Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Island Girl-Harper Fox

So hello, Lisabea/LB Gregg here. It's great to be back on the Island for three days. Thank you, Tracy. I love this place. I'm scarce lately--but I am truly a fan of DIK.

And, you know me--I always swing by the island with some friends.

Last week while I was vacationing in a Central American paradise, my pal Josh Lanyon strong-armed NoseInABook to resurrect (at least temporarily) ManLoveMonday. The nerve. Really. But he used his power for good--he introduced our new friend, Harper Fox.

Obviously I'm green with envy that he gets to have all the fun. So I paid invited Harper--(and Josh)-- to keep me company for the next three days.

There will be gifts. Later you greed hounds. SATURDAY.

Without further blather, let's welcome Harper Fox , author of the delicious new m/m novel Life After Joe, which is hot off the Carina Press on the 28th of this month.

First, Harper gives us a peek at her keeper shelf--that IS what we do--and, oh my, here is the weighty list she donated to our DIK community library.

Harper Fox's DIK

The Arrival, Shaun Tan

A silent graphic novel. This is my favourite book out of 45 years of more-or-less being able to read, and there's not a word in it. Instantly globally comprehensible and yet mystic and totally beautiful, a story of immigration, any stranger arriving anywhere in any strange land. It's a perfect thing.

Vanity Fair, WM Thackeray

A canny few words in this one! All of them contributing deliciously to the jouncing, rollicking glory of it. All human life is here. Unsanitised and clearly seen and completely compassionate. That's what flies it for me – how can you be so crystalline about the depths of human nature, and still have so much love?

Portrait of a Lady, Henry James

Sumptuous evocation of Old Europe, its delights and pitfalls. Riveting what-if storyline – what if you give a young, intelligent woman a huge amount of money and set her free? It's a cathedral of a book. You can go back there forty-odd times and still not see everything.

Middlemarch, George Eliot

Love-hate relationship with this one. I need to go there and kill off Mr Causaubon, the leeching, life-draining blight on Dorothea's soul. But of course he dies anyway, and then you see that Dorothea's tragically lost in life-denial anyway, and – well, I'd set fire to the parsonage.

Cranford, Elizabeth Gaskell

If there weren't a million gentle, detailed, observant reasons to love this book anyway, there's also good advice on how to treat old lace when it's been through a cat.

The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova

I lose myself in this one every time. Plot within winding, intricate, labyrinthine plot. The best vampire novel I've ever read, and an unforgettable evocation of a dark old world reaching out hungry tendrils into modern day.

About Me--Harper Fox-- Q&A

Favorite Reading Position
Just to the left of mid-Victoriana where I can see right through their plot. Or belly-down on the lawn in the sun. I think I can remember how that felt. Damn British summer.

Best love song
Love Song for a Vampire, Annie Lennox. I'm not ashamed. Every nape-hair rigid and quivering, every time.

Favorite Heroine
Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair. Little minx! Brilliant, seminal, entirely human portrayal of a survivor.

Author everyone loves but you don’t
Okay, I have to say it. Stephanie Meyer. Go on – stone me. “Snickered”, three times in the first thirty pages. I just couldn't get past it. Snickered! Why, everybody knows it's “Mars'd”.

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
I'd be in Mary Renault's Fire From Heaven. Not any of the later ones, because that would mean I'd failed in my mission to make Alexander keep Hephaistion at home, and not pack him off on campaign like a damn fool.

How old is your inside voice
Um... Which one? Can you hear them too? Noooo! Cleanse the hive! Cleanse the hive!

Favorite sex song
Has to be Peter Gabriel's The Rhythm of the Heat. Oh that long remorseless drum outtro. Almost anything can be accomplished. LB interrupts **OMG I LOVE THAT SONG**

If you could be a hero who would you be
Roney out of Quatermass and the Pit. Um, 1950s Brit scifi series... Brilliant and unflappably good humoured right up to the point he incinerates himself to save the world. Oh, or Cap'n Jack. Harkness, that is, not Sparrow, though t'other is good too. I'd love to try a little feckless pansexuality.

What heroine is most like you
Tragically, poor flipping Charlotte out of Pride & Prejudice. I would so get born into the wrong stratum of society, panic at the prospect of lifelong poverty and spinsterhood, and end up hitched to Mr Collins.

What heroine would you like to be
Isabel Archer, Portrait of a Lady, Henry James. To change the ending. Catch my Isabel following her principles and sticking with that inbred Roman fop. No, I'm for Caspar Goodwood, with his millions and his steely grip, thank you very much and arrivederci.

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)
Oh, kilt. I'd love that. Proper plaidie, like Blossom in Highlander. “Och, Connor! Mah plaidie's awa'!” Yes, love, I just bet it is.

Favorite book set on a tropical island
The Beach by Alex Garland, though it gives me the willies. Just don't ask me to read Lord of the Flies again. Some willies are unacceptable.

What hero is most like your significant other
I've racked my diminishing RAM space for this but nobody even comes close. She a blue-eyed, honey-haired, mould-breaking one-off, the Goddess be forever praised.

