Friday, February 6, 2009

Mychael Black - DIK Day 2 - Contest

It's no big secret that I'm obsessed with Wales. Part of it is due to my ancestry on my mother's side (my dad's side is Scottish), and part is due to years of research and reading that led me to fall in love with the small country. (And yes, I do indeed consider it a country unto itself.)

So today, I have a simple contest for you. Tell me where YOU would love to go, if you had to pick just one place, and WHY you want to go there.

I'll put all entries into my black cowboy hat and let my daughter draw one name. The winner will receive their choice of ANY of my books:

ALL entries must be in by Saturday morning, at 10am Central time. Email to: with subject 'DIK'.


Sarai said...

Hands down England. I LOVED IT!! It has such a rich history, wonderful building, a fantastic culture and its a place I've always wanted to go and stay.

Thanks for coming to the island!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Scotland! I've never been there, but I dream of roaming the Highlands, seeing the beauty I've read and heard so much about and listening to those irresistable lilting accents! It would be a dream come true to visit!

Tracy said...

I don't know much about Wales but I get my red hair from the Welsh side of my family so it's gotta be great.

Where would I go? What a horribly difficult question! lol I loved Scotland while I was there but didn't get to see all that much of it so it would definitely be nice to go back - Ireland has it's interesting qualities that call to me as well. hmmmm...Then there's Australia and New Zealand.

OK - I'm gonna go with New Zealand. It just looks so beautiful and there's so much to do! Yep...NZ it is!

lisabea said...

Hi Mychael!

I'm on vaca in So.Cal but thought I'd pop in to say hello. I meant to tell you yesterday that...I love Tool. :) Jambi is my fav and the Pot..but Prison Sex is just fine. ::cough::

Scotland is my favorite place. I've been three times and I'd go back in a heartbeat...just to see my friend T. She'd have to buy me a pint.

jessewave said...

Hey Myc
My favourite place is Australia because of the Great Barrier Reef. Loved it the first time I visited 4 years ago and would go back tomorrow.

Liz said...

Awesome places, y'all! :D

I can't WAIT to move to Australia. Zath tempts me with pics all the time (and not just of him!). LOL

LesleyW said...

I'd pick Canada. :)

But unless I can get over my fear of flying I don't see it happening any time soon.

My second choice would be Scotland. I've been there several times and I just love it there. It's a beautiful part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, tough question. I think I would want to go somewhere I feel I have a historical connection to. My mother's family is Scottish, so I've always wanted to go there (not to mention is beautiful and unique). But if I had to choose I'd go to Cuba, where my dad was born. It's so difficult to go there as a U.S. citizen, but I feel like it would be a great learning experience about myself. Hey, maybe I could write a book about it!

Mary M. said...

I know the contest is over, but since I'm such a huge travel fan, I want to answer this question anyway :-D

If I could leave tomorrow, all practical issues put aside? Hands down, I'd head for India. I've read novels set in India since I was twelve and I fell head first into Bollywood movies a few years ago, and I was always fascinated by the complexity and the diversity of that country and its culture. I love its music, its temples, its brightly colored sarees and jewellry, the richness of its history and mythology. I want to see the Taj Mahal reflecting in that long water basin, walk the chaotic streets of Mumbai, watch people bathe in the Gange where drifts the ashes of their dead, party all night long on the beaches of Goa and leave for a stroll along the shore when the sun rises.

Plus, it's a very cheap destination, so I could easily stay there for several months with a minimal amount of cash :-D

Rest of my top 5 includes Egypt, Morocco, Prague and Great-Britain (encompassing Wales, Scotland and Ireland all in one :-DDD)

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