Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cap'n Jack Chats About Being A Pirate - Savvy?

I’m excited to say, the handsome, debonair, yet ruthless and cunning Cap’n Jack has agreed to answer a few questions today about being a pirate. (He is just so damn HOT in an “I’m going to steal your virginity and jewellery”, sort of way.)

L: Thank you for agreeing to chat with me Jack! It is okay to call you Jack, is it?

*waves arms in air, gives gallant bow while sweeping pirate hat off head*
Happy to oblige my lady. You may call me Jack.

L: Hmmm. Charmed I'm sure..
So tell me Jack what kind of women do pirates usually fall in love with? Or, is the drinking and whoring thing pretty much a way of life for you Swashbucklers?

Oh a pirate never gives his love to just one If he did that the drinking and whorin’ would end. What’s a pirate without drinkin’ and whorin’?

L: Well, you know, da ladies (not wenches *g*) are all lovers of romance here on the island. Do you think, a pirate could settle down with one woman, as in a marriage and live happily ever after?

One woman? *looks horrified* Love, a bonny lass is a true treasure indeed, but a pirate doesn’t stop pirating simply because he’s found one treasure – savvy?

L: *sigh* Savvy.. *winks at Jack*
Why is it, do you think, women are attracted to bad boy pirates like you Jack?

*arrogant grin* We pirates are well known for our plundering skills. *winks*

L: Hmmmm.. "Plundering Indeed".
I know you hang out in Ms. Moonlight’s hut here on the island but do you have a lady love we don’t know about? Many of your fans think you quite fancy the fair lady Elizabeth Swan.. ??

*shivers* The wench who was responsible for my death and sending me to World’s End? No comment on the fair Mrs. Will Turner, as it were.

L: You have travelled the fair seas extensively and I know have seen many amazing things. Have you ever seen a mermaid Jack? If so have you ever um… *waggles brows* ‘talked’ to her?

I have not yet had that pleasure darling, but you know ol’ Jack – I’m always open to pleasure.

L: Tell me, does your mast ‘list to the left’ Jack? *winks*

*fondles moustache with leering grin* Capt’n Jack Sparrow’s compass always points true north love, you can count on that.

L: LOL Good way for the compass to point Jack - I know you pirates require "guidance" as it were. *g*
Your favored drink is rum Jack, do you have any stashed here on the island? I was thinking a good bonfire is in order at the luau tonight and I hear the stuff is quite flammable… *g*

*smiles fondly* Ahh love... that was a fine time weren’t it? Have you seen the photos? Most incriminating. Now MsMoonlight...she was quite put out by ol’ Jack when her hut burned down – quite accidentally I might add. Tweren’t supposed to happen at all. Took some work- she ain’t as forgiven as some lasses ya know – took some work but soon we came to accord as it were. *sighs at the memory*

L: Well I'm delighted you have fond memories of the inferno in question Jack. *rolls eyes*
Jack, thank you so much for answering my questions about being a pirate. Do you have any questions for da ladies Cap’n?

Aye! Whose hut am I staying in tonight? *looks around with a leer at all the women on the island*

Looks like the Cap'n isn't going to have a problem finding a volunteer to share a hut with. He does look a mite, um.. frightened though don't you think ladies? ;) lol

A big thank you to my blogger friend and fellow DIK Contributor Ms. Moonlight for being such a great sport and agreeing to be "Cap'n Jack". lol

Tori and I had a great 3 days on the island and will look forward to returning soon. I hope everyone is having a great week. 


Anonymous said...

Good morning Lea and Cap'n Jack! I've enjoyed all your DIK posts Lea, its been really nice to see you back on the island again.
You too Jack - (no one give him matches! Please!)



Mary G said...

LOL "Tell me, does your mast ‘list to the left’ Jack? *winks*" Lea - that's so funny.

True north is the perfect answer.

Lea said...

Hi Ms.M.:

Thank you so much. lol I always enjoy my visiting my home away from home. It's been a fun three days. And thank you for your help.

Savvy? ;)

Chris said...

LOL, Lea - fun interview!

Hmm. Things don't look good for Jack in that last photo...

Lea said...


Well we pirates must have that mast pointing in the right direction to find our way home.



Oh and BTW Ms.M. Jack is drinking the rum today rather then using it as an accelerant. ;)

Lea said...

Mornin Chris;

Well you know when a pirate like Jack asks for volunteers, one can only expect lots of um interest...

Savvy? (lol)

ElaineG said...

Finally, a man that understands the importance of a compass lol! Lovely post *sigh* Pirates do it for me....and for some reason I didn't know that til recently. Unforgivable I know but apparently I am still learning things about myself *snort*

Lea said...

Lol Elaine!

Yep, Cap'n Jack does indeed recognize the importance of a Ahemm... Compass.

Hey, pirates are cool. ;)

Thank you for your note!

Tracy said...

lol I love Cap'n Jack and he can come stay in my hut any time.

Great interview Lea!

Blodeuedd said...

Not a big fan of good ol' Jack here, sorry, but there are sure a lot of ladies who do wanna spend some time with ya ;)

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