Thursday, June 3, 2010

For Love of a Younger Man

May/December romances. I love them. I love, love, love any romance where the heroine is older than the hero. I just finished beta reading a book for an author that is a May/December romance and man, oh man, was it luscious.

I love the tension, especially in a historical, like Lisa Kleypas's Suddenly You. The heroine decides to engage an escort for the evening to deal with her pesky (and aged - in her opinion) virginity. When she finds out that the man who she's falling in love with is younger than her, she's horrified.

And in Erin McCarthy's Flat Out Sexy, the hero, Elec is younger than his heroine. When she finds out, she wails, "I'm a coooooougar!" Hilarious.

In real life, I have one of those double standard things going. When I heard about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' relationship, I was all "Eww, cradle-robber!" (about Tom). Yet, when I heard about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, I was all "You go, Demi!!" And I loved the Barbara Hershey/Naveen Andrews relationship (even though they just broke up).

All this being said, I have deep and lusty feelings about Taylor Kitsch who is exactly 10 years younger than me. I have no compunction about oogling him.

What about you? Are you a cougar? Do you have a May/December relationship? Or just lusty feelings about a younger man? What's your favorite May/December romance?


Scorpio M. said...

LOL, no cougar here but May/Dec is one of my favorite romance themes.

One of my favorites is Karen Robard's, ONE SUMMER, it is SO good...older woman, younger man who is also a bad boy type. Sexy!!

KT Grant said...

*Taylor Lautner* yes, I am a dirty, dirty old women.

Also Zack Efron. Dirty.

I so love One Summer! My favorite by Robard.

Tracy said...

One Summer was great! I love seeing the woman is slightly older but not too much older. (I'm 4 years older than my hubby!)

I think I have the same double standard that you do, Kati, but only in real life. In books it doesn't bother me at all - especially historicals.

Scorpio M. said...

Ooh, I thought of another one, this time historical. Judith Ivory's, SLEEPING BEAUTY! I really loved James & Coco.

IIRC, Coco had a son near the age of James (but not THAT near) and an old lover trying to worm his way back into her life, lots going on in this luscious May/Dec.

ElaineG said...

I am at an age where pretty much any guy I think is sexy? is SO gonna make me look like a dirty old lady *sigh* I seem to end up doing the math in my head, and realize I could, possibly, be *ahem* their waaaay older sister *snort* The hubby just rolls his eyes at me like I need special meds or something...could it be cause he is 45, but looks 30 and people ask me how I got such a YOUNG husband??? hmmmm? Did I mention I am 5 years YOUNGER than him? Nobody believes me though...does that make me a cougar in theory lol!

Jessica said...

Love is hard enough to find in this day and age. There is nothing wrong with May/Dec romances.

Julia Templeton published Victor this year. It's about a May/Dec romance and is great!

Anne said...

Well my ex is 7 years younger that yep cougar love for Always have dated younger men. I Love May/Dec love stories wish I could find more any suggestions

Lea said...

I love man/december romances in romances. And good ones are hard to find. I must read Flat Out Sexy. lol

Hmm, personally I kind of go for the older more distinguished type, not much for those young - green behind the ears boys..

Anonymous said...

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