Friday, December 11, 2009

Guest Author K Z Snow Competition: Day 3

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for... KZ does DIK! *umm* KZ gives readers' their head! *err* Book Sluts put out for KZ! *shit*

Here'zz KayZee!

Okay, the contest scoop. Castanet Feldman, the alter-ego I never wanted, thinks I’m collaborating with her on a story she's decided to call Eat Me Before I Spoil, which is meant to be about the "romantic and sexual misadventures of three wacky cougars spending their holidays in a South Seas island hut." But my heart’s just not in it. So, I'm hoping you can help me out by writing one of the following:

a.) a longer blurb
b.) an opening paragraph or two
c.) a cast of characters with brief descriptions

I'll even throw in free ebooks from one of my series (see below for further details about them) to the person whose work I can steal and pretend is my own inspires me the most.

Honestly, your offering can be as long or short, as involved or simple as you'd like. I'm not expecting a fully developed or edited story although that might shut Castanet up.

Just leave a comment with your piece here or email it to Kris (krisngoodbooksATgmailDOTcom) by Wednesday 16 December. The winner will be announced on 20 December right here at DIK.

Here are the series from which the winner can choose. Click on the links to go to the publishers’ pages, where you can read blurbs and excerpts to help you decide what bribe token of my gratitude interests you the most.

The Jackson Spey / Adin Swift relationship arc:

All are contemporary m/m paranormal-urban fantasy hybrids.

* Book 1, Looking for Some Touch
* Book 2, Seeking Something Wicked
* Book 3, Exploring Savage Places

All are futuristic m/m urban fantasies.

The Galdehian fantasy cycle:

All are m/f otherworld fantasies, often with ménages.

Thank you, KZ, for playing with us here at DIK! Santa may not end up giving you a lump of coal after all. ;)


K. Z. Snow said...

Just wanted to pop in and thank Kris for all her work and the DIK ladies for letting me play at the beach.

If you have any questions about the contest, post them!

Tam said...

Oh, this is fun. Okay, let me work on this and e-mail it. LOL

Have a great weekend guys.

Jeanne said...

Hey, KZ check the last comments from your first two days. They oughta include a map to this place! I couldn't find the darn link on your blog and had to google my way here!
Word veri:
I shoulda asked CF to shato the link to me...;~D

K. Z. Snow said...

Tam, fertile as your imagination is (and I mean nice 'n' dirty fertile), I expect great things from you.

Jeanne - Wha--? I thought I had links scattered all over the place!

Kris said...

It was seriously fun having you here, KZ. Thanks again for playing somewhat nice. ;)

BTW, I'm really looking forward to seeing what people come up with. This could seriously be fun.

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