Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Lisabea Top Ten List

It's a good thing!

Top Ten Reasons Why This Author Love Bloggers & Blogging

Number Ten

Reader Feedback
Extremely useful--but it can be excruciating. For the most part it's lovely. Best to ignore the former and concentrate on the latter.

Number Nine
Hot Topics
As an eBook author, it's good to be aware of your environment (the web)--particularly if there's something juicy going on.

Number Eight

I won't lie.
There. I said it. October 2nd from Aspen Mountain Press. Booyah!!

Number Seven

Discovering New Books
I've spent more money on books because of blogging...it's a curse, and it's a blessing.

Number Six

Hawt Nekkid
Ok this is apparently a love/hate issue with a lot of people--and clearly a, erm, little goes a long way...but STILL. A peek at the man titty can make for a happy day. **

Number Five

It's imperative to step away from the wip and make the rounds. Blogging is a great way to unwind.

Number Four

I laugh a lot. Most of the bloggers I hang out with are funny. They're smart. They're well read. They can be critical without losing perspective--and even more importantly, they know not to take themselves too seriously.

Number Three
LOL Cats
That's not really blogging. I just like LOL cats. So do you.

Number Two
Changing Attitudes

Folks like Kristie J and Wendy and their love of the Western; Jenre's in depth reviews of m/m fiction; the incomparable Tumperkin whose blog is thought provoking and fabulousa; and our girl, Tracy, who reads a helluva of a lot of books--these and so many other bloggers keep things fresh and fun. They challenge what I think of our beloved genre, what I read and why, and they often encourage me to step out and try new things. Bloggers rock.

Number One

Meeting Great People

The So. Cal. Bloggers following lunch and a rapid book\swap last winter in the parking lot of PF Chang’s. From left: Blanche, Holly, Lori , Daphne, Tracy, LB (honorary California girl for the day and previously unaware of her height issues), Wendy, Rosie, Nikki, Alice and Renee.

Is it me, or does Renee look about to be gobbled up by that hatch back?

Thanks to Katiebabs--my inspiration for this post. =)

**no actual man tit was exploited in this post.


Carolyn Crane said...

Oooh, what a great list! What is up with that number four!! LOL. I love your lists.

Okay, did you draw that crazy cartoon?

lisabea said...

Number four? That chick is crazy.

It's a t-shirt from an online company. Me likey.

Mandi said...

HA - we're not gossiping we're networking..I like it;)

Nice list...all my favs - lolz cats, batman titty, naked men with other naked men.

My morning is complete.

KT Grant said...

Where else would I have heard about LOLcats and the wonders of mantitty?

And of course a great group who has brought such joy into my life the last few years :D

Smokinhotbooks said...

Better than Dave Letterman's Top 10! I'm illegally reading this from work & have to stiffle my chuckles - don't rat me out. My credit card has never seen so much action since I got into book buying/blogging.

lbgregg said...

Mandi~Happy to complete you. =)

Katiebabs~ I know. Me too.

Smokinhotbooks~I love a good top ten list (which is clear because I do them frequently). Glad you enjoyed it! You should delete your history....so the boss doesn't find out. *g*

Jenre said...

You know, I've never really had a thing for Batman but that picture is just...well...damn that cape looks good on him.

Big hugs for you, looking forward to that new release.

Tracy said...

All very, very fine reasons. I love bloggers and blogging too. I think my pocketbook doesn't love it so much especially after I read The Book Smugglers, Jenre and Kris's blogs. I know, I'm a sucker. :)

That Batman pic is fiiiiine. You always fine the best man titty. And thanks to your blog I know great man titty when I see it. :)

Number 7 - I'm reading it right now and loving it.

And yes, yes, the minivan DOES look like it's about to eat Renee! lol

Renee said...

::gasp!:: Save me!

Renee said...

See, I knew there was a reason it was so easy to connect with you when we met! Many of these things are also a part of my Top 10, and I can't wait for Oct 2. :-D

Lea said...

Wonderful cover art for you new book LB!

I love cats too...

The Great Western Drive was Great!! IMHO..

Jill Sorenson said...

Great list!!

The Batman pic disturbs me. Am I supposed to notice his boner? Is it an optical illusion? What is going on down there!

*scrubs eyes*

lbgregg said...

Jill. I swear. I SWEAR. I have never noticed that before!

Holy bat bone.

Lea~I thought it (the western drive) was a great idea. I was going through edits and didn't participate (boo) but I lurked!

Renee~Me too. Although I am a smidge nervous. I'm told that's normal.

Tracy~I've heard good things about #7. But, honestly, had you noticed the bat meat before? I SWEAR--I hadn't! He just looks sexy!

::bats lashes innocently::

Thanks Jenre~big hugs back atcha.

Tracy said...

Had to look closely for the bat meat (what a lovely term) but it seems so fitting with his pose, don't you think?

Kris said...

"**no actual man tit was exploited in this post."

My initial reaction to this was bummer. Then I remembered the bat tit that goes with the bat meat, and my faith in LB was restored. ;)

Sarai said...

OMG I heart you. Thanks for the fantastic list!

Samantha Kane said...

LOL cats. **happy sigh** Good times, good times.

Without blogging I'd have no idea what was going on in the world. Not only has blogging introduced me to wonderful people, LOL cats, and new books, but I bought the cutest pair of Simple shoes. :-)

Word Ver.: thetool. I kid you not.

jessewave said...

Love your post Lisabea. Great list. Even though I'm not a cat person (dogs are my thing!) LOLCats always make me laugh.

sula said...

LOLcats! u know i luv them.

hawt batman ftw!

this is a great list. :)

lbgregg said...

Tracy~Bat salami?

Kris~PHEW! THis post was originally intended for a blog where....I don't think the man tit is glorified. Such a tragedy. So I kept it clean. Until Jill pointed out BMan's package.

Sarai~You're welcome! Keep your hands on your keys, btw.

Sam~Did you? Which shoes did you buy? The Boy loves his shoes! Blame Rosie for the Simple Shoes. I want the hemp bag--the Comb Over one.

Jessewave~Shhhh. Don't tell, but I'm a dog person. Totally. I have two right here. =)

Sula~Great to see my old pahtnah back on the internet. And I thought of you when I picked my LOL cat. As usual.

Unknown said...

Have entered Cover Me in my calendar.

Unknown said...

::bouncing:: I can't wait for cover me! I could swoon just thinking about it. If I didn't know better, I'd say I read too much - but of course, I know better ;)

Love the list. Love the batman man titty - I'm a HUGE batman fan! Love LOLcats. They're hilarious :)

Sarah said...

Am blog addict. Is good and always entertaining!!

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