Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ali G writes a romance novel

Thanks for such a great discussion on comfort reads this week! What's sort of funny is that I sort of assumed everybody had the same comfort reads category as I do. Boy was I wrong. But we all go to the comfort reading well for similar things: the known. Getting away or being swept away in some form. People we enjoy. Reading is so amazing. Okay, does the following video have much to do with comfort reads? Not really. But can I stop myself from posting it?


Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks! Very funny!

Tracy said...

omg strum their own banjos! lol That was just too funny!

Carolyn Crane said...

Sull: Very silly.

Tracy: Or, that thing about the baked bean.

lbgregg said...

It. Vibrate.

Sounds like a little jack hammer.

Lori said...

HAHA... Love the vibrating...hmmm...are they giving out ARCs?

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