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Author Kendra Leigh Castle Giveaway!! Day 3

MsM: It's day three already! Where does the time go when you're chasing drunken pirates and hiding jugs of rum? I want to thank Kendra for coming to the island and sharing about her books and heroes. It's been a pleasure having her here on DIK. Thank you Kendra.

Kendra writes: This is my last day on the island, and I’d like to thank my lovely hostesses, especially Ms Moonlight, for inviting me. It’s been a relaxing little respite from the usual insanity I live in the middle of, and I’m trying to make the most of my last day of sun and fun. Oh, so the sand castle building contest yesterday went a little awry. That kind of thing happens when you have a dragon-shifter who doesn’t know how to lose and thinks breathing fire is an acceptable outlet for frustration. It was a shame, though…Bastian’s ice castle might have been a little outside of the rules, but it was pretty amazing until the big meltdown. Gideon and Gabriel tried to work together, but…well, I think it would have been beautiful, if they hadn’t started throwing one another into it. Brothers. *eyeroll*

My one consolation is that Captain Jack hasn’t burned anything down this time. Okay, I admit it. I let Jack Sparrow tag along. But he’s been so good about not destroying anything. He loves this place! And if you’ve never seen Jack taking an afternoon swim with all of that bronzed skin glistening in the sun, then I suggest you check it out. Nothing finer.

I told you all that I’d introduce my little band of heroes at some point, and I think today’s the best time to do it, when they’re all too tired from causing trouble to move much. I’m very proud of bringing each of them to life, and just like real men, they’ve each brought me their share of joy and headaches.

First up is Gideon MacInnes from my debut novel, Call of the Highland Moon. He’s a big, sexy Scotsman who also happens to be next in line to lead his pack. He’s also starting to panic at the responsibility that entails, which is why he takes off for one last trip to wander America and, possibly, find a mate. The problem is that in my mythology, werewolf bites are fatal to all but the strongest humans. Add to it that my werewolves know their mates almost immediately, bonding permanently on their end even if the human never knows about it, and you can see why Gideon would want to be careful. But he doesn’t know he’s been followed to America by an enemy who’ll stop at nothing to get what he has…which is how he winds up in the care of exactly the kind of woman he can never have. And of course, the only one he’ll ever want. In my mind’s eye, Gideon always looked like Gerard Butler in Timeline. Now who wouldn’t chance a bite for that?

Next is Gideon’s brother Gabriel, the hero of my book Dark Highland Fire. Gabriel is his brother’s opposite in almost every way, a cheerful slacker with a healthy case of Second Son Syndrome. He owns a pub in Tobermory and spends his time partying and chasing women. Well, actually, having women chase him. But after the events of the first book in the trilogy, Gabe is feeling restless and a little useless. The fact that his pack is being hunted by a bunch of otherworldly shifters has been, as you might imagine, a little hard to digest. Then, in a single wild night, Gabriel finds himself responsible for a demigoddess on the run from their mutual enemy…and for the first time, Gabe finds out what it’s like to want what he can’t have. At least, he can’t have Rowan an Morgaine without a lot of work and a couple of near-death experiences. Which is exactly why it was so much fun to write this book! I envisioned him as looking something like Marco Dapper, here.

The third hero I’ve brought along is Bastian an Morgaine, the quiet, strong, brooding brother of Gabriel’s heroine and the heart of Wild Highland Magic. Everyone assumes Bastian is just sort of cold, but there’s a lot more to him than the icy stoicism he projects. Bastian has been dealing with a hereditary curse for most of his life, one he’s been warned never to tell another soul about because of the danger it would pose to them. As the game of cat and mouse he’s played with the shadow stalking him nears its inevitable endgame, Bastian heads for the Scottish Highlands, and the home of his kind’s new allies, the MacInnes Werewolves, to try one last time to defeat the thing that has isolated him from the life he longs to live. But he’ll need the help of an old enemy to do it. And he certainly never counted on a certain beautiful, precocious werewolf who’s determined to have him no matter what his issues are, ready or not. Bastian looks quite a bit like Ingo Rademacher, though with even lighter hair and paler blue eyes. Same smokin’ bod, though!

Lastly, I brought Wild Highland Magic’s co-hero/anti-hero, Lucien Andrakkar. I can’t tell you much about him without giving the story away, but he’s actually in all three books of the trilogy, and his journey may be the one I most enjoyed. He’s a dark, bad boy dragon shifter with a very big chip on his shoulder, not so much hulking Alpha male in looks but more lanky and hawkish. Kinda Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne!

Oh. And there’s Captain Jack. Ah…Jack? You might want to get away from the tiki bar with the torch, Jack. Jack? Jack, noooooo!