What hero would you like to be your significant other
Whaaaaaaaaaaat? My SO is my hero. Also my heroine. Also she is learning what a blog is and I like my risotto served free of sauteed hemlock.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
Ideally? Quick wits, charm and heroism. Truthfully? Laptop and lightning-harvesting perpetual charger (currently still in R&D). And a damn good pair of tweezers.

Two brows up.

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
You know I'm partial to a Cosmo, but I can't carry that across a bar, let alone to a party, so I'll bring a demijohn of our homebrewed elderflower wine. Oh-arrr, 'twill be a good DIK party, moi friends! Cheers, all.

Thanks Harper Fox! And invisible Josh. So, when shall we three meet again?

**stirs cauldron**

Tomorrow! Stay tuned...



Josh Lanyon said...

The island is always so much fun. I believe Harper is going to need some serious sunscreen, though.

lbgregg said...

DIK has magical qualities. No one burns on DIK unless it is with passion.

Or something. I need coffee.

With a shot of whiskey.

harperfox777 said...

I shall be fine. I have my nose shield and knotted hanky. And a copy of the Daily Mirror to spread out across my face. Cor, what a scorcher!

KT Grant said...

Seriously, man love monday?? Woot!

lbgregg said...

Josh loves Man Love Monday. He all but begged me...

Actually, I will try to do something occasionally. You should do FF Friday, KB.


KT Grant said...

LOL. I'm all over the place, FF, MM, straight.

I think I should interview Holden and Adam for my blog ;)

lbgregg said...

Holden and Adam would love to--but Holden will only do the interview by phone.

He has this little problem.

KT Grant said...

Have his people call my people, or by email.

Better not have me alone with Adam. The naughty things I could do to him.

lbgregg said...

O'rly? ADAM?!

Katiebabs. I am shocked. He's a sweet young virginal boy.

Just keep that dreadful Sheep away from my boys. Holden might be tempted to use him in a new recipe...

Anonymous said...

I can handle both men. Perhaps a sheep in their bed is what both men need?

-King Mho Fho

lbgregg said...

Mutton. It's whats for dinner.

Joanna Terrero said...

Hello everyone!
Harper, I like you more now! I cannot stand Stephanie Meyer's books either.

How is going the WIP of the Viking romance? I’m sure Mrs. James would acquire it only with the synopsis.

Tracy said...

Great to have to you on the Island Harper and LB!

Harper - your upcoming book sound fabulous! Can't wait to read it.

“Och, Connor! Mah plaidie's awa'!” Yes, love, I just bet it is.
*snort* you're funny.

Chris said...

Oh, Josh, didn't anyone warn you what happens to men who set foot on DIK?! Or is that why you're back? ;)

Hi again, Harper! LB's peeps should help your peeps get in touch with my peeps for a pre-release shindiggy sorta thingy. And stuff. :)

Hey, it's been a long week. I so can't manage coherency right now.

orannia said...

Love the questions LB - and the answers Harper! And thank you Josh *grin*

Just keep that dreadful Sheep away from my boys. Holden might be tempted to use him in a new recipe...


harperfox777 said...

Morning, all! The island is lovely,the breezes warm, and I caught a big lump of seaweed in my tuna trap last night, so it's krispy kelp for breakfast again. Joanne, if dissing massively popular authors is what it takes to make you love me, JK Rowling betta look out (bet she's scared!) Ah, sadly Brothers of the Wild North Sea (aka Hot Monks and Vikings) is still only a beautiful dream...

harperfox777 said...

Hi, Tracey. Thank you! Here, have some kelp. That Highlander moment is a long-time film favourite. Also where he's duelling with the Frenchman with his wig over his eyes.

harperfox777 said...

Oh, hello, Chris! Lovely to see you again. That sounds exciting - I'll tell my people to get right on it, just as soon as I find out who they are. Thank you! x

lbgregg said...

People everywhere are contacting other people in a flurry of VERY IMPORTANT emails pinging across the globe and winding up, as all things must, in Minnesota.


Chris said...

Heh - possibly because they got here and froze solid...

Josh Lanyon said...

Hey there, Chris. Sweetbea will protect me. :-D

Anyway, I'll be so wasted from cocoanut cocktails I won't even remember I was ON the island.

Josh Lanyon said...

Hey, Orannia, I am all about the instigation.

Assuming that means what I think it does. :-P

harperfox777 said...

He instigated me beautifully, Orannia. I'll never forget it.

lisabea said...

You'd think with arms like these, I couldn't be easily instigated.


@Joanna I think you won something on my blog. Drop me a line! noseinabook at live dot com

@Orianna I REALLY can't take credit for the questions, but I will anyway. Thank you!

@Tracy I swear I've been on this island more than anyone else (other than you). Good times. I want a Monday. Just cuz.


Joanna Terrero said...

@ Harper, Gosh! How did you guess I didn’t like Harry Potter either? For the record, I’m not saying anything against these popular best sellers masterpieces of literature. It’s a personal thing. When my little sister demanded to know why I didn’t finish reading those books, (specially the Twilight ones) in spite of being an avid reader. I confessed, it’s the lack of sex, simple sexual tension doesn’t do it for me anymore.

@Lisabea, really? Thanks, I think I missed that, you got mail. I’m going to check the blog again.

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