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DIK Authors

Hello everyone!

I'm Nath, Tracy's latest victim guest blogger :P When Tracy asked me to be a guest blogger, I said "Sure, why not?" and then asked her what other guest bloggers usually talked about... She said that most listed their 6 DIK. Again, "Sure!" I can do that :) Right... narrowing all the wonderful books I've read in the past 10 years to six. Hmmm. Let's admit it, my biggest problem, beside being impatient, is being greedy! If I'm going to be stranded on a desert island and I can only have 6 of something, well the something will be authors' books collections!!! LOL :) So here I am cheating a bit and will list 6 authors whose backlists I would bring with me... and trust me, if I ever get on a boat for a cruise or something, my backpack will be full of books :)

1) Nora Roberts

There is a reason why Nora Roberts is known as La Nora or the Queen of Romance and she totally deserves the nickname. I read many of her books and enjoyed almost all of them, even the earlier ones. Ms Roberts has a wonderful writing style and it just keeps improving and improving. She's also one of the most prolific romance writers at the moment, often having 4 or more books released a year. What I liked the most though is her level of consistency. Every book she writes is a solid, well-told, well-written and interesting :) I mean, it is very amazing after so many books written. Also, Ms Roberts is the only author I know who could write such a long series like the In Death series and still maintain such a high level, enticing the readers.

My favorites of hers: Homeport, True Betrayals, Honest Illusions, Angel Falls, the In Death series and the Chesapeake quartet.

2) Katherine Stone

I looooooove Katherine Stone! All her books are very emotional, real cry-jerkers. She has a very different and unique writing style, very passive that suits well the stories she writes. I also like the fact that all of her books focus solely on relationships. I read that Ms Stone is actually a doctor and it shows when reading her books as she has been able to use her medical background. I have to say though, it's quite unfortunate that Ms Stone has not released any books in the past few years. I dearly miss her.

My favorites of hers: Pearl Moon, Imagine Love, Love Songs, Rainbow and The Other Twin.

3) Jennifer Crusie

If Katherine Stone is my favorite author for cry-jerkers, then Jennifer Crusie is my favorite author for laughs. Her books are simply HILARIOUS. Crazy characters and crazy situations that make for tons of laughs. Again, my only complaint is that Ms Crusie hasn't come out with any solo book lately, although that could change in the next year.

My favorite of hers: Crazy for Her, Welcome to Temptation, Strange Bedpersons and Getting Rid of Bradley.

4) Kay Hooper

Ms Hooper is another of my favorite. I discovered her through her FBI SCU series. I really enjoy her take on psychic abilities and her mysteries are simply bone-chilling :P The greatest thing about Ms Hooper though is that she originally started off with straight romance and has an extensive backlist as well. Although most are out of print, they are being re-printed and so I get to discover her all over again :)

My favorite of hers: Stealing the Shadows, Out of the Shadows, Touching Evil, Whispers of Evil and Hunting Fear.

5) Robyn Carr

Ms Carr is a relatively new author to me. I discovered her two years ago after reading Virgin River. She was a revelation to me and had me looking up for more. I absolutely love her Virgin River trilogy, but also her Grace Valley trilogy. I had to look for almost two years in order to get my hand on the ending, Down by the River, but it was great. She also has an extensive backlist which is a bit difficult to get my hand on, but hey, I love challenge ;) When it comes to small community romance, I think that Ms Carr is the best :)

My favorite of hers: Virgin River, Temptation Ridge and the Grace Valley trilogy

6) Kelley Armstrong

My favorite urban fantasy author, Kelley Armstrong. Besides the fact that she is Canadian as well (go Canada! LOL), I simply love her books. She has created a supernatural world that I'd like to be part of. I love the Women of the Otherworld series - the characters and settings. I like the fact that she doesn't sugar-coat her novels and she is clear in her ideas of the world. Also, she has proven to be a diversified author, foraging into Young Adult and mystery fiction. I just can't inhale her books fast enough :)

My favorite of hers: Stolen, Industrial Magic and No Humans Involved.

Of course, I could add another 6 authors to this list, but for now, at the moment, these women are the ones that made my 6 DIK list :)


Katie Reus said...