**Sounds of hollering, a very nice male voice slurring the words to A Pirate’s Life for Me, cries for buckets of water, and eventually, the roaring of an angry mob of women apparently impervious to Jack Sparrow’s impassioned declarations of his love for every last one of them. Eventually, there is a loud splash, and cheering.**

Well, looks like Jack’s been tossed out to sea. I think he can make it back to the ship we have anchored out there for our departure…I mean, he seems to swim pretty well while intoxicated. In any case, thanks so much for the vacation ladies (and, um, sorry about the tiki bar…I’ll be sending funds to rebuild that).
Time for me to depart, but before I go, I’d like to give away a signed copy of one of my books to a commenter. Winner can choose which book. What I want to know is, which hero of either book or film would you want to be stranded on a desert island with? Thanks again for the party, ladies!

Kendra's books...

-Call of the Highland Moon

-Dark Highland Fire

-Wild Highland Magic

MsM: Thank you Kendra! And someone help Jack, he won't let go of the rum and can't swim with two jugs in his hands for goodness sakes!! Jack! Jack!! Let go of the rum!! *Jack tosses evil drunken glare at me* Oh well... I guess I'll go find the DIK lifeguards.
Thanks again Kendra!! It's been a delight to have you here on the island!

Don't forget to visit Kendra Leigh Castle at her blog!!! It's a great place to visit!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Kendra!
I just wanted to thank you again for coming to the island - and bringing Jack back (isn't he amusing??)- oh and not letting him burn down the place. *sigh of relief*
Also, thank you for the generous gift of giving away an autographed copy of one of your books. Great idea!!
Thank you!



Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, while you're enjoying your last day on the island, I will be shoveling snow and ice. *grumble, grumble, grumble*


Unknown said...

ooooh. I'm certainly steamy after reading about your characters, and I think the pictures may have a helped (just a little). Can't wait to read this book!

Kendra Leigh Castle said...

Hi MsM! Thank YOU for hosting me, I've had so much fun!! Definitely one of the coolest spots I've blogged at, hands down. Sadly, my reality-based alter ego will be trudging through the rain this morning, and echoes your grumbling. YUCK! I grew up in snow and ice, though, so I totally understand.

Morning, Ms Blingammm (Love your name!!). Thanks! Yeah, I had a pretty good time finding those pictures as well:-)

Amanda said...

Hi Kendra!

Thanks so much for being here on the Island with us!

My hero at the moment that I woulod have with me is Rhevenge from J.R. Wards Lover Avenged!

Just finished this books last week and wow I was in love!

Hope you enjoyed your time here with us on the island!

Jessica said...

Hey Kendra, thanks for the sunburn, I told you sunscreen is your friend. Oh well at least this winter I'll have a little color! Thanks for sharing your island fun with me...I have read all your books and can't wait till the next series makes it debut...I'll be keeping an eye out for you.

It's almost 60 degrees today with wind gusts up to 55 mph. Tomorrow, a balmy 37 degrees. Go least the snow * shudders* isn't here...yet.

Kara said...

Hmmmmm there are just so many that I would want to be stranded with...but the first one that comes to mind would be Vane from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters (I just finished reading this book).

I have read the first two in your series and absolutely loved them...I think Gideon is my fav so far...

Chris said...

Gideon! :)

The only one of your books I don't have (yet) is the most recent one.

*sigh* It's a snowy +9F here, and is only going to reach +13F for the "high" today.

Bev(QB) said...

After your first day on the island, Kendra, this series landed on my Amazon Wishlist.

Kilts and werewolves? Oh, you clever, clever author, how could I resist?

And now, thanks to your peektures, I have VISUALS to go with them! nomnomnom

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, fun! These are some fine heroes, and Gideon's tour across America sounds really fun. Also, okay, isn't that the guy it All My Children? GH? Nice choice!

Kendra Leigh Castle said...

Hi everyone! Amanda, it is so sad, but I still haven't read JR Ward. I'm like one of three people on earth who haven't. HOWEVER, I am determined to remedy this over the holidays! I keep hearing of Rhevenge's hotness:-) I have LOVED being here!

Jessica, it's like that this time of year day up, the next, WAY down. Enjoy the warmer weather today:-)

Hi Kara! I know, right? It's so hard to pick! I'm all for having a male harem, though:-) I'm so glad you enjoyed Gideon, and the first two books!

Hi Chris:-) Ooh, another vote for the sexy, stoic Gideon! I love him too, though I'm a leeeeetle biased, I guess. Also, OMG COLD where you live!! Stay warm!

Bev(QB), thanks! I'm glad I've hooked you:-) Yes, when I sat down to start writing the series, I decided to throw my favorite romance things in...hence kilts and werewolves!:-) I can't resist a man with a brogue. If he can shapeshift, all the better! LOL at the nomnomnom. YES!

Hi Carolyn! Yeah, Ingo is from some soap or other. He has a great Australian accent, among his other fine assets, LOL. Gideon's American vacation gone awry worked well for my master plan of snowing a virile werewolf in with an unsuspecting heroine:-)

Anonymous said...

MsM <--30 year GH watcher(give or take a few awful years in the 1990's). Indigo is General Hospital's "Jax".



Virginia C said...

Hi, Kendra! Thank you for the picture of the big, sexy, naked, gorgeous Scotsman! I love Gerard Butler with or without the kilt : )

Please enter my name in the drawing.

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Kendra Leigh Castle said...

