Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fighting Evil...

I've been plagued with evil Migraines forever (since I was a sweet, naive seventeen... don't ask my mother she'll tell you something different ^_~). What if they were a precursor to superpowers?

Hmm.... what superpowers would they be... I suppose they would be mental powers.

What about... Telepathy. Hearing people thoughts. Hmm.... Maybe even animals thoughts. I would love to know what Misty Shadow, Empress of Southern Indiana is thinking. Probably something on the lines of how that human has her trapped. But other people. I don't know. I suppose if I could control it, it would be cool. If there was no control, well that will make for a very fast trip the the funny farm. But then again, most of my co-worker think I am crazy anyway so they might just chalk it up to one more crazy Aymless-ism.

What about... Telekinesis. Moving thing with the power of the mind. I could actually hold a book open and eat dinner/supper (there was a huge discussion on what that last meal of the day was, frankly I don't care as long as I get fed) with both hands! And I could knit and read at the same time no problem. I could even play with her royal furriness and type at the same time as well. All pluses in my book. So Telekinesis goes in the plus column.

What about... a Sixth Sense. Not necessarily in the whole "I see dead people" sense, but the sensing of the "other" be they ghosts, demons (only those with yummy lickable horns of course), or angels (again only that like to get down and dirty with us human gals). Not so useful. I'd spend my time talking to the air around as far as other people are concerned. But then that just goes back to the "Aymless is crazy" so no harm no foul.

With my luck, it'd be the power to give other people migraines. What fun would that be? Hmm... well maybe would be so bad. That not so nice person who cut you off on the highway. The annoying co-worker who doesn't do their job. The noisy neighbor. Yup I can see endless application for this, but then on the other hand. I really don't want to make other people suffer like this. 'Cause it sucks!

What do you think my superpowers would be?


orannia said...

Hmmm, maybe the ability to see people naked? *grin* Kidding.


Maybe invisibility? Just think what you could get up too :)

ElaineG said...

I used to suffer from migraines, and I won't bore you with the deets...let's just say I SO understand your pain, LITERALLY.

Hmm.....superpowers huh? Let's about the power to make people laugh? But, you HAVE that power Aymless, so that would be a sucky-waste of powers...I'll have to think on this a bit more, but I am leaning towards the power to communicate with cats, cause I think you really need to have a talk with Miss Misty, I fear she is thinking evil things lol!

Jessica said...

Migrains...Superpowers...Migrains...Superpowers...oh the possibilities!

I'd go more toward the talking with animals! Usually they are so together and all...unless you have a neurotic cat. Then, *shudder* don't go there.

Don't really like the 'seeing people naked'. Unless you wanted to, can you imagine walking down any city street, yuk, gag...just coughed up a hairball with that visual.

Stick with the Dr. Doolittle talent. I think it's safer to the sanity!

Tracy said...

I think it's the power to make people happy. You could just touch them and they would be happy. No? Could work on your judge! lol

Shaymless Aymless said...

Orannia: see people naked not always a good thing. if I could choose then it would be okay, but it probably one of those all or nothings. and let's face it I really don't want to see most people naked.

ElaineG: ((Fellow sufferer)) yes, communing with the kitty up on that list 'cause I just know she has the answers to everything! Especially where all those mousie toys went!

Jessica: *nod*

Tracy: Yes spreading the whole peace and happiness. You think they would celebrate Aymless when she came to town like they do the Dali Lama?

Kate Diamond said...

Ooh! Good question! This is what prophets usually suffer in fantasy novels... I'm saying that you see the future.

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