Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1 and Katie's come to play

Hey guys guess whose come back to play with us? If you guessed Katie Reus you would be correct!!!!

And since Katie has 2 new releases recently she has decided to give 2 lucky readers a prize. The first lucky reader just needs to leave a comment on todays post and the next 2 days. The second reader will win a copy of Finding Hope by Katie Reus and all that person has to do is....

Answer the crossword puzzle correctly!!!!!!!!!!! Head here to see the crossword puzzle and send your answers to Winner will be announced on Friday!

Alright tomorrow Katie is going to tell us about Florida and why Sarai should move down there *wink* Don't forget to send your answers to me by Thursday night


Lea said...

Welcome back to the island Katie!! I'll check out the crossword soon.

Looking forward to your posts while visiting.. :)


Katie Reus said...

Thanks Lea! Tomorrow's post should be fun :)

Jane said...

I'll have to give the crossword a try.

Sarai said...

Welcome back to da island!!! We have a great couple of days ahead of us!

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Welcome back to the Island!

Tracy said...

I'm so behind! Congrats on your releases Katie!

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