Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sex and Food Together

It's my last day on the island for a few months and I have one more topic I'd like to discuss: Food & Sex Together.

I have only seen one movie and read one book were food was a part of a sex act.

The movie: 9 1/2 Weeks (a movie about a dom and a submissive and lots of sex)

The book: "Suddenly You" by Lisa Kleypas

This was a beautiful and sexy scene in the book after the couple had lost a child and the heroine was suffering. The hero was determined to reach her and pull her back from the dark place she had gone. He adored her and she needed to know that.

Graphic Food & Sex scene Excerpt (page 367-368):

"He reached for the table, plucked something from the china plate, and brought it to her lips.
'Open your mouth,' he said, and she obeyed in confusion. Her tongue curled around the small shape of a ripe raspberry. The sweet tangy flavor burst in her mouth as she chewed and swallowed. Jack's lips urged hers to open, and he shared the taste with her, his tongue hunting for every trace of the fruity sweetness that lingered inside. Another raspberry was placed in the little indentation of her navel, and she gasped as he bent to lap it up with his tongue, tickling and swirling inside the sensitive hollow.
'That's enough,' she said shakily. 'Enough Jack.'
But he seemed not to hear, his hands wicked and gentle as he reached between her thighs...and suddenly she jolted from the peculiar sensation of his fingers nudging something inside her...raspberries, she thought, her muscles tightening as she felt the trickle of fruit juice in the intimate recess of her body. Her mouth trembled, barely able to form the words. 'Jack, no. Take them out. Please-'
His head lowered obligingly, and her limbs went taunt with shame and pleasure as his mouth covered her.'

There's more, but I will leave that for you to read on your own!

So here's my question (no I don't want personal details!), what movies or books have you seen/read that included a food & sex scene? Did it work, was it sexy or was it just nasty?

Thanks for a great three days back on the island, I've truly enjoyed posting here and visiting everyone.

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Marg said...

That scene from Suddenly You is probably my favourite food/sex scene in a book! That Jack is oh so sexy!

Tracy said...

I'm sure I've read some but I can't remember any of them! lol Not that I don't enjoy food during sex scenes but it's not something I remember after I've passed the scene. Ah well. :)

I'm thinking I need to read Suddenly You though. :)

Mitzi H. said...

I've always liked those type of scenes in books. I remember one from my 1st ertoic novels by Robin Schone Awaken My Love where the use of lemons were used for birth control and was intrigued. Also Michael's book The Lover contained a very sexy scene with melting chocolate. Yummmmy......
mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

Anonymous said...

Hi Marg! That scene was great, but really the entire book was fantastic! One of the best historical romances I've ever read.


Oh Tracy you haven't read "Suddenly You" yet? Oh girlfriend you are missing out! You must rectify this problem at once! *grin*


Hi Mitzi! Thanks for the heads up, looks like Robin Schone is an author I need to be reading- someone mentioned her yesterday too.



KT Grant said...

The raspberry scene in Suddenly You is the most erotic and sexiest thing I've ever read.

Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 Weeks made me tingle.

Lea said...

Hey Ms.M.!

Really enjoyed your 3 days on the island. :D

The book I enjoyed that had an overarching theme of food and sex was "Hot In Here", by Sophie Renwick. Bryce is a chef - some totally erotic scenes involving food and Jenna.

Movies - Chocolate with Johnny Depp - loved that movie!

Have a great weekend!


Mary Anne Graham said...

One my favorite scenes of sex and food and revenge is from my book, Brotherly Love


Dessert arrived and Jessi picked up a strawberry, taking her time and swirling it in the fresh cream with her fingers. She picked up the cream coated strawberry and nibbled at it. Her tongue came out to lick off the excess cream. As she popped the remainder of the berry in her mouth, she tilted back her throat to make a mewling sound that reminded Jake of the noise she made when she was about to come.

When the fruit was devoured (finally, Jake thought) some cream remained on her index finger. She put the finger in her mouth and began to suck off the cream. Slowly. Jake could hear the sound of his own breath. He’d spent the entire meal in varying stages of arousal, which had subsided during the companionship over the main course. Now he was rock hard and ready to take his dick out and coat it with cream and offer her something else to suck. The thought did nothing to calm his arousal.

He was in such torment that he almost stopped her when she reached down and began the process again with a peach. When she popped the peach in her mouth to leave the same dollop of cream on her index finger, she still had her eyes closed and her throat thrown back in enjoyment. She was emitting that same mewling sound when she felt Jake grab her hand and start licking and then sucking on her index finger. When the cream was gone he took her finger and swirled it around in the bowl until it was thoroughly coated and began lapping and licking and sucking again in earnest.

She felt herself growing moist, her nipples hardened and begging for his mouth. As she watched him, she found herself rubbing her thighs together to ease the area where her womanhood throbbed for attention. She looked at Jake’s crotch and realized he shared her desire, and then some. When she felt him trying to put her finger back in the bowl a third time, she said “Jake” and he stopped and looked sheepish as he dropped her hand.

Maybe she should have shown mercy at that point, but she’d never been one to quit when she was ahead. Instead, she gave him a few minutes to enjoy his coffee and to begin to ponder how long before he could get her out of here. Then, she “accidentally” dropped her napkin right in his lap. She picked up the napkin, but her fingers stayed there.
“Oh my, what’s this?” she asked in mock innocence.

He growled in response and said “Damn it Jessi” even as he spread his legs wider to give her fingers freer access. She caressed slowly, intending just to tease him. Small presses and touches, until she felt him begin to lift his hips and thrust against her hand. When she continued with the light, tormenting touches that weren’t enough for what he had to have right now, right this minute, he took his hand and pressed hers against him hard.

“Jake, we’re in public,” she said, more than a little bit scandalized. “The waiter could come back with the check any minute.”

He opened his eyes, and snatched her hand back when she tried to move it. He hid none of the need shouting from his eyes from her as he replied. “If he comes back he’ll see a woman finishing what she started.”

Anonymous said...

Thanks again everyone for stopping by today and all three days I've been back here on DIK.

Thanks for sharing the quote Mary- sexy!



Kris said...

Sweetie, in m/m it's all about Crisco, olive oil, marg, pesto, etc, etc. Needs must and all that. ;)

Renee said...

I love that scene in Suddenly You!

Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series, in the 2nd or 3rd book has this really hot scene that involves wine (similar to Suddenly You). ::wipes brow::

There's a great, funny Japanese movie called Tampopo that has an awesome food/sex scene. Totally over the top funny and sexy at the same time!

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