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Guest Author KB Alan is on the Island!


I'm excited to be here on the island, the scenery is just gorgeous. I may have to take a break now and then to go stare at the Hawtness of the Moment, but you'll forgive me for that, won't you? Thanks to Tracy for inviting me to come down and join you all :D

I figured I'd start with a little intro, since some (*cough*most*cough*) of you don't know me. I write erotic romance. I have a contemporary menage and a paranormal out with Ellora's Cave, and a BDSM paranormal that will be out with them in a couple of months. My first release was last March, so it's been an incredible year for me - totally life changing. In a wonderful way, I should add. There's nothing more amazing then doing something because you love it, and finding out that other people like it too. And hey, you can earn some money while you're at it! Sure, I won't be retiring from the day job any time soon, but wow, what an amazing thing every time I get an email from a reader or see my book recommended to other readers.

I'd tell you more about myself, but really the only interesting thing is my books, so let me tell you about those, instead. Not just because I like to talk about them, but because I'm going to give away one ebook each day I'm here visiting, and if you don't know anything about them, how are you going to decide which book you'd like?

My first release, Perfect Formation, is a contemporary menage, m/m/f. Richard and Taryn have been best friends for a long time, and when neither of them is in a relationship, they're also sex-buddies. They love each other, but they aren't "in love". Then they meet Caleb. The Alpha male with a delicious tendency to tie his partners up brings to Richard and Taryn the realization that what they could never have made work as a couple, comes together perfectly as a trio - as long Caleb's the one rounding things out. For his part, Caleb discovers that with the Richard and Taryn he's found everything he's ever imagined in a partner, and he has no intentions of letting the less certain couple get away.

Here's the official blurb and excerpt.

This book was nominated for the 2009 CAPA awards, and is up for the 2009 Australian Romance Readers Award.

My second book, Alpha Turned, is a werewolf story. Hillary (Larry) is turned into a werewolf in a horrible attack while she's in college. She escapes and runs away, choosing to live in a small town where nobody knows what kind of monster she is. After four years, she has a chance encounter with another of her kind, and finally has to deal with what it is that she's become. No more hiding, especially from herself. When she meets the nearby pack Alpha, Zach, she soon realizes that he's her mate. Zach is elated to finally find his mate, and horrified about what she's gone through. He's ready, willing and able to show Hillary that being a werewolf isn't a bad thing, and being a werewolf in love is a very, very good thing.

I get a lot of emails about this book, asking for more set in this world. I definitely intend to bow to reader demand on that one, lol.

Here's the official blurb and excerpt.

So leave a comment and let me know which book you'd like to try, and I'll pick a random winner each day I'm here.

I'd also like to give a sneak peek at my next book, Bound by Sunlight, a BDSM paranormal, which should be coming out in a couple of months. No official release date, or blurb yet, but here's the cover and a quick description.

Kyriana has had the bad luck to fall in with an evil mage she has no clue how to get free from. Desperation fuels her courage to approach Connul. She’s hoping the combination of his magic and his gift of wringing pleasure from pain will be enough to free her from the spells her boss has trapped her with.

Connul isn’t sure what to think when he finds a young woman wearing pajamas sitting in his private study. He’s ready to defend his home but she makes no move to attack. With a bit of magic and some artful questioning, he comes to realize that Kyr has invaded his privacy in a bid for his help. And that the evil mage who’s controlling her has his sights set on Connul. Using his skills as a Dom to free her won’t be much of a hardship. Learning to trust her with his heart, however, is a completely different matter. And giving her the freedom to choose to be with him or walk away, may be more than he’s capable of.

For more information and additional excerpts on all three of these books, please visit my website and blog!

So, remember, if you'd like to win one of the released ebooks, just mention which one interests you in the comments. Also, I'm curious to know if you're a contemporary lover, paranormal (and if you like any paranormal, or prefer one type), historicals, etc. I tend to read contemporaries, any kind of paranormal, romantic suspense, some sci-fi, and the occasional historical. Yeah, I'm sort of diversified, which is turning out to be true for my writing as well as my reading! My very first reader email told me how much she loved Perfect Formation and that she only read contemporaries, so I should keep it up. I still think about her every time I finish a paranormal manuscript and feel a little bit bad, lol. But there will be more contemporaries, I swear it!

