawyer popped off the screen in the pilot of the show and never stopped captivating my attention or my salacious thoughts.

Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. OK, I confessed yesterday that I love me some Taylor Kitsch. But here's the thing, he's not just a pretty face, but the boy can also act. He's moved Tim Riggins from town bad boy/fuck up to a genuinely good human being and really good boyfriend. Plus, the producers of FNL are smart enough to give dirty old women like me a gratuitous shirt off scene in almost every episode.

So there you have it, my pop culture boyfriends. Who are yours?


Louisa Edwards said...

Awesome list--George Clooney is the King of Handsome, so he'd be on mine, too. Pop Culture Boys I'm Currently Into include: Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, and Dominic Zamprogna from General Hospital. (yes, I have a rich fantasy life.)

Kati said...

@Louisa - That's what makes you such a good author! :grin:

Heather said...

Chandler Bing - we'd never stop laughing.
Marshal Marshall Mann (Frederick Weller) from "In Plain Sight" on USA. He's a font of worthless trivia knowledge, good looking in an odd way and secretly loves his partner (Mary McCormick.) He could love me not so secretly.
Paul Varjack (George Peppard) from "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Super-hot, great 60's wardrobe, and he loves Holly Golightly despite the fact that she's, well, a prostitute. Imagine what I could get away with!
Johnny Depp as Don Juan Demarco. Um, have you seen that movie?
Great question! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

I do lust after Tim Riggins *cougar roar*, but it would be Coach Eric Taylor I'd want to date (as opposed to just screwing around with AKA Riggins). I think he's the cats meow.

Then there is Dean from Supernatural - he's 10 years younger than me, so I hope he likes older women!

But the top if list is Damon from Vampire Diaries. What's not to like about Ian Somerhalder? I loved him on LOST and I adore him on Vampire Diaries.



Scorpio M. said...

I'm hopelessly out of date but I have the biggest crush on Daniel Day-Lewis...his intensity, voice, accent is so sexy to me. I love his word choices when he gives an interview, so poetic yet it sounds so sincere. Lovely.

KT Grant said...

Captain Jack from Torchwood and Sir Guy from Robin Hood!

George Clooney is pretty much a given for me.

Tracy said...

Oh yeah, Chandler Bing, definitely. Love his personality, sense of humor and yeah, he's cute too. :)

Let's see Wolverine aka Logan from Xmen. Hachacha. lol

Oh and Obi Wan from Star Wars - in his younger Ewan MacGregor years, of course.

ElaineG said...

I am gonna go into the way back machine for my pick: Patrick Swayze as Johnny in Dirty Dancing. He was everything a man should be. Protective, confident, real, flawed and let's not forget, he would NEVER tell you he DIDN'T was to go dancing *sigh*.

Kati said...

@Elaine - Not to mention, he'd NEVER put you in a corner! ;o)

ElaineG said...

Kati: I KNOW! HOW could I forget that???? Personally, though, I would have loved to have been in a corner with him lol!

Lea said...

Perfectly yummy list Kati and I loved the commentary. I don't watch much TV anymore but I have the hots for Sam Worthington of Avatar fame. *sigh*

I also love, love Clive Owen.. I think I've seen nearly every movie he has been in.

Great post Kati!

Samantha Kane said...

Tony Stark as played by RDJ, of course. My current obsession. And Sherlock Holmes. See previous RDJ comment.

Also, Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) on CSI. He makes the show for me. He's so cool and laid back all the time. And wicked smart. He's got this macho cop thing going. It works for me.

Can I have a pop culture girlfriend, too? I want Miranda Lambert. She's smokin'.

Karen W. said...

I have many. :) Johnny Depp, John Corbett, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Alex O'Laughlin and David Boreanaz (until the cheating thing!) were my pop culture boyfriends to start.

Martha Lawson said...

Well, I'm just going with one - Jason from General Hospital!! Even tho I don't get to watch it anymore since I'm working. Loves me some Jason!!!!

Anonymous said...

taylors are hot lol
love georege
derek jeter
jensen is hot from his days on days
super man on tv
new guy from white collar -hot!
tom brady
colin firth
sam worthing
ale x rodriguez

Renee said...

I so knew it was you as I worked through the list of men and before I got to the "posted by" down at the bottom. lol (It was Clooney as Dr Doug that gave it away, and Tim R that clinched it.)

My list would include:

Ciaran Hinds as Capt Wentworth from Persuasion (just did a post on Persuasion with CH in "the letter scene" and *melt*)

Clive Owen as Ross Tanner in 2nd Sight (his early series where he plays a detective who is hiding the fact that he's going blind)

Daniel Craig in anything.

and, my own "way back machine" pick, John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything.

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