Thursday, April 1, 2010

Foolish Things

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Do y’all partake in the April tomfoolery? When I was little I loved to play tricks on my parents on this day and when I had kids they returned the favor. It was great fun. Mostly it was small things, like claiming the dog threw up, or there’s a stranger at the door, I let him in and he’s sitting on the couch, or that it was my baby brother, who couldn’t walk yet, that colored on the wall and not me. April Fool!!

Life lesson: Babies make terrible wingmen.

When I got married, the first April Fool day prank I played on my husband is one we still laugh about to this day.

The day before April 1st, I hand stitched one leg each of two pairs of his underwear closed (tighty-whities. heh.) and laid them on top of the pile in his dresser drawer. He had to get up earlier than me that day, so I lay in bed and pretended to be asleep when he came in to get dressed. I watched with hooded eyes and bated breath and a full bladder… (self-sacrificing. I'm a giver.) as he came in, grabbed the top pair and tried to put them on. He got one leg through and then tried to put the other foot through and of course it wouldn’t go in. So he was hopping up and down naked on one leg, trying to force it through, cursing, trying not to fall over… and y’all, it was the funniest damn thing I ever saw. NAKED. HOPPING.

I started laughing and he looked at me, then looked at his underwear and I yelled “April Fool!!!” He started laughing and was like “Huh? Wha?...Yeah, you got me. That was pretty good!”

Then, he’s congratulating me, chuckling, and asking me how I thought of it and I’m trying to answer him and trying not to laugh... but I can’t help it because… OMG y’all!!! the SECOND PAIR!!! Hahahaha! He grabs the second pair, tries to put them on and commences the naked sideways hopping, all over again. We both started laughing and he’s like “Did you sew every pair?!” and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! I had tears and snorting and snoteration, and even a little pee,… maybe,… ok, definitely, which made him laugh even harder.

We had only been married for about 8 months when I did this, still learning each others likes, dislikes and making connections and mistakes, but its 27 years later we still laugh like idiots when we think about that day.

I read romance novels because I like to see the hero and heroine have moments of connection like this. When they’re laughing, crying or fighting together, they are growing a relationship and I love to see that happen. (Dear readers, lets just pretend that wasn’t an awkward segue, kay? Thanks. Looooooooove, Kim)

What’s your favorite prank you played on someone or that someone played on you?


KC Burn said...

I don't know a lot of people who play pranks (that sounds a little humourless, doesn't it?) and I've never been good at thinking of suitable pranks.

Can I borrow your underwear-sewing trick for next year? LOL!

But, manages to amuse me every year with their 'new' products they release on April 1. Google's usually on top of it, too. Is it sad I get my April Fool's Day fix from web sites?

Anonymous said...

OMG! That was so funny. I laughed out loud!!!
I am not a prankster but you are giving me ideas!!!

Jackie said...

As someone who got married young and is now growing old with the same wonderful man can totally relate to this wonderful fun moment in time. Our most memorable April Fool's prank was one my sweetie pulled on me less than 4 months into the marriage. (Married in December so 1st April Fool's was soon)
His boss told him about a joke he had pulled on his own wife and it was to take a piece of clear fishing line and tie it to a bent paper clip and put it under the sheet in the bed on my side. When I rolled over he pulled the string with the clip and it felt just like a BUG was crawling in the covers, needless to say I jumped out of bed screaming and he was laughing with delight and saying Got You, April Fool's! There was for sure other times but that one is the one we still talk about and remember the best...

jackie b central texas
(Do that to me now and I would have a heart attack)

Jill Sorenson said...

Great prank! I love that story. So cute and funny.

Smokinhotbooks said...

Best April Fool's Prank Evah!!! Seriously, I snorted out loud, it wasn't pretty.

The only thing I've done is when hubs & I were engaged, I phoned him at work and told him I need to 'talk to him'. I was giggling so hard, I was breathless, which on the other end sounded like I was crying. Anyhoo I told him I was pregnant *crickets* and without a beat he is like 'really?(excitably) okay. I felt this big *pinches fingers*

Kim said...

KC Burn:I love it when web site's get into the fun of April 1! Some of them are so well done I really fall for it! I'm sadly pretty easy to prank. but somehow that makes it even more fun.

Book Junkie: That's the best one I ever came up with so if you get any good ideas, let me know!

Jackie b: LOL! That's funny! With props! We got married very young too, I was 19, and we look back on those days with alot more fondness than we probably felt living it at the time, but it shaped us into the people we are today and we had alot of fun!

Jill S: Thanks! It was soooo hard to lay there and pretend sleep...I was cracking myself up with my own joke!

Kim said...

Smokinhotbooks: OMG I have had them backfire on me too! The worst feeling ever! Looking back on this one now, I 'm really glad he didn't fall and crack his skull open..that would have been a real downer. How would I have explained that to the doctors? LOL

Tracy said...

OMG that's one of the funniest things I've ever heard. How cute is that!

I'm not a huge lover of April Fool's but my kids adore it.

Kim said...

Tracy: Thanks! And thanks for helping me out with all my posting issues. You're awesome and lovely to be so patient with my tech-idiotedness.

Dr J said...

What an absolutely delightful experience!! Sounds like some of the crazies that hubby and I have in our personal history. I, too, think having a sense of humor and keeping the fun in relationships is one of the best of all possible "cement" for staying together. I could just visualize the antics and loved it. Thanks for sharing . . . I'm sorry I didn't see the entry until a day later, but that in no way lessened the fun of it for me.

Katie Reus said...

I'm really late commenting but I just saw this and you totally made my day. Too funny!!

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