Monday, May 10, 2010


What has the Aymless been up to?! I know that enquiring minds want to know. So here's the scope...

Poor unemployed Aymless got a great paying job in Indiana. Although she didn't want to leave the wonders of the San Francisco Area and the DarkRiver Leopard and the SnowDancer Wolf Packs, she sadly packed up her bags and trekked across two-thirds of the USA to settle in southern Indiana without her trusty sidekick, Terrain the Wonderous Cat (who sadly passed way from cancer right before the movers showed up). After all, it was work and being unemployed in the economy was not an option.

Once there, Aymless discovered that there were no Angels, sexy Vampires or stray Guardians to add spice to everyday life, but she persevered, somehow. Slowly she found some kindred spirits and life was getting less stressful. But, still no intense werewolves or playful Breeds to oogle. And, unfortunately, the evil Migraine began to strike more frequently, must to Aymless's dismay.

Then came WINTER. As a life-long California coastal girl, Aymless had no idea what to do when that white fluffy stuff that fell from the sky. As far as she knew, it was suppose to fall on mountains so that the people could go visit it and strap on pieces of wood to their feet and slide/glide down from the top for entertainment. What was the suppose of this stuff on endlessly flat surfaces? She sadly discovered that it served no purpose at all other than causing her to slip and fall and make her late for work because she had to un-bury her car. And the Migraine was still messing with the new life Aymless was trying to build.

Then came that fateful day in January. Aymless woke one morning with no memory what had happened during the last Migraine attack. As she prepared to go to work, she found a traffic ticket in her day planner. It appeared that while completely drugged out, due to the attack from the evil Migraine, Aymless had gotten in her trusty car and got on the highway. Where she had caused much panic and mayhem and was given a court date. Unfortunately she has no memory of that day at all!!! (scary)

Aymless went to her court date and found out that she was give TWO counts of wreckless driving, one for speeding (who knew the Pruis could get up to a 105 mph) and one for weaving all over the highway (shoulder included). She paid her monstrous fine and has to be good for a year so that she can get these wiped off her record. And started yet another round of visits to a neurologist. So it back to the drug roulette, find a drug that works and doesn't give weird side affects.

On a happy note, Misty Shadow, Empress of Southern Indiana, has agreed to live with Aymless and has trained Aymless to do her bidding.

So those there are the facts... tune in tomorrow for more....


Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, Aymless! So glad to hear from you, but wow, you have had a really hard winter! So sorry about your cat, and that ticket! How frightening to wake up and discover that! OMG. I hope things turn around, and that the docs get this medicine situation under control.

KT Grant said...

Oh Aymless!! ((HUGS)) I hope everything works out for you.

Jessica said...

That was a great story! I understand about the migraines, have had them for years, just not quite that bad. My heart goes out to you Aymless, tickets and driving in snow are not fun! Don't panic though, it 'should' get better from here.

I'm in Ohio, so...Hi neighbor!

Shaymless Aymless said...

Thanks guys! Still trying to acclimate. It hard when this stuff called "weather" keeps changing. Come on, I from CA, I don't DO weather!

Ticket's okay, Just have to be a "good" driver for little less than 10 months more (not that I'm counting or anything) and it all goes away.

Tracy said...

Aymless! So glad you're ok - especially after hearing your migraine/driving story. Holy Mackeral!

Glad you're adjusting to the Indiana weather - hopefully summer will be better than winter!

Can't wait to hear more!

Lea said...

Amyless! It's so great to see your posts, but OMG I'm so sorry to hear about all the stress. What an awful winter.

((hugs)) To you and I hope the spring and summer bring better health. Migraines are awful. :(

You take care..

Renee said...

Oh, it's so good to get the update! Last I heard, you were post-ticket and still buried in snow.

The good news is that spring is here, and it sounds like you have a trusty sidekick.

Stay warm! :-)

orannia said...

Aymless - I've missed you so much! What a hard winter. I'm so sorry to hear about the migranes and am keeping my fingers crossed you find something to counter them. (And fingers crossed for a year of perfect driving!)

I am so glad you have some company - nice of Misty Shadow to deign to join you :) I look forward to photos - does Her Majesty mind those?


Shaymless Aymless said...

Thanks everyone. Miss you all as well.

Still trying to sort out these dang migraines. They simple suck the life right out of a girl. Currently trying some new meds so hopefully that will help.

Her kittyness might sit still for pictures... when she is sleeping.

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