Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kati Talks Personal Chemistry

Good morning, Class. So, this week we've covered On Screen Chemistry, and Romance Chemistry. Now let's talk personal chemistry.

I read romances because there is little I enjoy more than the "click." You know the one, where the hero and the heroine meet eyes across the room, and the game is on? The one where they spark off of each other constantly making the reader yearn for that dynamic first kiss. Isn't that part of the magnificence of romance?

Well. We know that in real life it doesn't always happen like that. In my experience, most of my dating has been an ongoing drama of "Will he call? And when?!" and "What did that thing he just said mean?" But every once in a while, if we're really very lucky, we experience the "click". I had it happen to me not that long ago. I'm lucky enough to be involved with someone who I have a long history with. I've known him since my second week of college. And we've been best friends almost that long. Then, one day, it changed. And I started thinking, "Huh. Imagine that." We always had the "click" but now it had changed. Fortunately because of our long relationship, we were able to talk about it, and it turns out we felt the same. It remains the luckiest thing that ever happened to me.

But the "click" doesn't just happen with members of the opposite sex. My best friend's name is Amy. I met her in 1997. I was just starting a new job as an executive assistant at an organization where she was the Director of Membership. We figured out really quickly that we were born on the same day, about an hour apart from each other. Then we figured out that we were both pop culture junkies. Soon we were having Friday morning "meetings" to discuss last night's episode of Friends and ER. We clicked almost instantly and to this day, I can't go more than about two days without talking to her. I think her husband is one of the best things that ever happened, and her son, Mr. Incredible, is one of the lights of my life. We've seen each other through deaths, marriage, birth, relationship woes, drama and comedy. I can't imagine my life without Ame - or without that "click".

So tell me about the "click" in your life. Are there special people you've clicked with? Tell me about your best friend or your love. Tell me about what makes the relationship special.


Carolyn Crane said...

What a wonderful post! I love that story about Amy.
Hmm. on clicking...I'm a pretty slow clicker. I more warm up to people than click. Oblivious.

Tracy said...

With my hubby it was a delayed click. lol If there is such a thing. It wasn't until we had talked on the phone for a while and then saw each other again that we clicked - but it was a good one.

One of my best friends Jen was a parishioner at the church I work at but I didn't really know her. Then she started working at the Preschool that's attached to the church and we became almost instant friends. Even though we're 14 years apart in age it just doesn't make a difference.

lisabea said...

Rosie. I said to her--our eyes met from across the room (crowded bar, same difference) and I knew.

Oddly enough that happened with G too.

:) Nice post Kati! I've been working and not online--I meant to comment earlier.

Rosie said...

You know I didn't "click" right off the bat with GG because he was a client from work. Once we met in a social setting, then whoa baby!

Lb, you say the nicest things and it was totally like that. I actually have like a photo in my head when we first saw each other. So weird. So wonderful.

Bridget Locke said...

I've never felt that click w/ a guy, which is why I'm still single, but I've felt that before w/ friends. One of my dearest friends was a girl I met at work. We've been friends for about 5 years now and I can't imagine my life without her. :)

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