Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guily Pleasure: Lady Gaga

Remember how I mentioned my "bad romance" with romance books? I think I also have another bad romance going on with the quirky pop star Lady Gaga.

Did you know her Bad Romance video is the most watched video on You Tube with over 185 million views?

The first time I saw Lady Gaga, was back in October 2008 at Madison Square Garden when she opened for New Kids on the Block. Yes, I am a NKOTB addict also. (Inner 13 year old rejoices) This was right around the time Just Dance started to rule the airwaves. At the time I wasn't all that impressed, but then upon seeing the Bad Romance video (I can thank Jill Myles for starting my Lady Gaga appreciation) I was hooked. I quickly downloaded all her music and all I want to listen to is Gaga!

Even Major League Baseball mascots love their Gaga also:

What is it about Lady Gaga that has people raving? Is it her strange look, catchy music, or perhaps her loud and proud originality and eccentricity that many people are afraid to embrace?

If only I could be more like Lady Gaga and "just dance" to the beat of my own song. I do believe their should be more people like Gaga out there who are proud to be different and not afraid to show it.

I admitted my two guilt music pleasures (and I also love listening to Britney Spear's Greatest Hits Album), so what are yours?


Sullivan McPig said...

My guilty pleasures when it comes to music are:
- Aqua (I know, but their music is so happy, bouncy, singalongish!)
- El Vez, the Mexican Elvis (En El Barrio is my all time favourtire song)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Lady Gaga!! I love her kookiness, her eccentricity, her uniqueness, her everything! I have a huge girl-crush on that woman.

Rawr rawr!!

BTW - what is her real eye color? In the Bad Romance video, the part where she's some-what natural, her eyes look naturally blueish green. Everywhere else, brown. Anyone know?

Tracy said...

I think some of Lady Gaga's music is catchy and has a nice beat but she scares me when I look at her. lol

Smokinhotbooks said...

Justin Beiber. I'm so ashamed.

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