It goes without saying that I love La Nora too *g*. I also love Kay Hooper! She's so amazing. She totally breaks 'the rules' in regards to POV, but it doesn't matter b/c her writing is so strong and her characters jump off the page! Hunting Fear is on my keeper shelf :) Haven't read the others, but I might check out Jennifer Cruise! I need a comedy to mix things up.

Renee said...

Hi Nath! Great to see you at the island. :-)

Kelley Armstrong would definitely be a pick for me! The woman can't write a bad word.

I've only read a few contemporary romance authors lately, but really love Jennifer Crusie. I just got Welcome to Temptation in audiobook format from the library. It looks like lots of fun!
I must try Robyn Carr. She's just popping up everywhere these days!

Lea said...

Hi Nath:

What a wonderful post!

I too enjoy Kelly Armstrong's work and Katherine Stone, wow a wonderful writer!

Like Renee, I'm seeing Robyn Carr's name as a favorite popping up all over so I will perhaps have to give her work a try. :)


Marg said...

Good choices Nath! The In Death series is definitely one of my favourites, as is Kelley Armstrongs series! I love Jennifer Crusies books that she wrote by herself (not quite so keen on her collaborations).

I recently listened to the audio book of Welcome to Temptation. I lent it to a couple of friends before I started listening to it, and then when I was listening to it I was surprised at how sexy it was. I had forgotten, but listening definitely bought it all back!

Tracy said...

I love how you cheat! It's very original (wish I'd thought of it! :))

I love Kelley Armstrong and Crusie - great authors. Roberts is too but I haven't read her in years. Well, except for the re-read challenge this month. The others I haven't checked out but will now!

Thanks for being a guest here on the island! Here's your rum! :)

Rosie said...

Lord love a duck Nathie, how are you going to carry all those books? People will be sneaking into your hut to steal 'em too. Clever girl!

Bev(QB) said...

HEY, NO FAIR! If Nath gets to bring entire series, then so do I! And, gee, if we get to bring more than 6 books, then we'll need more than 6 hot menz to carry all of them, right?

HAH! See what you started, Nath, you renegade reader, you?!

nath said...

Katie Reus - La Nora is just amazing and I think, commands respect :)I find all of her stand-alones so fresh... Her trilogies are another story though. However, all in all, when you pick up a book by Nora Roberts, you just know it's going to be a solid read.

As for Kay Hooper, I just love her to bits. Can I ask you which 'rules' she breaks in regards to POV? Love Hunting Fear and Touching Evil soooo much!!

LOL, if you're looking for something funny and different, Jennifer Crusie is the one.

Renee - Hi Renee :D Glad I was asked to guest blog :P

LOL, I agree about Kelley Armstrong :) I've just finished re-reading Bitten, Stolen and Industrial Magic and I need to get more!!!

I never tried an audiobook, but perhaps I should for Welcome to Temptation. Wonder if it's even better than the book - although the book was just great!!

Robyn Carr is an amazing author... although you either like her or not. She has a very different style in my opinion which adds freshness :)

Lea - Thank you Lea! I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)

Ohhh, another Katherine Stone lover!!! We are a rare species!! I mean, I'm sure there's lots of readers who enjoy her books... but lovers, I haven't encountered many!!

As I said to Renee, you either like or not Robyn Carr :)

Marg - I'm totally in love with the Women of the Otherworld series again! As for the In Death series, I think it's a must read.

I agree with you on Jennifer Crusie's collaboration. I hope she sees the light and finally work on single books again. Even if there are not as good as Bet Me or Welcome to Temptation, they can't be bad as the collaborations.

Tracy - LOL, Tracy!! I know I said in my post that I was cheating... but I've come up with a better word - loophole!!! If there's something I remember from the Dark-Hunter series... it's loophole!! :P

I didn't know you were a fan of Kelley Armstrong too! Great minds think alike!

As for NR, you have read the Chesapeake quartet right? I also recommend Angel Falls and High Noon. Birthright was pretty good as well :)

Rum? Nah, I don't hold my alcohol well... virgin pina colada is good or a can of coca cola ;)

Rosie - LOL, you should see me when I travel with my family... My backpack? it's really just for my books :) Well I don't mind people 'borrowing' my books! Or I can always steal them back right? :P

Bev - LOL about the hot menz! Bring them over :)

LOL, I'm just trying to be original here :P

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