I'll see you back here tomorrow!


cait045 said...

I think Alpha Turned sounds like the book I want to read. I love paranormal romances.

Donna said...

Nice to meet you. Both excerpts are great. I would enjoy reading Perfect be very quickly followed by Alpha Turned. lol

Thank you.

Dara Young said...

Both sound really good...but I'd pick Alpha Turned. Unless Someone else wants that one then I'd take Perfect Formation...cause like Donna I really wouldn't be that picky. LOL!

KB Alan said...

Ha, you guys are great, thanks. Well, there's always a chance you could win two days in a row and get both. Just don't win three days in a row! :p

Katie Reus said...

Welcome to the island, KB! I read Alpha Turned and loved it so I'm in the camp as those others. I want more in that world ;)

Tracy said...

Welcome to the Island, KB! And congrats on your soon to be released book. :)

I LURRRRVE shapeshifter/werewolf stories so I'd have to say that would be my pick.

I'm like you - I like to mix up my romance sub-genres so that I don't get bored or overloaded. I read a historical then a contemp then a paranormal and then the cycle starts again. I do stick the odd sci-fi or fantasy or urban fantasy read in there from time to time but not that often.

Ina said...

Hi KB!
it's great to see you here today - you are a new author to me, but your books sounds really really interesting... they are now on my wishlist :)

at the moment I can't get enough of paranormal romances but every now and then I need a break and I think Perfect Formation would be the perfect one - it sounds hot and fascinating!
as for your second book: I will def read it soon - I love shifter stories!
wish you all the best and see you tomorrow,

berryblu said...

Hi, KB! You didn't think I'd leave you alone over here, did you? I love Perfect Formation and Alpha Turned, and I WANT to read Bound by Sunlight. :D

I read all kinds of fiction, so it is the author and their writing that draw me into their books. You've definitely got me there. :) I can't wait for BbS or your story about Adam and Myra from AT or the one about Caleb's coworker from PF. *poke, poke* :P

Eva S said...

Both sound great, I usually read more paranormals but now I would love to read Perfect Formation!

Lea said...

Hi KB!

Welcome to the island! Thank you for the great introduction to your books.

Both "Alpha Turned" and "Perfect Formation" sound great to me.

I'm a huge erotic paranormal and contemporay erotic romance fan, including romantic suspense, straight contemporary, I'm pretty game for any story under those sub-genres. I enjoy stories with lots of conflict and emotion.

Thanks for the giveaway! Given a choice I'd love to try "Perfect Formation". (I like m/m/f too. *g*)

Congrats with respect to your publications!

s7anna said...

Hey KB,
I really enjoyed reading Perfect Formation and I'm looking forward to reading your other releases. Alpha Turned sounds like it's gonna be an awesome read...I have a major weakness for werewolves so I'm eager to read that asap. :-)


KB Alan said...

Wow, thanks for the great welcome, everyone. And, berryblu, I knew I could count on you :) (And you can expect Keeping Claire to follow BbS! Shhh).

I love hearing what you guys are reading. I have two friends who only read paranormals and historicals, which I found fascinating. I talked to them about it, and we realized that they don't want to read anything that is too similar to their real lives.

Ok, I didn't put an end time on the contest (dur) so I figure I'll do the drawing just after 10pm (PST). With another one up for tomorrow!

Renee said...

Hi KB! Welcome to the island!

I'm all over the map with what I read, and I like m/m/f romances, but I'm always ready for a new shifter story. Alpha Turned sounds like a fun read!

KB Alan said...

And the winner is...dyockman! Congratulations, and I (really!) hope you enjoy Alpha Turned.

Just let me know what format you'd prefer: lit, pdf, prd, rb, or rtf

Julie said...

I'd love to read them all, but I think Alpha Turned appeals to me the most. I read most romance subgenres, but I'm very fond of paranormals. :D

Thank you for the chance to win!

s7anna said...

Congratulations dyockman!

Fedora said...

Alpha Turned sounds like my first pick, although all your titles sound good.

As for my reading, I started out reading only contemporaries, but in the last few years have found out how much I've been missing! I pretty much read it all now--there are so many good stories in every genre!

Congrats on your releases, KB!

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