Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Contemporary or Historical Romance?

Woops, I lost a day here on the Island *hick*, lets just say my menz kept me verra busy!

So back to the normal line up here on the Island, my time here is nearly coming to an end and as always I do NOT want to leave the Island........... But as always, good things must temporarily in this case come to an end.

So the topic of today is going to be about......... Contemporary or Historical Romance?

This is something I have always wondered about, for me i personally don't mind, if I love the author then I will buy the book no matter what they write be it historical or contemporary. But I think if I was told that I could only read one type and I had to choose then I think the choice would have to be Historical.

Why? I hear you ask, well I do think for me its the escapism, the reality that in a book you can pick it up when you have the time and in that instant that you begin to read you are transported into the story, the time, the era, you smell the smells, feel the emotions of the characters and for those few moments you loose yourself and you escape into another life. I find this level of getting totally into a story happens for me most in the historical genre.

Now don't get me wrong, I do get the same experience with contemporaries on occasion but when I want to totally loose myself (so much so sometimes I don't even hear the phone!) then I pick up a historical.

I have to confess though I have a weakness when it comes to a time-travel romance, one of these days I am convinced I am going to be sent back in time and I think part of my family think that I am not of this time that I was meant to be born in another time or maybe I was born in another time and I liked it more than this time! But that is a tangent that is for another time. If I have a bad day the thing I love most is to curl up in my reading chair with a time-travel romance now that is my ultimate escape!

What is your choice?

Why do you choose it?

And, what is your favourite method of escapism?

Well thats it from me and my menz, I've really enjoyed my time on the island and I cannot wait for the next time I get to come to the island!

Thanks for stopping by, and you are all invited to my hut tonight to have an awesome party before my men and I head back home to Ireland so its cocktails all round!


s7anna said...

Ooh yummy drinks! Me like. :-)

As for contemporary or historical...I go with whatever strikes my fancy.

Mary G said...

Hi Amanda
Great Post. I'm a contemps girl all the way. But if it's a fave author & they write another genre, I'd buy it.

LesleyW said...

For m/f - neither. I'm not really a fan of either genre. I'd probably want a third choice.

Generally if I read a contemporary or historical it's because the book has been recommended.

However, for m/m. I'd go with contemporary. :)

Sullivan McPig said...

If it's a choice between these two: historical!
And it's all about escapism for me too.
But I love paranormal even more than historical.

Tracy said...

Oh I don't think I would be able to choose! I love my mix of historical, contemporary and paranormal that I have going...throwing a little fantasy in there from time to time. lol If I HAD to I think I would probably say historical but it would have to be a HUGE range of times and places. :)

Dr J said...

I have always gravitated toward the historical -- we live in the contemporary and don't necessarily enjoy more of the same. I think writers that can make the contemporary extra special are few and far between compared to the romance and "other world" quality of the historical.

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