Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Urban Fantasy Couples

I wish I'd got enough days to do heroes as well, but as I don't and as I don't have a list for them yet (lol) I'm going straight to my favourite UF couples. I wanted to include Mercy Thompson here but on the offchance there's someone out there who hasn't picked up the series yet I don't want to spoil the triangle.

Clay and Elena (Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series)

Local psychopath meets woman who won't put up with his crap. Intrigued he seeks long term commitment via transfer of deadly disease. She is not impressed. Her ire lasts for years. Eventually he is forgiven.

Bitten was the first urban fantasy novel I read and is still the book I recommend if you're interested in trying out the genre. Clay and Elena are (eventually) one of the most balanced UF couples. They just fit, they work together as a couple, they argue and make up. Elena puts up with Clay's "I'm the man" attitude because she knows he's devoted to her. Unlike some couples in fiction they actually talk to one another.

Kate and Curran (Ilona Andrews Magic Series)

Uber alpha meets woman who stands up to him and pokes fun when he's doing serious grown up stuff. He is always right even when she's right and he's wrong. The chemistry between them is flammable but she has a secret and he's not exactly forthcoming about his motives. Predicted that in the future sparks will fly and tears will flow.

The reason I love Kate and Curran's relationship is apart from the scorching chemistry between them (which even though they haven't done anything yet is hot enough to melt a glacier) is that she knows how to push his buttons and can't help doing so. Even when all the signs are flashing DANGER! DANGER! She always has to get that last dig in.

Joanne and David (Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series)

Hitch-hiker who is not what he seems meets girl on the run. He's passive aggressive and she always thinks she's right (see #6). Match made in heaven. Road trips and apocalypse to follow.

I like the relationship between Joanne and David because while she might seem to be very much a reasonably typical UF heroine, he is not a typical UF hero.
'I tried a hint. "Any preference? Trashy decor? Adult channels?"
He turned a page. "Indoor plumbing's a plus."
Bigger hint. "Two rooms or one?"
..."Kind of takes the mystery out of it if you ask," he said.' (Ill Wind, Rachel Caine)
In the first book David did something which under other circumstances would have been unforgivable in a hero. But you get to know him as a character before you put two and two together. He's always doing the right thing because it's the right thing, my fingers are crossed that they will have some kind of happy ending.

Vayl and Jaz (Jennifer Rardin)

300 year old vampire assassin (set in his ways) meets woman in the same line of work. They're the good guys. She tries to drag him into the 21st century, he tries to get her to dance. She'd rather kick ass. Chemistry is a slow, intense build.

I've only read the first two books in this series but I love it. Mainly because Vayl is one of the few vampires I've read that I believe is over 300 years old. He misunderstands modern phrasing in a believable way and has a wonderful tendency to take everything Jaz says literally.
"If he's going to put some poor kid's face back on straight tonight I'll do the hula."
"Lovely dance, that. The story is all in the hands. I did not know you knew-"
"Vayl, I was kidding." (Once Bitten, Twice Shy)

Hope you've enjoyed my irreverant look at the world of UF over the past 3 days and if the genre is new to you maybe I've intrigued you enough that you'll try it out. :)


Jenre said...

I love the first and last couple, but then again I haven't read the books from the couple in the middle.

Oh dear, more books on the list now!

Another great post, Lesley. :)

LesleyW said...

Jenre - Yay on the book pimping. LOL. Hope you like them if you check them out. :)

Tracy said...

Oh I just love Elena and Clay. One of my favorite couples! The others I don't know but they sound like they fit together perfectly! :)

Renee said...


Ilona Andrews does such a great job of putting their chemistry on a simmer. I love, love love the scene in book 2 where he feeds Kate. It's so simple, and not much really happens, but . . . ::fans self::
I can't wait for book 3!

Elena & Clay, Vayl & Jaz are also among my favorites. Mercy and her guy would also be in there for me.

I've got high hopes for Dorinna and Louis-Cesare in Karen Chance's new Midnight's Daughter series, and Eugenie and Kiyo in Richelle Meads new Dark Swan series.

Thanks, Lesley for some great UF posts this week!

LesleyW said...

Thanks Renee - I have the Midnight's Daughter series on my TBR pile, and if the Richelle Mead series is the one about the shaman that's on there too. Lol - got a little bit of catching up to do.

Tracy and Jenre - I would recommend checking out the Ilona Andrews series if you like UF, lol as Renee has confirmed the chemistry between Curran and Kate is hot!

Sarah said...

Adore Clay and Elena. Gorgeous reading!

DonnaB said...

I love these couples! Excellent choices. All of them are complex and quirky, none are the standard happily-ever-after romance.

jessewave said...

Vayl & Jaz and Joanne and David seem more my types of UF couples. I like what appears to be kick-ass heroines, although I don't know for sure, not having read the books.

Shaymless Aymless said...

*sigh* I really need to read those books (except the Kate/Curren)

Carolyn Crane said...

What a great idea for a post. Elena and Clay are a FANTASTIC couple! Bitten was my first, too!

Renee said...

Yes, Storm Born and Midnight's Daughter were both good first books for their series. I'm really looking forward to books 2 for both to see how they develop these relationships!

LesleyW said...

Glad everyone liked the post. :)

Renee - Yes! Storm Born was the title I was trying to think of.

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