Wednesday, September 23, 2009

kris needs your help with a knotty problem

I have a bit of an obsession with Lora Leigh's heroes from her Breeds series.

Can anyone say A-L-P-H-A??

Damn, those guys are hawt, the sex smutty, the mating thing granted a little ouchy for the girls, but... c'mon, mucho smexing, people! Meerow! or Wooluf! as the case may be.

Anyway, I've been chatting offline with a certain chook *BTW, if you only knew the shocking level of lewdness and bawdiness she hides behind that sweet and innocent facade you'd be stunned* about this series and it suddenly occurred to me...

... which Lora Leigh Bralpha would I rather be mated to? A big cat? Or a wolf/a coyote?

I soon realised that it's not as simple as choosing between cats and dogs, but, in actual fact, is a difficult decision between barbs and knots.

I know! Which to choose?!

Salvation came in the form of Tracy because I knew the DIK peeps could help me with my knotty problem.

So, the question... which Bralpha would you rather be mated to:

a) The Big Cat (Pluses - Barb that extends during mating heat to connect with a hitherto unknown pleasure point. Minuses - You may choke to death during oral.)

b) The Big Dogs (Pluses - Knot that swells during mating heat and inflames a hitherto unknown pleasure point. *Who knew we had so many.* Minuses - Depending on size, gag reflexes, etc, guaranteed to split the sides of mouth during oral.)

c) Say someone had a birthday coming soon do you think it's perfectly okay to pimp the day to death in the hopes of numerous cards and pressies from blogging pals?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

PS - Yeah, I know c) doesn't have anything to do with the Bralpha thing, but I wanted to get some input for, err, a friend of mine.

PSS - I still need your help with choosing my Mate because I've already taken into consideration the pros and cons of wet dog smell vs giant litter trays.

PSSS - Will a cookie help you decide??

PPS - You can answer that question any time now.

PPPS - It's September 30, btw. Just in case you were wondering.


Jenre said...

You're completely shameless:P

I would definitely go for the cat cos I'm not really a fan of dogs. Plus I'm make him go outside to do his business - no litter trays in my house he can use next door's garden ;).

Kris said...

Me!? I think you mean my friend is.

So, you're thinking the BIG litter tray as opposed to the giant indoor one. *ponders* That could work.

Jenre said...

Oops, yes. Sorry. I meant your friend. *wink*

KT Grant said...

Anything that comes out of a dude's penis that can dance a jig is so not my idea of a fun time.

Imagine if you have 2 men, one with a barb, the other with a knot? EEK.

Love how you always make sure to bring cookies to the party.

Lea said...

I just choked on and spewed my coffee reading KB's comment...

Being a canine lover (mind you I love kitties too) I'd have to say the dog... Although sounds pretty much either would "serve" nicely...

Good luck Kris.. ;)

Kris said...

Jen: Damn straight.

KBC: *See. Not so innocent.* I swear to God you have a one track mind. What is it with you and menages lately!

Lea: Serve is right. ;)

"Good luck Kris.. ;)"

*sigh* I think I'll need it with this 'advice'.

Kris said...

BTW, I've found that cookies always help with those dreaded inhibitions, Katiebabs chook.

Lea said...

BTW, I've found that cookies always help with those dreaded inhibitions, Katiebabs chook.


Kris - you are too funny...

Tracy said...

Frankly I have a problem choosing. I like the big cats as well as I like the wolves/coyotes. IDK. Hard to choose. I may have to have 2 men, of of each and switch off.

OMG my verification word is cating! lol

Kris said...

Lea: You are too kind. ;)

Tracy: Your word veri was cating and yet you didn't take that as a sign and ditch the dog?? *mutterslutmutter*

It's always the redheads.

Tracy said...

Oh yeah, total slut. I can't resist those big cats (Leigh's or Singh's) and then the dogs (hello, Kiowa and Lucas!) oh my!

Kris said...

*wonder if this post is revealing a redheaded propensity towards beastiality*

Sarai said...

Well as long as you remember that Jonas is mine I really don't care. I must be more of a cat lover than dog I guess

KT Grant said...

Which redhead?? ;)

Kris said...

Gee, Sarai, possessive much. LOL. You don't think you would get sick of his secretive and overly protective ways??

KBC: *snort* Redhead 1 or Redhead 2?

1 or 2.



I think you're both as bad as each other.

Shaymless Aymless said...

I'm going with the kitty crowd. Hari *sigh* need I say more. (though he doesn't have a barb as far as I know... hmmm... must do research - heads to cabana).

Though KB does make an interesting point (and she's been reading too many of this menage stories and it shows). I'll pass on that experience (but will of course read all about it *g*).

Kris said...

Amy: I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed KB's recent obsession.

"I'll pass on that experience (but will of course read all about it *g*)."

Likewise, I would be happy to read about the outcome of your own research. ;)

KT Grant said...

my obsession? Whatever would that be?

Tracy said...

Shit! I meant Kiowa and Hawke!

Kris said...

Naughty KB chook: Double dongs? Menage? Please. You aren't fooling anyone with that innocent act.

Tracy: You've been thinking about this too much, haven't you. See. Redheads.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Yes, they are very naughty redheads... wonder if the curls vs the straight hair effects those naughty thoughts?

I'm thinkin' straight hair makes you think of menages and other strange combo just so that their hair will curl. *g*

Kris said...

Awww, that explains why KB is seems so obsessed and why Tracy is more blase about it all and focused on choosing the right partners. Tracy's hair is already curly.

Bridget Locke said...

*ahem* My birthday was on Tuesday and you didn't see me pimping (begging) for pressies, now did you? lol

Oh, Kris, you slay me. Um...yeesh, i dunno, LL's books are a bit traumatic for me. After reading Dawn's Awakening I think I had a seizure and my head exploded. Ack!

Kris said...

Begging is such a harsh word.

Allow me to give you the benefit of my aged wisdom, Bridget. You ALWAYS remind people about b'days,etc. That way you ensure you get something such as a card or a bunch of flowers or A VOUCHER TO AN EBOOK STORE.


Is that trauma caused by the level of smut? Or do you just not like pretty g-strings?? Have to admit that this was almost a killer for me cos I'm anti butt floss.

Anonymous said...

Cat. Definitely. I'd choke with a smile.

Kris said...

Good point, anidaadler. At your eulogy, people could say stuff like 'she gave a BJ to die for' or 'she went out doing what she loved'. Great ways to be remembered. ;)

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