Monday, December 14, 2009

An Island Vacation At This Time Of Year Requires A Personal Shopper

I've always wanted to "get away from it all" to somewhere tropical for the holiday season and this year I've gotten my wish! Tori, myself and my menz are spending the next 3 days enjoying sand, surf, and fun here at DIK! I decided to leave my blowfish bikini top in my hut and in keeping with the season brought along my "Christmas pudding" bikini top. No, that is not me wearing said, um garment but hey one can dream right? I think the white stuff is custard, but who knows? Tori is wearing her usual island attire, she hates her Santa suit and looks positively miserable when I make her wear it.

Since it is the holiday season, and I am frightfully behind with everything this year, shopping, decorating, etc. etc. I decided the only way I could manage an island trip was if I hired a personal shopper. I enlisted my good blogger friend Ms. Moonlight's help in finding likely candidates to enter a personal shopper selection process, my only request was that said applicants be clothed which was a tough sell for Ms. M., because, well you know Ms.M., but she came through for me in the end! lol

So, I was wondering what your preference might be if you could hire a personal shopper to free up time in order to get away to a desert island for a few days? And here is the short list of likely candidates to choose from.

Behind Door #1 we have Suit &, um, Tie Guy. I think he would do quite nicely. Nice chiseled features, ripped abs, and most of all, a very nicely tailored suit and matching tie that would add a certain sophistication to the representation. Further, he looks like he could read the list, and of course count the money when buying the gifts which are two absolute imperatives. I also think those nimble looking fingers would do a fine job of wrapping the newly purchased gifts.

Hell, I'm sure all this applicant would have to do is snap his fingers and any sweet young sales girl would be his beck and call girl. *waggles brows* lol

Behind Door #2 we have Beach Dude wearing bathing trunks & large black beads. I have to wonder how long he has been laying in the ocean. I'd be concerned about wrinkly skin and paper cuts when he tries to wrap the Christmas gifts, but hey it's not me applying for the job!

There is also the issue of the freezing cold weather here in the northern hemisphere so he might like to at least put a tee shirt on when venturing out to do the shopping. However I'm sure with those good looks, he could easily find a volunteer to do the shopping in exchange for spending a little quality time with his protégé.

Beach Dude may be the perfect candidate for those of you living in warmer climates so feel free to voice your opinion.

Behind Door #3 we have Rugged Cowboy Guy, who would certainly catch the lovely ladies behind the sales counters eye, dressed in those faded jeans, chaps, and of course the Stetson. I've always had a hankerin for the ruggedly handsome type, and the prospect of sending a cowboy to do my shopping is very apealing. I especially like the "unshaven look".

You gotta wonder though what he is looking at? hmmm  lol Nice physique eh?

And last but certainly not least we have Ms. M's choice and it happens to be a "herd of personal shoppers".

To quote my fellow DIK contributor, "why settle for just one cowboy when you can have a group?! (note: some don't use their hands to hold up their hats!) *grins*"

My only question Ms.M is would they be allowed in the mall dressed in nothing but a hat??? *grins back*

After considerable pondering (while laying here on my lounge with Tori in my lap surrounded by my menz, mai tai in hand of course), I decided my choice would have to be "Suit and Tie" guy behind Door #1. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a hot guy dressed in expensive threads.

*sigh* It's such a relief to know that the shopping issue at least will be taken care of by the time I return home later in the week. ;) lol

So ladies, who would be your choice?

A Christmas luau is taking place here tonight and everyone is invited and tomorrow I'm going to be talking about, "Pondering the HEA"......


Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Lea...

You make sure Tori is well covered and lotioned if needed..

And put those Menz to work - let them oil your ****?///***

I agree with you - Suit and Tie guy so work for me... and for no other reason than I love a man in uniform...

Everyone else comes up short... cloths-wise that is..


Blodeuedd said...

Hi Lea
Oh tie guy for sure...though the cowboys sure looks nice but I would be WAY too distracted with them only wearing hats, and one is only wearing a gun.

So yes the suit, mmm, the suit ;)

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Great post. I've been thinking of getting a hunky butler for my blog- shirtless of course.
I'll pick the cowboy as my personal shopper.
And as for the group...if I was working mall security I'd let them in! *grins*



Lea said...


Not to worry, I always make sure my baby is well protected from the sun. :)

Glad you agree with my pick - Suit and Tie guy is definitely a fine looking specimen. ;) lol

Have a great day!


Hi B!

LOLOLOL Yeah, I can see the cowboys most definitely offering a distraction. Hey, that is three of us now electing the suit and tie guy. It really must be something about those expensive threads (and what is inside them).


Ms M.!

LOLOL Yeah, I'm sure if mall security was manned by women the "herd of cowboys" would get in with no problem at all.

Good choice with respect to the cowboy - I think he would make a great personal shopper. ;)


Mary G said...

Hey Lea & Tori
For sure it's a toss-up between suit guy & the cowboy. I love how chaps "showcase" those jeans.

Carolyn Crane said...

LOL. Great post. But I'm sorry, Lea, there are no malls on the island. You will have to have your menz make all your Christmas gifts this year!!

Heather D said...

Hi Lea and Tori,

the Cowboys definitely! However I don't know that I would be escaping to any island if I had all those hunky men there to do my shopping... I might actually begin to like shopping just to watch them carry my bags. I don't know that much shopping would get done!

Anonymous said...

Keep all the men and shop online!



beth kery said...

LOL, Lea. Fun post.

Well, I'll go with the beach dude, as he looks like he would know how to shop for things like Christmas luaus, and besides, he's wearing the 'guy' equivalent of a lei.

Chris said...

Suit & Tie Guy!

Oh, the Island sounds wonderful right about now...

Lea said...

LOL Mary, yes ma'am, those chaps do tend to "showcase" don't they... There is just something about a cowboy. ;)


LOLOL CJ! I know there are no malls on the island, this is why I have to hire the personal shopper to take care of the madness that is Christmas shopping back home. ;) But, hey, home made Christmas gifts aren't a bad idea either.


ROFL Heather:

I hear you girl! Pretty tough to send something that attractive off alone to do the shopping, I think I'd want to be along to "supervise". But given the choice of an island vacation? hmmmm I don't know. ;)

Thanks Heather!

Ms. M... LOL Tsk.. Tsk...


Hi Beth!!

A, a beach dude lady. Great choice, and you are quite correct he would be perfect to shop for the luau.. So that's what those brown beads represent, I never would have guessed!

Thanks Beth..

Hey Chris!

I know, an island vacation would be just stellar right now. ;) Especially with all your trials and tribulations of late. ack.. And, hey, I approve of your personal shopper selection. ;)


Amanda said...

I'll be by later for the party, need an excuse for a good night!

I think I'd have to go with guy number 3!

But for the group photo. I was wondering whats holding up the guy at the end on the lefts' stetson??

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

I had my eye on Suit and Tie guy before I got to the end of the post, think he could make it a double date??? He's so very hot, and what can I say, if he looks that fine with the jacket on.....dang!!!

Dottie :)

Lea said...

Hi Amanda!

Great choice, I think I could handle the Rugged Cowboy dude just fine too. ;)


Hi Dottie,

Ah yes, another suit and tie lady. Isn't he just a fine looking man? lol


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