AHA! I thought I remembered he played a guy named Jax! Thanks, MsM!

Hi Virginia! Oh, you're more than welcome about the naked Gerry picture. It's one of my favorites!

Amanda said...

Kendra I would absolutely reccomend the Black Dagger Brotherhood series as great holiday reading!!
Enjoy them!

diva donna said...

Kendra, This has been a fun break from my snowy 10 degrees and 6 inches of new snow this morning. I love all your Scottish Men. But to be stranded on a Desert Island. I'll have to take Lucien because he really gives me the shivers in a very good way. Even though he's so bad. But Gideon was my favorite brother and his book my favorite of the series. Take it easy on your way back to Maryland. I'm sure Captain Jack will be amusing with with 2 jugs of Rum under his belt. Give those books to someone new. I'm waiting for Raum's. I'm glad MsM was there to keep some order. Because I heard you and Lucien were missing for 6 hours. And then you were wearing nothing but his shirt in the morning at breakfast. LOL!!!

Katie Reus said...

Thanks for visiting the island! Those were all really hot, teaser blurbs about your heroes! You're officially on my TBB list :)

Helyce said...

Hey Kendra, is it day 3 already?! Time does fly on an island with hot men and flowing margaritas! And you might wanna check the sand...if Lucien was breathing fire on the beach, you might find some beautiful glass treasure burried never know!

Kendra Leigh Castle said...

I will, Amanda, thanks!

Donna, LOL, sshhhh, all rumors, I tell you, just rumors. Mostly;-)

Hi Katie! Thanks, I'm glad you liked them:-)

Lisa, I KNOW, time flies way too fast! Very interesting (and cool) point about the glass on the beach. I'll have to check it out!:-)

jeanette8042 said...

I would love to be stranded with Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series!

Kendra Leigh Castle said...

Hi Jeanette! Verrrrry nice choice:-)

SiNn said...

humm hero Ryan Renoldes from anything hes hillarious but if i had to pick one character have to be Hanible King from Bladetrinity

heros frombooks thats seriously a hard choice

a mix between guy rilliard from after the night but linda howard and mix in a lil Santiago Salazar and youd have the perfect man really

The Scarf Princess said...

What a handsome assortment of manliness you have posted! For me, I am totally ga-ga for Ryan Reynolds in the Blade:Trinity movie. Those abs, that goatee---Oh my, I feel faint!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

The Scarf Princess said...


It looks like we're gonna have a fight on our hands over Mr. Abs--our dear hottie Ryan! Either that or we'll have to share.

Kendra Leigh Castle said...

LOL, SiNn and joder, I'm sensing an impending cage match to decide who gets Ryan in Blade: Trinity! Great choice...maybe we can clone him?:-)

Tracy said...

I'm sorry...was there writing in there? All I saw were the beautiful men. :)

Kidding, of course. Thank you so much, Kendra, for visiting us here on the island!

And who would I love to be stuck on a desert island with? Well, besides all of the heroes I have here now I'd like Hugh all of his many personas...whether it's Wolverine or Leopold from Kate and Leopold. I love him!

Ana said...

You still make me smile Kendra lol. I remember the first time I spotted Call of the Highland Moon I was like, "Wolves? Ooh wolves!" And I was happy.

I wouldn't mind being stranded with Gideon honestly. He is quite sexy >>

Lea said...

Great post Kendra!

Some mighty fine looking heroes you have there! WOW

All your books sound excellent and I will have to add to my list.

Loving the pictures of Johnny Depp, who is my all time favorite movie star. :)

I hope you enjoyed your time on the island Kendra!


Kendra Leigh Castle said...

Hi Tracy! Oh yeah, I love Hugh too. Though I have to say, his Wolverine is my favorite:-)

Hi Ana! Love your "Ooh, wolves!" reaction:-) That tends to be how I pick reading material too! Gideon is getting a LOT of love today! You all are making him blush (very attractively, of course).

Thanks, Lea! There is little finer than Johnny Depp. And even when he's playing creepy, he's an incredible actor. Case in point: Alice in Wonderland, which I can't wait to see even though the Mad Hatter isn't really my idea of hotness. I have had a WONDERFUL time on the island, I'm so glad you all had me over!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kendra, what a wonderful 3rd day on the island! So many heroes to pick from! I'll take one of each! *grins*



Kendra Leigh Castle said...

Alrighty then, since it's late and I'm about to go to bed, I think it's time for that drawing (and my scientifically perfected picking instrument, otherwise known as the Paper Scrap Filled Hat O' Power). And the winner is...

Ms Blingammm! Congrats! Please drop me an email at with your addy and which book you'd prefer, and I'll get it out to you.

Thankyaverrahmuch, everyody here at DIK! I really needed this vacation. Guess now it's time to head back to the colder weather, which means the guys have to put their shirts back on. *siiigh* I may chain myself to a tiki hut instead!

Rain Maiden said...

Hey guys I have to go with Will Turner on the island with lots of sun screen. Orlando Bloom just does it for me. Kendra your books sound wonderful and I love the visuals too.

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