Friday, September 4, 2009

Sharon Lathan Day 3

I'm back! My last day on the island and I am already sad. But the sun is shining and the water is warm, so I will enjoy the company for the remaining time allotted to me before civilization beckons. While I recline on the chaise, palm trees shading my delicate skin from the direct rays of sun, I will dream about my ultimate hero: Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Did you think I had erred yesterday on omitting him from my list of heroes? Perish the thought! No, I was simply saving the best for last. My love affair with Mr. Darcy has been of shorter duration than the ongoing one with Aragorn, but the intensity of my passion increases his clasp upon my soul. Ah, Mr. Darcy! What is it about that guy? He is over 200 years old, been written about thousands of times, and incarnated by a half dozen actors, yet remains dear and fresh to our collective hearts. The debates over this character rage on. Who played him best? What is he really like? What were his motivations? What kind of husband would he be? And so on.

The debates are fun, but the bottom line as far as I was concerned is that the mystery revolving around him meant I could go in any direction I wanted. I took that fact and ran with it! MY Darcy is a melding of the written original, portrayals on cinema, and my own desires and imagination. Probably more the latter. So let me introduce you to the Fitzwilliam Darcy of my Darcy Saga series and tell you why he is a hero to die for.

1. Tall, dark, and handsome - No doubt! However one may imagine him, Darcy is a looker. Austen doesn't give us much to go on, but I am sure we all agree he is mouthwatering. I am inspired by Matthew Macfadyen, a man I think divine, so my Darcy has blue eyes, a chin cleft, and straight brown hair. Height is a given, but I pump up the drool-o-meter by packing on the finely-toned muscle mass. Oh yeah! Darcy must be sporting a six-pack, solid thighs, and lean physique.

2. Rich - Admit it, we like our heroes to have more going for them than just a hot bod. Fortunately Darcy was already written as rolling in the dough. Throw in a nice house, fancy carriages, a few dozen servants, and a lucrative job and a girl is nicely set.

3. Intelligence - Years of tutoring, a well stocked library, a Cambridge education, and Continental travel for a man who is insatiable for knowledge adds up to create a very smart fellow. But I wanted my Darcy to be more than just well educated. I wanted him to apply that intellect in actively managing his estate and proactive involvement in the changing tides of the Industrial Revolution that was sweeping England. Yes, he has his steward to co-handle affairs, and the necessary solicitors to attend to the legalities, but that does not prevent him from wholly comprehending business matters and making sound decisions. He avidly keeps abreast of financial opportunities and is keenly aware of how to diversify his wealth. On top of that he personally participates and understands the inner workings of his land. He is just as apt to spend hours in his study poring over documents as hopping on a horse to ride about the estate. He even lends a bit of muscle now and then.

4. Outdoorsy - I wrote a Darcy that is all man. He hunts, shoots excellently, fences, trains falcons, and stargazes. His greatest passion and mastery is with his horses. Darcy is a born equestrian who not only rides brilliantly but also participates in every aspect of breeding and raising the Thoroughbreds of Pemberley. He is not afraid to get dirty when need be, and in fact hungers to frequently work up a healthy sweat. Stories of his youth are filled with daredevil pursuits that have earned him quite a few scars!

5. Passionate - Well yes indeed I do mean in the bedroom! Natch. A hero simply cannot be a hero if he is not abundantly capable of satisfying his woman! Anywhere, anytime, any place. However, I also refer to passionate in other aspects of his character. Passionate about his family. Passionate about Pemberley. Passionate about new inventions. Passionate.

6. Sentimental - I think I am most pleased with the softly romantic Darcy I have created. He has deep emotions for those he loves and can be moved to shedding a tear or two. He is not above reciting poetry and expressing his feelings, especially to his beloved wife. He keeps mementos of special events and journals of his life. He does not wear his heart on his sleeve, maintaining the stoic reserve we expect from Mr. Darcy, but he is an emotive, sensitive individual when it is appropriate.

7. Protective - A real man, a real hero, must have that alpha side to his character even if he isn't overtly so. Darcy is a balance. He is gentle, loving, and reticent with a polite diffidence and quiet humor. Yet he is also fierce, commanding, dictatorial, and wildly protective. Do not ever make the mistake of crossing this man! He hides his backbone of steel behind an urbane attitude, but never presume that he can be taken advantage of. And he will quite literally do anything to ensue the safety of those he loves.

8. Gentleman – For the Regency man this title imparted the highest compliment bestowed and was what they strived to attain. It had to do with being chivalrous, educated, reliable, kind, polite, helpful, respectable, intelligent, and always ready to do one’s duty without complaint. Darcy embodies these concepts.

That is just scratching the surface. Too perfect? Of course, every man, even our made up ones, must have some flaws! We already know that Mr. Darcy can be too prideful, a bit arrogant, and lacking in social skills. Fine. I also point out that he cannot carry a tune, is horrible at cards, has no luck with dice, always loses to his cousin at darts, can be impetuous and swift to anger, and is occasionally quite dense.

So there you have it! My hero. To learn more of this fine specimen of virile manhood, read my books. I think I have done him justice and made Miss Austen proud. For more info on my Darcy Saga series, come to

Thanks again to Bridget for inviting me to the island. I had loads of fun! Anytime you have a free deck chair, give me a call.


Sarah said...

Cool post and I do enjoy Mr Darcy much!

Bridget Locke said...

Come on, it's Mr. Darcy! Doesn't matter who plays him, he's the quintessential hero. *sigh*

Jana said...

I LOVE MR. DARCY! I also love the way you potray him in your books. I first fell in love with him in the BBC version - so in my dreams Darcy always looks like Colin Firth.

Sharon Lathan said...

LOL! I agree with you, Bridget. Of course I picture Matthew, but as I said, it is Mr. Darcy and we all know he is amazing!

Thanks for joining the discussion Sarah and Jana.

sula said...

oh, I love this post for the eye candy alone. and the content too of course. :)

Mr. Darcy is such the quintessential brooding hero, all that passion lurking just beneath the steely surface. rawr!

Vee said...

Yes all of the above Sharon. Darcy is all that. In P&P his character was really only touched on, enough to tantalise our imaginations it seems.
You however Sharon have given him such a depth and richness. He is everything I would want in a manly hero. I love his vulnerability and passion. His manliness and virility. His caring and devotion.Brilliant work with my favourite hero of all time!
TSBO devotee

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