Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Katie and I debate if I should move to FL...

So Katie I hear Florida is the place to be. The end all be all. But no one can tell me why that is. Why should I leave my lovely flat, wheat and corn filled plains to join you in Florida? What does Florida have to offer me?

I was born in Florida so I’m a little biased, but I love this state. It's hard to be depressed when the sun is shining all the time. Here are some reasons why I think you’d love it here too! Maybe not to live, but to at least visit!
1. If you don’t have a pool, chances are you know someone who does.
2. You can wear flip-flops or sandals year round, even to clubs and no one looks twice at you.
3. A beach is never far, no matter what part of the state you live in.
4. South Beach hotties. Dude, I don’t need to say more.
5. Winter? Um, what’s that? January and February in Florida are perfect. It’s cool enough to wear scarves and gloves occasionally, but there’s no snow and most of the time, I don’t even turn on the heat.
6. If you don’t have a JetSki, chances are you know someone who does!
7. We have St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States (European settled city). It’s one of my favorite places to visit. I love the architecture and history.
8. I LOVE deep sea fishing and if I want to get some friends together, it’s easy and inexpensive to plan a daytrip.
9. Kelly Slater is from Cocoa Beach
10. I’ve been to Hawaii and California and even though the waves are smaller in Florida, watching surfers is still fun, no matter where you live.

But isn't all that sun and water bad for my hair? I'm a natural curly headed person? And what's up with this deep sea diving thing have you ever seen a shark? I will however, give you Kelly HOLY CRAP I think he's going to be our new spokesperson what do you think?

I'm a naturally curly haired girl too so no worries, I feel your pain! I don't even bother with the hair straightener ten months out of the year, lol. But, that's what conditioner is for! And even if your hair gets a little wild, if you live here, you'll always have that sexy tousled look which is great if you're trying to impress the surfers. Too much of anything can be bad for you, but the sun in small doses is great. After all, it's a great way to get your Vitamin D!

Sharks? I've seen them while fishing and diving, I caught a small one off the coast of Marathon, and one even rammed into my thigh years ago (at Cocoa Beach). In reality, you have a much better chance of getting stung by a jellyfish (nasty little creatures!) or getting a sunburn. The truth is, the ocean is their domain so you have to respect them and understand that it's a risk anytime you go into the water. I grew up here so I guess I've never thought much about it. Considering I spent almost all my summers at the beach and I've never been bit, I'd be more worried about getting into a car accident on the way to the beach ;)

Kelly can definitely be our spokesperson! I love his eyes.

So Florida and I should think about meeting once huh?And January and Feburay its cool but not hot? Maybe I should come and visit you huh? How do you feel about company?

Yes, you two definitely need to meet! While December is sometimes warm (I've gone waterskiing many Christmases), the first two months of the year are perfection. And you are more than welcome to come visit anytime! I'll take you the beach, to Key West, fishing, or anywhere you want to go. (just not Disney!)

Sounds like a dream... Excuse me ladies while I head over to Southwest and book a flight! In the meantime if you have any questions you would like to ask Katie about her works or Florida feel free!

Also don't forget to fill out the crossword puzzle and email me (saraijohnson@hotmail.com) your answers. It closes midnight on Thursday in the meantime don't forget to leave a comment in order to be placed in a running for a copy of Katie's book.


Carolyn Crane said...

OH, you're making me jealous now.

Lea said...

Oooh, Florida sounds wonderful, especially to escape the cold Canadian winters.

Thanks so much for the great post ladies - you convinced me!! lol

I'll get to that crossword this evening. :)

Brooke Reviews said...

lol this made me laugh. I have lived in Florida my whole life, and I want out!

Kaylea Cross said...

What? No Disney??? Come on, you gotta love that. I'm jealous of the year-round gardening weather, though.

Anonymous said...

lol. I'm with Brooke Reviews... I grew up in Florida and moved as soon as it was legal for me to make that decision on my own! :-)

Katie mentioned that January and February are lovely (which they are!). She failed to mention the other 10 months and the fact that walking from the house to the car can give you heat stroke. lol.


Katie Reus said...

Sorry guys, I love it here! June-August are crazy hot but so are the other places up north I've lived and/or visited like Chicago and DC. Omg, their summers are worse than Florida summers cuz there's no breeze, lol. Different strokes for different folks I guess :)

Dara said...

I grew up on Long Island but have called Florida home for more than 20 years. The hot months are totally tolerable with a pool and an indoor job! My favorite area is the Gulf coast. No big waves more me. And BTW - from another natural curly head - how easy is it to air dry and go? Love it.

Jane said...

Florida is beautiful and fun, but I don't think I could handle the hot weather.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

A Louisiana girl here... I am so jealous of how gorgeous your beaches are... even though you are only a couple miles (lol) away from me! But I do love the south!
And Florida knows how to party just like us!!! =)

Katie Reus said...

Cecile - you have a great state too! I love Louisiana :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by yesterday and sorry I wasn't around more. My online time was limited so I didn't get much of a chance.

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

I wish I could visit Florida where it's hot! Man it's rainy and cold where I'm right now!

Tracy said...

I was in Florida once and it poured buckets of rain the whole 2 days! lol Just my luck, huh? I like your description much better.

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