Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharpe to the rescue

So I kinda forgot about my upcoming hostess duties here until Tracy so kindly reminded me. Being in the midst of a very busy month at work plus MBA homework and planning a trip to Africa (3 more weeks!), I admit that my creativity and blogging zen is not all there. So for today I'm taking the easy way out.

I had heard tell of this TV series from the great land of British television. Why they always get the great period dramas, I do not unfair. But anyways, today at the library I picked up a couple of episodes and watched one while eating supper. And let me just say, even if this is a Napoleanic war soldier epid, it features the verrrry easy on the eyes Sean Bean. This is one more man I would be happy to drag off to the island. He looks very rough and ready...probably would be a very handy (ahem) sort of guy to have around.

So for your viewing pleasure, a bit of Sean Bean as Sharpe!


lisabea said...


I need to put an order in for my gift item! Heh.

I can't believe it! Are you stoked about going back, S? I'm thrilled for you. AYYAYAYAYY!

Oh. Hey. Welcome back to DIK.

sula said...

heh. Yeah, actually less than 3 weeks (more like 2.5). I'm excited but also a bit overwhelmed to be responsible for a group of 10 travelers. ack!

Tracy said...

Sean Bean - yum.

Wow 2.5 weeks is no time at all! Have a great time!

Jenre said...

I LOVE Sharpe. I've watched all the TV series' and even read a few of the books by Bernard Cornwell (even though they are aimed at a male audience, so high on the descriptions of warfare and low on the romance).

And Sean Bean...sigh...he's lovely, with a gorgeous Yorkshire accent to die for.

sula said...

tracy, isn't he yummy? Makes me want to rip off that uniform. ahem.

jenre, I have been meaning to watch this series for a long time and just happened to see that the library had the DVDs yesterday. Gonna try to get a list of the right order tho because I want to see them correctly. Love that accent. *shiver*

Shaymless Aymless said...

I heart Sean Bean *sigh*

AFRICA! Woohoo... you'll have to tell us all about it!

Renee said...

They used to show them on BBCAmerica, before it became all about Brit reality shows. Him in his green coat! Mmmmm...

Anonymous said...

I loved these books when I was younger! I was trying to bond with my dad and he was reading the Patrick O'Brian Master and Commander type series and Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series. I chose Sharpe as the lesser of two evils and read at least 10 in the series before getting fed up with the fight scenes, lost loves, and no happy endings. Each book still managed to have enough of a romantic element that keep my teenage-self happy though! Plus I sounded smarter in my European History class!

Anonymous said...

If you want to know all about Sharpe, including the right order of the films, come to

If Sean Bean is all you're interested in, visit The forums there are quite busy and very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Right, you've all officially become "Beanstalks" as we call them in the UK.

That reminds me of a favourite bit in an early episode when he's having an exchange with Teresa, a Spanish guerilla fighter:

"Teresa: If you were French, I would take a knife and you would tell me all I wanted to know.
Richard Sharpe: But we are allies.
Teresa: Allies? Do allies keep secrets from each other?
Richard Sharpe: Lovers keep secrets from each other, yet they still make love."

OK, it may not be much but just the way he said that last bit and the look in his eye - phwoar (as we elegent and sophisticated Brits say)...

I suppose you've going back to Mali - I am so so jealous. Have a fantastic time and remind Toumani Diabate that he owes me a beer.

sula said...

aymless, I second the sentiment. and yes, more details to come on the africa adventure.

renee, remember when I told you that Sean Bean would be my ideal Jamie Frasier? yeah. mmm. nuff said. too bad he's a bit too old to play young Jamie now, but if they ever film the bits where he's in his 40s-50s...

lustyreader, I am curious about the books. Were they entertaining? I enjoy the Horatio Hornblower novels and I even used to read the occasional Louis L'Amour western back in the day. Sometimes those historical action books can really hit the spot (even tho they are low on the romance quotient).

sable, thanks for the handy links! I will definitely check it out. And it seems like I got the DVDs out of order from my library, so I'm going to print out the correct order and go swap them.

CD, that exchange sounds hot. At least SB saying it in his sexay accent...makes it sound hot in my head. lol. And yes, it is back to Mali and we are hoping to catch Toumani one of the nights we're in Bamako. Assuming he deigns to show up and play with his band. If you have any other requests, drop me an email (sulawesigirl4 at yahoo dot com). heh. zomg, I'm so excited to go back!!!

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